My First Summer Car: Mechanic
My First Summer Car: Mechanic

My First Summer Car: Mechanic MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.2

Car building games and driving. Auto mechanic app. Car repair and fixing.

App NameMy First Summer Car: Mechanic
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MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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You can participate in all the fascinating aspects of car maintenance while playing the realistic mechanic simulation game My First Summer Car: Mechanic. If you haven’t experienced this work, here’s your chance to explore it quickly.

Start working as a professional mechanic.

In My First Summer Car: Mechanic, you will be supplied and put to use in the garage of more than seventy different auto parts. It is possible to return a used car to the condition it was in when it was purchased.

You’ll find everything from the seats and steering wheels to the pistons and gearshift levers needed to operate the car properly. Your car’s body and chassis are discrete components that can be combined, fixed, and improved. Before you can drive a car, it is necessary to assemble the car’s engine first.

Automated assembly is a piece of cake for seasoned mechanics, but you should still use it cautiously. However, the gaming system will indicate whether the part can be used immediately. You walk around the car with whatever components you own. A green line will appear to connect the location and the amount that is deemed appropriate.

It’s fun to build your cars, but you’ll want to start customizing them as soon as you do. Changing paint jobs is possible, as is fitting accessories such as backrests, air cushions, tire pumps, and steering wheel covers.

If you get stuck and don’t know what to do next, the game will guide you on which components you should use. The game will mark the necessary parts for the assembly and maintenance of the vehicle.

My First Summer Car Mechanic mod apk

Various tasks and jobs that you can perform

As soon as you finish the auto repair job, you are free to return to your workplace. You will be tasked with transporting packages to the required locations. You can get generous rewards for your efforts if you consistently complete quests. You can use the money you earn to buy cars and maintain and service them.

You can drive on multi-car highway roads and experience real traffic instead of driving on empty roads. That will help you to improve your professional driving skills quickly. You are not obligated to complete the task in any way or form in My First Summer Car: Mechanic. Instead, you can get in the car and drive to explore the beautiful scenery nearby.

My First Summer Car Mechanic features


  • Cool detailing: 70+ details. In the garage, you can find all the spare parts for assembling and repairing your car. It has more than 70 different items, from basic things like wheels, seats, and steering wheels to more complex details like tires, engines, and axles.
  • Mechanic simulator. Repairing cars is not an easy task. If you do not have the experience of an engineer, you will not be able to repair cars in real life. However, this game can bring a simpler car repair experience. The support mechanism allows you to fit the vehicle components into place. What you need to do is move the accessory around the vehicle and find a suitable location for it.
  • Car makeup and tuning. It is a game that revolves around restoring old cars. Once you’ve completed the repair, a few more steps are needed to make the car look perfect as new. You can change the paint color, polish the tires, and do many other make-up activities.
  • Hints on vehicle assembly and repair. It is definitely confusing for those who have no experience with vehicles and mechanics. However, the game has a system that clearly suggests the work to be done to repair the cars. You can follow these instructions to get the job done. It’s really easy!
  • Various assignments and jobs. Car repair is only part of your job. After recovering a vehicle, you can use them to transport goods and make a profit. Use the money to upgrade your garage and buy new cars.
  • Car traffic. My First Summer Car is like a driving simulation game. Cars after repair need to be tested, you will be the one to do this. It simulates the cockpit for you to have a realistic driving experience.

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