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Project: Island MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.3 b3

App Name Project: Island
Version 1.0.3 b3
Publisher Island Games
Size 586Mb
Require 6.0 and up
MOD Info Unlimited Money

Project: Island MOD APK attracts players with modern survival gameplay in the open world. You must quickly adapt to this new world and complete the collection of resources to sustain life.

About Project: Island

Project: Island MOD APK throws you on a deserted island. Gather resources and build your base before being attacked by enemies. The game is developed by Island Studio. It is currently only available on android and is free to download.

Project Island mod apk download

The plot

The melting of the ice at the earth’s poles leads to many dangers and separates many continents. Many islands have been established, and you cannot guess which one you are on. You wake up on an old raft and drift onto a deserted island. Here, you must try your best to collect the necessary resources to make things and food for yourself.

Starting with some rudimentary items, you need to find a way to survive on this island. Enemies and traps are everywhere. Stay focused on your goals, mine resources to build a strong base, craft weapons and forge tools. Can you become the lord of this island?

Learn how to survive

Project: Island is a survival game, so your main task in the game is to do whatever it takes to survive. You must move around the island in search of food sources such as fruits or animals. You must also build a base by collecting wood and stone for crafting. The initial rudimentary weapon that you can use for survival is an ax. You must take advantage of this poleax and observe the surrounding situation to gather resources. Moreover, you must pay attention to dangerous animals such as deer, wolves, bears, etc.

Project Island gameplay

Build and expand your base

When you set foot on the island, you must choose a location to build your base. It is extremely important. There are many dangers on the island that can kill you. They are wild animals or other survivors. The base is the place to protect you from traps and enemies.

Collect resources on the island to build your base. Project: Island starts out as an interior design simulation game. You are allowed to freely build and customize your base from the resources you collect. It allows you to create walls, place roofs and stairs, choose locations for windows and doors, etc.

When your base is strong enough, try moving to other islands to capture resources. Open the map and you will see all the islands around. Do not rush to attack an island because it can cost you dearly. Check out the console level on the island before deciding to attack it. After successfully infiltrating your opponent’s base, you can loot their weapons and collect their resources.

Other features of this game

  • Change your character: The character design in this game is not well invested. Characters in the game only revolve around basic adjustments such as gender, hair color, hairstyle, and skin color. You can adjust these stats and change them to have a character you want.
  • Build your base: This feature is the most exciting and loved feature in Project: Island. You can build a base with full facilities with the materials collected along the way. The items you collect will be divided into different categories. It includes foundation, wall, doors and windows, roof, stairs, defense, and furniture. Note with the items you collect; you can only build on the specified land. Try to collect as many items as possible to build your base safely.
  • Collect the necessary weapons: You cannot have a good and safe life with a rudimentary ax. It would help if you moved around to find and collect weapons constantly. Don’t forget to pick them up and put them in your backpack whenever needed. Some of the weapons you can use are axes, hammers, lighters, etc. Each weapon will help you hunt different types of animals and exploit different resources.
  • Hunting animals: You can’t just eat the fruits to survive. Diversify your food source by hunting animals. Although they are wild and dangerous animals, if you can catch them, you can gain a lot of energy. This animal source’s energy helps you stay healthy in your free time.
  • Crafting important objects: In your survival journey, you need to craft and upgrade more items. The items available in the game will not help you hunt many precious animals. It would help if you combined many collected weapons to create new items with damage. Moreover, when you combine these items, you can upgrade the level of your current weapon.


Test your survival with the challenges in Project: Island. Download this game and learn how to survive in the wild with unique resources.

Download Project: Island MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.3 b3

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