Pixel Kingdom

Pixel Kingdom MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.16

App NamePixel Kingdom
Publisher SmashGames
Genre 2D, Simulation
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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If you have a passion for tactical role-playing games that are simple, easy to play but no less attractive, you cannot ignore the Pixel Kingdom game. The Pixel Kingdom was released in April 2013 by the publisher SmashGame. It’s no surprise that the Pixel Kingdom has reached over 1 million downloads on the CH Play app. The game makes a strong impression in many aspects such as game graphics, game ideas as well as gameplay.

Pixel Kingdom

Overview of the game

When playing the game, you are transformed into a magician, and make an adventure to save the land from the evil lurking day and night. In your hands now there are many astute, elite and talented warriors. Lead your army to overcome all evil invasions on your land.

The game is built with lots of levels and also equipped with extremely unique items. When entering the game, you can hardly stop the desire to own all the items in the game, it really helps a lot to the rescue of your land.

The basic equipment
  • Mithril Shield: Increases the ability to protect
  • Bandit Boots: Increase the speed
  • Elvish Bow: Increases attack ability
  • Ice Bold: Increases the ability to attack
  • Fire Sword: Increases attack ability


  • Health Boost: Increases health – ability to survive
  • Mana Boost: Increase the way to get mana quickly
  • Damage Boost: Increases the ability of damage
  • Speed Boost: Increase the speed to fight
  • Summon Dragon: Ability to summon dragons


The basic characters
  • Warriors: Use swords and have direct damage
  • Archers: Use bows and damage from afar
  • Brave: Direct fight and high damage
  • Shamans: Use magic and can damage multiple cells


The title achieved

In the game, there are simple tasks, let’s complete these tasks to earn your own titles!

These missions are directly related to the game modes, especially the main game mode. When completing the mission, you will receive valuable gifts like gold and gems to unlock characters, features, and items.

Spellbook function

In this section, there are three basic elements for you to set spells. This is a nice, extremely interesting and new function in this game.

The three basic elements of establishing a spell are Water, Fire, and Thunder. You can choose the elements to create the spell, by clicking on the symbols in the order you think it is the right spell. For example, you click in the order: Water-Water-Fire-Lightning-Fire

If the spell is incorrect, you will receive the notice “Invalid Code”. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get spell functions, which can be gold and gems, or you can unlock characters, equipment, and items that can’t be purchased with gold.

How to play basic mode

In the main screen of the game, there are a total of 3 lands where you can put soldiers to fight monsters. Absolutely never let the monsters into the stronghold. Keep placing the warriors you have in exactly the areas being invaded.

Every warrior that you want to place in the land must have all the mana needed. There are warriors that need 5 mana, some warriors need 10 mana, and there are also senior warriors that need more.

The mana you earn depends on the time, every second that passes, the number of mana also increases. When you have enough mana, you can choose the warriors you need. Once the number of mana has reached the required level, you can click on this area to increase the power for all the warriors fighting on the screen.

Underworld and Arena game modes

These are two different modes, but the gameplay is almost the same. Different things are game graphics and monsters that you need to fight.

If in classic mode, you cannot choose characters and some characters cannot play in this mode, then you can completely choose and change your characters as you like.

In addition, these two modes also have a function that classical mode is not popular. Those are the gold chests. When entering the game, there are about 2 gold chests placed randomly in the land. When you let the warriors through these areas, you will receive a large amount of gold.

The game units

In-game modes, there are about 5 game units. In each game unit, it is calculated from different levels. Therefore, you can experience many times of playing.

The difficulty level units are from unit 5 to unit 1. The difference in game units is the number of monsters. However, along with increasing difficulty, you also have your own perks, which are given a large amount of mana before entering the game.

The graphic of the game

The Pixel Kingdom has a very fancy and impressive 2D graphic design. Graphic design is not necessarily too detailed and specific, so the game is basically quite light and easy to see.

The graphic design of the Pixel Kingdom brings us to the design of the previous 8bit and 16bit games. Therefore, when playing games, we both feel nostalgic and mixed with unique modern nature.


Trying to play the Pixel Kingdom game is really a good idea. Surely you will be surprised by the fun and novelty of the game. Up to now, there are quite a few games that follow the gameplay of this game. Therefore, if selected, this is an extremely reasonable choice. The game experience is rated very attractive but also very light. In addition, the game has many levels of play and game modes. And the levels of play and the gameplay are not too difficult, so you will definitely never be bored and frustrated.

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