Mystical Mixing
Mystical Mixing

Mystical Mixing MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Mix your own magical creature

App NameMystical Mixing
Publisher CrazyLabs LTD
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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  • Ad-free: You can get rewards without watching ads.
  • Unlimited money: It has a lot of money available to spend.

WARNING! It is impossible to avoid becoming addicted to this game. Thanks to this enchanting board game, the amazing voyage has only just begun. In myths and stories, the Creator is generally depicted as a god or pantheon of gods with limitless resources and the ability to create everything with the wave of their hand.


In Mystical Mixing, on the other hand, players can take on the role of the Creator by breeding a broad range of creatures and putting them to work for them. Attendees are welcome to use this if they so desire. Crazy Labs created Mystical Mixing, a fun and enjoyable smartphone simulation game.

Throughout the game, players will have access to various ingredients they can combine in a cooking pot to create new animals. After that, you can send them foraging in the woods for you, bringing back wood and stones, chopping firewood, and breaking down rocks.

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At the beginning of the game, you will have access to a user interface that will tell you how to build a monster from its parts. When a player successfully breeds an animal, they will be rewarded with ten diamonds. Then, you can give the creatures you made different tools and send them into the woods to gather wood and stones.

After completing specific chores in the forest, players can open new crates. These boxes might hold a range of items. On the other side, if you save up enough diamonds, you can spend them on buying resources in addition to those obtained through normal gameplay.


The player’s goal is to get as many different kinds of animals as possible so they can mine the forest for as much valuable wood and stone as possible. Because of the abundance of timber and stone, you can farm additional land. A collection of animals, each with distinct characteristics, grouped to highlight the best qualities of the others. You have just returned from a region in the game that is similar to a shopping mall.

Mystical Mixing is thrilling enough without any additional additions. Create a one-of-a-kind magical being in your image so that you may put your twist on things. You will be in charge of making the forest magical, which means you will have to make magical creatures, make potions, and cast spells. You may do all these things in your little fantasy world. You can study spells, gather resources, and even build monsters and other creatures.

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