Real Steel World Robot Boxing
Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel World Robot Boxing MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Coins) 72.72.118

App NameReal Steel World Robot Boxing
Publisher Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Genre 3D, Action, Multiplayer
RequireAndroid 4.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Money/Coins
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If you hold an army of robots to serve the fierce battle on the arena, how will you feel? Very excited and eager, right? Real Steel World Robot Boxing successfully simulated this hobby for you. Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a strategy fighting game that is strong and no less sophisticated. The game promises to bring you a new gaming experience, extremely interesting and will not make you disappointed.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

The unique plot of the game

When playing games, it is undeniable the association between the title and the famous movie “Real Steel” by Huge Jackman. It is a story when a game is built similar to a human boxing game, but in the future, people do not want to directly touch this game but replace them with powerful robots. Therefore, the production of robots to use in the battle on the arena became popular and not new.

In the game, you will play the role of the character who manages an army of skilled and elite robots. Your task is to guide and control your own robot to boxing and defeat other opponents. Upgrade and create your own powerful robots that most suitable for you to combat.

The basic gameplay of the game

Before entering the official levels, you need to choose a robot to start. Depending on the opponent and the level of play so you can choose your own exactly. This is very important because it contributes to your victory.

On the main screen of the game screen, you can notice 2 main functions:

– The first function: moving function, you have full of function keys to step in different directions as you like. Those are the keys forwards, backward, left, right. To achieve the highest efficiency, you must really fluent in these moving keys to move flexibly and smoothly.

– The second function is the attack function. There are 3 fixed keys, the first one is the attack key with the left hand, the right hand, and defense. Just like the conditions in the above function, you have to practice a lot to use the combinations of these keystrokes in the best way.

During the fight, you absolutely must not attack continuously, and too subjective to the defense. Surely, the attack helps you knock out the opponent, but the only thing that kills you is subjective in defense.

The modes in the game

The game has 3 main game modes, although all have similar gameplay, there are different rewards and betting levels.

– The first is a single-player mode, in this mode, you will basically play like a typical classic style. You will pass the levels and the robot of the machine to earn a certain amount of gold. This gold is really important because if you are new, the first money will help upgrade, and improve the robots to be stronger to play in the arena.

 – The second is the multiplayer mode, in this mode, you will experience your skills more easily when playing against gamers around the world. You will be randomly paired. This mode gives you a view with a variety of robots, from which you can choose your own robots. In addition, more than that, you absolutely can learn a lot of valuable experience that many game players leave behind.

– The third is the arena mode, this is not only a playground to improve skills, but it is a real playground. Before playing this mode, you will have to give a betting bonus. If you win, you will receive a lot of money and become a true giant. If you lose, of course, you will empty your pocket and return empty-handed. Therefore, get your skills and experience ready before you embark on such a big stage!

Robot graphics in the game

The game has built the image of the robots really great and belligerent. They are described as taller than 9 feet tall and weigh more than 2000 pounds. Your robot is like the 58 Ultimate Fighting, the legendary Titans robot, and includes Superstars-Zeus, Atom, and Twin Cities with many crazy fans.

Images of robots appearing in the game are very real. They’re like stepping out from blockbusters about robot war. They are clearly depicted from scratches, the smallest dust on the armor.

The robots in the game are played with many different levels, including weak, normal robots and even extremely strong robots. And in particular, each robot in the game also has its own unique skill, completely different from the others to create a unique feature of each type. This requires you to have the skills to select the robots in your own battle to achieve the highest results.

There are many different images of the robots in the game. This helps to create a diverse, rich and colorful game image. You will also have your own options with robot models to suit your personal preferences.


It can be said that Real Steel World Robot Boxing really gives players extremely realistic fighting scenes, and creates fiery and boiling willpower boxing matches. If you want to try such a vibrant and eye-catching feeling, don’t miss this game. With a very modern and new game-building style, the game promises to achieve more success.

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