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Project Playtime MOD APK (No Ads/All Unlocked) v2

App NameProject Playtime
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoNo Ads/All Unlocked

About Project Playtime

GearBox Games provides an APK for their horror-adventure game Project Playtime. An eerie setting and music score set the mood. Poppy Playtime, a classic horror game developed by Mob Entertainment, inspired this game.

The action takes place in an abandoned toy factory where sinister playthings are said to lurk. As you go farther into the spooky setting, you’ll find various terrifying monsters actively hunting you down.

You need to utilize your intelligence and cunning to stay one step ahead of harm at all times. Finding clues and resolving riddles are also required to progress through the plant. It will be a wild adventure filled with terrifying thrills and hilarious antics.

Project Playtime MOD APK is a horror game for Android that you should check out if you possess a device that runs it. There will be terrifying action and a tremendous payoff. On top of that, it is compact and mobile-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about any hiccups.


Multiplayer reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and tactical understanding are all truly tested in Project Playtime APK, a videogame that can be downloaded for nothing. To succeed, you and your colleagues will need to coordinate closely.

There are many exciting activities and surprises in every area of the game. You’ll begin your adventure in a dark and scary toy factory. As you go deeper inside the complex, you’ll find more terrifying monsters with murderous intentions.

As luck would have it, you won’t have to face off against the other players alone. You and your squad of six other people will work together to escape the plant and figure out what it’s hiding. The following will be your objectives:

  • Make One Huge Plaything. Collaborate with your group to assemble a big toy from separate components. So that the strategy doesn’t fail, you’ll need to coordinate and communicate well.
  • Stay away from a Giant Beast. A scary monster is hunting you and your companions in the factory. One of your players can be in charge of the beast and use it to attack the other team.
  • Investigate Mystery and Figure It Out. Several riddles and hints are strewn across the plant leading to previously inaccessible locations. The puzzles need you to utilize your critical thinking abilities to uncover the answers.

Make sure your squad always constructs a massive, deadly toy to speed up the game. A railway station is excellent; take it there and let your opponents have it. In this method, you can easily eradicate them and go on to the next test.

Why you should try Project Playtime

  • Find Some New Pals. You can meet new people and talk with them in this game. Join an existing team to take on the challenges as a group, or form your gaming clan with pals. Together, you’ll be able to face your anxieties and defeat the adversary.
  • A well-designed menu and straightforward interface. This game’s simple and clear interface makes it fun for newcomers and seasoned pros. It’s simple to control your character’s movement and use the menus to modify the game’s settings.
  • Employ the use of the Magic Rope and other such aids. The game’s goal is to assemble a massive toy from various components you collect. Especially if your enemies are chasing you, this won’t be easy. Wizard rope and other enhancements make managing all of these supplies simple. This method makes gaining an edge over the competition simple and straightforward.
  • Great Soundtrack and Eye-Popping 3D Visuals. Using state-of-the-art 3D visuals, this game convincingly depicts a toy production facility. Detailed shots of the environment pair perfectly with chilling, engaging music to provide the mood for a scary movie.
  • Designed specifically with mobile use in mind. Playing Project Playtime APK on your smartphone won’t cause any crashes or lagging because of how light it is. A touch interface makes this game much more accessible and enjoyable to play.
  • Plenty of Terrifying Individuals to Avoid. Numerous terrifying characters will test your cunning, speed, and reactions, keeping you on the verge of giving up throughout the game. You never know when you could run into these terrible opponents.
  • A Large Number of Different Rooms to Discover. As a traveler, you will never be short of exciting new destinations. Every one of the game’s many chambers has its unique puzzles and loot. Put your wits to the test as you explore further inside the factory in search of clues.

Minimum device configuration to play Project Playtime APK

The game runs smoothly and without hiccups on Android 5.0+ handsets. To function smoothly, it needs a minimum of 1GB of RAM and weighs around 35MB.

In sum, this is the pinnacle of adventure games, offering a terrifying and exciting setting to test your abilities and collaboration. It’s one of the finest games of its genre because of its threatening content, gorgeous visuals, and simple yet effective interface. It’s a free download, so why not take on a monumental test right now? ​

Some Tips

  • Maintain open lines of communication with your group to ensure coordinated activities.
  • You can only progress through the factory if you investigate every room, searching for clues leading to the next puzzle or door.
  • You may speed up your journey and collect more goods with the help of magic rope and other bonuses.
  • Always be on the lookout for dangerous foes that may test your mettle and quickness and either get in your way or inflict harm upon you.
  • You must maintain constant vigilance and movement to avoid being cornered by your enemies or the game’s dangerous obstacles.

MOD APK of Project Playtime

The tweaked version has more tools and items to help you go further in the game more quickly. You have access to an infinite stock of cash, power-ups, and other assets that may be used to solve every challenge you face.

Moreover, the MOD removes the necessity of advancing through levels to obtain unique tools and equipment. Everything you need to outclass the competition easily is available from the get-go.


Project Playtime MOD APK is the best choice if you want to play a challenging adventure game full of tension and scary moments. In addition to its stunning visuals, the game has a cast of terrifying characters that will have you on the edge of your seat.

This game may keep you entertained for many hours because of its many levels and puzzles. It’s the pinnacle of terrifying adventures you’ll love every minute.

Download Project Playtime MOD APK (No Ads/All Unlocked) v2

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