Real Steel
Real Steel

Real Steel MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.85.74

App NameReal Steel
Publisher Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited
Genre 3D, Action
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlocked
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Real Steel is a strong action fighting game. If you love direct kicking, don’t miss the dramatic matches on the ring. This game will bring you the best experience. And the following article will provide you with detailed information about it.

Real Steel builds on realistic boxing matches. All the feeling when going to the ring is integrated here. You will feel the heat in each game.

Real Steel the plot

Reliance Big Entertainment is the brand that produced this interesting game. This is also one of the famous game production tycoons in the World. They have released a lot of games in many different fields. Real Steel is an action fighting game that has brought much success to this company.

How to play Real Steel

The game is quite easy to control. The task of the player is simply to join and take out all the gladiators. You will control your robot by clicking the corresponding icon. The arrow will be equivalent to adjusting the direction. When you touch it, it will be left, right, forward, backward.

On the right side of the screen are images of left, right, kicking punch. You use it to attack and defeat opponents. Click successively to create continuous attacks. There are punches with great power. To get them, you need to try to make a lot of money. They will help you upgrade your punches to quickly defeat opponents.

In addition to the attack, you can raise your hands to defend, and prevent the punches of the enemy. You touch the icon of 2 holding hands side by side is okay. Not only do you beat your opponents, but you also have to dodge their attacks. Swipe the screen on the dodge position to do that.

Real Steel gameplay

Diverse game modes

Real Steel has many different modes and levels to suit different audiences. This variety is a strong point of the game. In each game, there are 3 levels are easy, medium, and hard. If you are new, choose the easy level to learn experience. Regarding the game mode, you absolutely can use the robots available. You can also design your own robot. In addition, there are many other interesting modes such as challenging with friends, taking challenges. Therefore, you can play for hours without feeling bored or tired. The more you play, the more you enjoy it.

Build your Robot champion

Design and build your champion on mobile. Create your very own robot fighting machine. You will launch its special moves in battles and tournaments. Attack your opponent with punches, kicks, and other special combination moves.

Build your champion from more than 1,500 robot parts. Choose its head, body, hands, and feet. Then customize the paint color according to your personal style and preference. Name your robot to make it known in the arena.

Upgrade the power of robots with bonuses

After each match, you will receive a bonus amount. You can use them to upgrade your robot. This process will increase the power in each punch and kick. In addition, you can buy spiky punches that carry a huge amount of energy.

The stronger the robot, the faster the chance of winning. So, consider this soon to own the strongest robots and put them into the game.

Graphic design

Real Steel has extremely beautiful and impressive 3D graphics. The action scenes, the attacks are very beautiful and authentic like you stand on the arena. Images are sophisticated, powerful, and impressive. Besides, the sound is also very well combined. You can hear metal clashing and punches just like the real thing. This helps you feel strength and fighting power. At the same time, you feel happy when you see and hear the sound of your opponent collapsing.

It must be said that the manufacturer has invested in graphic design and sound in a spectacular way. It has promoted its use and contributed to the success of this game.


Real Steel is not simply a game of entertainment, but it also helps you to recognize and judge. In battles, you have to observe your opponent dodge, and at the same time attack to defeat it. To do this, you need to combine your hands, eyes, and mind correctly. Your skills can be applied in real life to protect yourself.

If you have too many problems and you need to relieve stress, Real Steel is a perfect choice. All the anger in you will be released through dramatic punches. The feeling of winning will spread and eliminate the stress in you.

This game is not only suitable for those who like strong action. Even if you are mild-tempered, experience the feeling of hitting the enemy comfortably. It’s not offensive at all, because the robot design image is easy to see. When participating in the match, you will find yourself stronger.

What are you waiting for without installing Real Steel to join the fight? Dissolve yourself and stand on the ring to become the champion. I am sure you will like it and be passionate about it!

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