Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD
Realm Defense

Realm Defense MOD APK (God Mode) 2.8.0

App Name Realm Defense
Version 2.8.0
Publisher Babeltime US
Genre 3D, Strategy
Size 91M
Require Android 4.1
MOD Info God Mode
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Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD is a tower defense game from the publisher Babel time. The game has tactical gameplay, and it requires high strategic. Join the game, you will transform into a strategist. You will come up with the best strategies, along with the support of soldiers and watchtowers to prevent the dark forces from invading the castle.

Realm Defense is a magical world, this is the place where people are living in warm, happy life. This is also a fanciful world full of magic, which is protected by knights, dragon warriors, witches, ice queens, and gods.

The power of darkness is growing. The kingdoms shook hands with each other, coalesce to fight the enemy. Monsters begin to ravage the village, burning down everything they go through. The whole sky was full of black crows and the stench of corpses. The people of fear, suffering from hunger, and death can come to them at any time. The world is gradually approaching the edge of destruction. The alliance of kingdoms has only one choice: to fight or die.

Tasks for you

Your mission is to devise a strategy to fight against the enemies, who are plotting to take over the world. Your enemies are larvae, zombies and even witches. They turn to the stronghold gate, let’s destroy them before they invade the kingdom and burn it all down.

The game offers 20 different kingdoms, each of which will correspond to a level. You must pass the first kingdom to move to the next kingdom. After completing each level, you receive a number of stars, up to a maximum of 3 stars. The total number of stars of the level in one kingdom will determine whether you can transfer to another kingdom or not. Therefore, try to save as many stars as possible.

Also, in some situations, try to protect the people who are crying out miserably. Once you support them in a safe place, you will receive a huge amount of gold there.

Your defense system

As a strategy game, Realm Defense gives players a variety of towers for players to freely devise their tactics. The first tower is an archery tower, there will be a soldier standing on the top of the tower, ready to shoot arrows if any enemies are near. The second tower is a soldier’s tower, you should place it near the gates to prevent enemies from entering. This tower works to produce soldiers to fight and prevent the enemy. The third tower is a fortress, they will attack the enemy with great damage. Finally is the mage tower, they are very helpful in supporting the generals and soldiers.

Upgrade the defense system

In particular, these towers are capable of upgrading. After the upgrade, they are significantly strengthened. Every time you kill an enemy, you will receive an amount of gold. The amount of gold received depends on the strength of the enemy. The stronger the enemy, the greater the amount of gold received. Use the gold earned to upgrade towers. They will help you deal with stronger enemies in the subsequent attacks. One more thing to note is that you must arrange them for maximum defense power.

Hero system with their own skills

Join the game, after passing a number of missions, you will receive 2 free warriors, Fee and Lancelot. Other warriors require you to unlock them with a diamond. You can earn diamonds by joining the arena daily. Each warrior has its own characteristics and skills. The fee is a gunner with arrows with great damage, Lancelot is a knight with powerful slashes. Smolder the Dragon has the ability to create a rain of deadly fireballs and more.

Besides the warriors, your enemies are also very strong. You will face the terrible bosses, such as Skeleton Mage riding giant monkeys on his back and bombing your stronghold, or Goblin King riding mammoth. Many giant enemies bring many challenges. Burn your enemies, freeze them or more.

Control in the game

For Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD, its gameplay is quite simple. Initially, you will be given a certain amount of gold. Use it to buy towers for defense by moving your hand across the screen. All will be supported. You will place your tower in the right place in your territory. After completing the defensive line, you just need to select the mode on the left corner for the enemy troops to exit. The tower will act fully automatically. Very simple, right?

Graphic design in the game

The game has nice and sharp graphics. The creatures are very diverse and colorful, creating a fierce battle but no less vivid. Besides, the sound is vibrant and dramatic in every battle. Realm Defense promises to bring players the most interesting experience.

Realm Defense


Although the game is free to play, the experiences that Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD brings are still extremely great. The game has a very good defense tower gameplay. The character system and equipment are so diverse, and the storyline is attractive. Besides, the graphic design is very smooth on the mobile screen, Realm Defense: Hero Legends TD certainly does not make the fans of defense games to be disappointed. Download the game, and join the war to protect the world with the warriors in Realm Defense now.

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