Requiem of the Dark Lord
Requiem of the Dark Lord

Requiem of the Dark Lord MOD APK (Paid) 1.1

Would you like to be an antagonist?

App NameRequiem of the Dark Lord
Publisher Squid-Squad Papi!
MOD InfoPaid
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Do you enjoy putting yourself in the role of the villain in your imagination? Have you ever watched an anime or played a video game and found yourself feeling envious of the “hit-boys” who seem to ascend to fame and power apparently out of nowhere? The main character in this tale was completely unaware that he would end up in such a precarious situation until it was too late.


Isn’t it a marvel that he has been granted access to the online aspect of the game he has been enjoying for so long? But how much of a blessing would it be if Ryu had to fight through the difficulties of his new life? When everything appears to be conspiring against you, there appears to be no way out or atonement for your misdeeds. Was everything predetermined, or did a greater power have a role? In the end, it won’t matter because the globe is doomed to be immersed in a sea of blood.


In this visual novel, you will get the ability to play the adversary. The protagonist of the story is actually the antagonist disguised as the hero since he is extremely powerful, has access to resources, and garners a lot of media attention. For many years, Ryu has been the primary focus of the game’s development, and as a result, he currently serves as the game’s protagonist. He is in a new environment, and his abilities are severely limited. You are now prepared to face difficult tests alongside the antagonist, which you must do because everyone on this planet is motivated to defeat the antagonist and gain his power. You and your opponent will confront these trials together.


During gameplay, you can choose between two competing factions, and your decision will affect the main character and the plot. You can create a faultless universe by using a free visual novel app for Android. There is no such thing as good or evil in our universe. You will be entrusted with a variety of objectives as you progress through the game, including but not limited to: exploring a strange environment; meeting intriguing characters; engaging in suspenseful battles, and refining your protagonist’s powers. The player’s decisions and actions will have a huge impact on how the story progresses as well as the storyline. There are 12 endings, some hidden, over 6 hours of gameplay, beautiful hand-drawn artwork, and well-written dialogue.

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