Rabbids Big Bang MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.2.1

App NameRabbids Big Bang
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Genre 3D, Casual
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

It can be said that Rabbids Big Bang has brought quite a wind of change into the gaming market now. This is a game with a fun and very cute style, which you rarely see in other games. Playing games to watch the rabbits which are both cute and funny, that is also not a bad idea. Game Rabbids Big Bang really promises to bring you the best gaming experience. The game is aimed at audiences of all ages, and this will also be an attractive proposition for those who are picky with games.

Rabbids Big Bang

The story

The game story will bring us back to the most dreamy childhood memories when taking ideas with the rabbits on the moon. Most notably, these rabbits are not obedient at all, they are actually the most playful and mischievous rabbits in the whole galaxy.

The story unfolds when a rabbit picks up a jet pack, he loves it, and he has an idea for an adventure across the galaxy. Unfortunately, the jet backpack actually could not help him fly that far. As mentioned above, this mischievous rabbit never gives up his dream. He came up with an idea of “crazy” but no less humorous. The idea was also when the Rabbids Big Bang was opened, a rabbit with a jet backpack asked another rabbit to use a baseball bat to hit him hard, so as to enter space. It sounds silly, isn’t it!

Cute character

Like the story above, the main character of the game revolves around two rabbits on the moon.

The first white rabbit had a baseball bat in his hand and had to align the direction for the other rabbit to complete the set task through the door. You will be playing the role of this white rabbit.

The second white rabbit has a jet backpack and will be the object for you to hit the space between the vast universes.

Overview of the game

Big Bang Rabbids is a game that plays many parts. The adventure of the rabbit will go through many planets, each planet will be a major part of the play. After completing enough green rabbits on the front door, you can open the back door. Each mini-game in the planets will have a maximum of three green rabbits.

Quests to complete in small quests are completely different. But the most basic task of the game is to collect enough gold required at the beginning of the game. When completing the task, you will be judged the green rabbit, the level of evaluation depends on the level of perfection when you complete that task.

Basic gameplay

When entering the game, you will see the game character is two rabbits standing on one planet. Around the planet, there is a boundary line to determine the amount of oxygen needed to breathe. In addition, on some levels, there will be additional supporting characters such as dairy cow owners, and sometimes obstacles like falling meteorites.

Your main task in the game is to align the direction, hit the rabbit wearing a backpack into space, and collect the required amount of gold. To assist you, when you align the direction, there will be a red arrow indicating the direction, and the trajectory will be passed. In addition, you can align the power of hitting in the green section.

What makes you lose in this game?

In this game, you have to use the standard sight skill to win the game perfectly. If you hit with the wrong direction or the wrong power, you will make the rabbit lost in endless space.

Pay attention to the power level of the jet, shown in the green column on the left of the screen. When the green level drops to the bottom of the jar, it also means that the energy level is about to run out. That’s when you stay in outer space for too long. If you run out of energy and have not completed the mission, the quest will be recorded as a failure, and you must replay the level from there.

Items equipped for characters

The amount of gold you get in the main mode is really useful to buy decorations for rabbits.

For the same accessories on the two rabbits, you can easily choose the hairstyle, bandana, glasses, hat, … which are super cool and also super funny.

The individual accessories are also very interesting. If the rabbit performs the polishing function, it will initially be equipped with a baseball bat, but here, you can choose other portable objects such as traffic signs, sticks unclog a toilet, and so on. For rabbits with jetpacks on their shoulders, you can change with a spray of cream or soda cans, etc.

The graphic and sound of the game

Rabbids Big Bang’s graphic is extremely attractive 3D graphics. The game characters are very cute, and you can laugh out loud because of their level of mischievous. In addition, the scene design of the game is also very detailed like an animated movie.

Besides unique and careful graphics, game music also contributes to creating more impressive points for players. The game has a very well built sound. It was a hilarious and fun song. In addition, interactive motion sound effects are also very consistent and match.

Combining graphics and sound, the game creates an overview of the picture in the game. A picture was full of color and cuteness.


Overall, Big Bang Rabbids deserves to be at the top of unique and new games. Moreover, Rabbids Big Bang also deserves to be in your favorite game list. The game will surely help you relax very well when working or studying stress. So do not hestitate any longer, let’s hold your phone to download this game right now, and spend time to experience!

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