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Prison Empire Tycoon

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

App NamePrison Empire Tycoon
Publisher Codigames
Genre 3D, Idle, Simulation
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Prison Empire Tycoon is a simulation game from the developer Codigames. It is a pretty attractive idle-game on Android with impressive 3D block graphics. You become the foreman of the prison, hold power, and oversee thousands of prisoners and oversee a large prison.

Introducing Prison Empire Tycoon

The prison is always a place no one wants to go, except for the people who work there. In the Prison Empire Tycoon, you will explore the jobs of a prison director. Your mission is to run a prison and make money from it. To be a director of prison and run a large prison, you need courage and a smart head. But that is not enough, you also need to care for and supervise everything even the smallest, to maintain discipline in a complex environment.

Prison Empire Tycoon is one of the coolest Idle games on Android that you can try. It offers completely unique experiences of a job that you have certainly never thought of before. Besides, if you are a big fan of Idle games, try Tap Titans 2.

Idle gameplay with many interesting things

You have just been appointed a director at Malamadre Prison, and the first person you meet is an experienced prison guard. This is the person who takes you on a tour of your prison, warns you of the dangers of an offender, gives you initial instructions on how to operate the prison. Accordingly, all the costs of operating the prison are covered by the government, and you need to keep the prison disciplined, organized, and safe. The key to making this possible is to keep an eye on prisoners and keep them in good health and well-being while controlling the numbers between prisoners and prison guards to prevent escapes.

Prison Empire Tycoon gameplay

After understanding the mechanism in Prison Empire Tycoon, you are free to explore your own prison and start upgrading each of its areas. Every position in the prison has support equipment and furniture – but they’re just the basics. In the long run, they certainly cannot meet the growing number of prisoners.

The more orderly your prison is, the more money the government will pour into you to upgrade facilities, hire staff, and facilitate prison sentences. It sounds simple, but inmates are easily rebellious as they have been held for a long time. It all depends on your leadership talent to operate the prison smoothly, to avoid bankruptcy or unfortunate incidents.

Money and Income

Like many other simulation games, money & income is a measure of your prison’s potential and growth. Prison income comes from a variety of sources, but mostly it comes from getting new prisoners, releasing prisoners from the prison, and keeping the prison under control. You can use the money to buy equipment and facilities and hire more employees. The extra equipment has a certain effect, often increasing the comfort of the prisoner or shortening the time spent handling prison tasks.

Besides, the money in Prison Empire Tycoon also automatically increases even when you exit the game. As soon as you get back, you will get the revenue the prison has produced while you were away.

Take care of criminals and upgrade cells

Prison was born to imprison and re-educate prisoners, so the prisoner is an important factor determining your success or failure. You need to capture the offender’s feelings for appropriate action. Each prisoner needs to be fully satisfied with basic needs such as food, hygiene, and health care and needs mental and emotional attention. Without these needs, offenders tend to be unstable, and eventually, they will rebel and have great consequences.

Besides, you need to pay attention to the cells, where prisoners are kept. You need to find ways to increase the number of cells to receive more prisoners, thereby increasing the income of your prison. Inside the cell, there is also furniture to make prisoners more comfortable, and of course, you can upgrade them.

Prison Empire Tycoon upgrade the prison

Hire prison staff

After upgrading and expanding areas in a prison, you need more support. Your prison needs staff to run jobs. In addition to the prison force, you must hire housekeeping staff, cooks, and masons to serve prisoners and keep your prison under control. These employees require initial rental fees and hourly wages. In the worst-case scenario, you can fire them to reduce your spending burden. Similar to every other Idle game, Prison Empire Tycoon allows you to upgrade the staff in the prison to increase productivity. From there, you can make more money.

Timetable and map

Life in prison was always punctual and disciplined. In Prison Empire Tycoon, you will always know what activity is happening right now thanks to the clock on the left corner. This will assist you in observing the offender and in adjusting the prison staff properly.

You may not believe it, but Prison Empire Tycoon does not limit you to a prison that it has up to 4 prisons. Their area increases with each level of the game. In order to unlock larger prisons, you need to have reached the number of prisoners that the old prison required.

Graphics are good enough

Prison Empire Tycoon uses a cute 3D block art design. It does not give you the stress of running a prison. Besides, the simple graphics also help the game to work smoothly on most Android devices. The rooms and interiors are detailed with beautiful color schemes. The game interface is arranged simply and scientifically.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Latest

Like every other Idle game, money is your only burden in Prison Empire Tycoon. You need a lot of money to upgrade prisons and hire new staff to expand your business. However, sometimes the productivity of the whole prison is not enough. That is why we bring you the newest mod of this game.

Mod feature

Unlimited money: With Prison Empire Tycoon MOD, you can upgrade or shop for everything in the game for free. The money will automatically increase as you use them.


Prison Empire Tycoon is a simple idle game, but exploits a new theme, along with very interesting gameplay. The game also combines with eye-catching graphics, fun sound effects, this is definitely a game you can not ignore if you love this game genre.

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