RFS – Real Flight Simulator

RFS - Real Flight Simulator MOD APK (Paid) 1.7.1

App Name RFS - Real Flight Simulator
Version 1.7.1
Publisher RORTOS
Size 60M
Require 4.3 and up
MOD Info Paid
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Become a professional pilot in RFS – Real Flight Simulator and fly to anywhere in the world. Explore sceneries and airports, witness the world from up above, onboard real-time flights, fight for survival in severe failure and extreme weather.

Introduction RFS – Real Flight Simulator

Becoming a real pilot has never been this easy. No extensive training, no strict health check-ups, no penalty for failure, etc. By playing Real Flight Simulator, you can experience the life of a professional pilot while sitting comfortably on your chair. The game teaches you all the basics of handling a commercial airplane, from easy stuff like taxiing, taking off, to extremely difficult skills such as overcoming bad weather.

Being under the development of RORTOS – a reputable developer team focusing strongly on flight simulator games, Real Flight Simulator is among the best – if it’s not the best – flight simulators on the market. The game is powered by RORTOS Flight Engine – a game engine made by RORTOS themselves to maximise the reality of the game and eventually enhance players’ experience.

Key features of RFS

If you are looking for a flight simulator game on mobile then RFS is definitely the best name to choose from. Join us to explore its outstanding features now.

RFS - Real Flight Simulator gameplay

Exciting simulation gameplay

RFS offers you an intuitive control system to initiate exciting flights in the sky. To begin Real Flight Simulator, you choose one airplane from twenty-three selections available, although you need to subscribe to the RFS Pro plan to get access to all of them.

As you play for the first time, the key is to  keep an eye on the Gear and make sure it is on level three so that it can run on the runway and take off. Once your airplane is stable in the sky, locate your destination and use the virtual D-pad to maneuver the airplane while keeping balance.

Detailed airplane maneuvering technique

Although the game does not feature many challenges and tasks, each flight itself is challenging enough for anyone no matter how good they are at the game. For example, the landing always has to be performed precisely. Just like in real life, if a minor thing goes wrong while a plane is landing, catastrophic accidents can happen at any time. You have to be very patient and skillful to not make any unrecoverable mistakes.

As you operate your airplane, you will learn how to overcome adverse weather. Not only your handling skills are improved, you will also know how much concentration and precision a real life pilot must reach to fly you safely from airport to airport.

Delicate graphics modelling

Real Flight Simulator features an enormous network of airports that spread across Europe and also America. When you get the hang of the game, you will start to enjoy the view from the cockpit, the wings, windows, rear, or a third person perspective. All you have to do is choose a starting airport and a destination, get your airplane to the sky and then immerse yourself in the air.

Not only the airplanes and airports are portrayed very intricately, the developer teams also put a lot of effort in modelling the landmarks as well. Every little detail, from floating clouds, grass fields, high mountains with snow covering on top, riverbanks, etc. are shown impeccably before your eyes.

RFS - Real Flight Simulator Control

Realistic weather effects

To add more realistic to the game, RORTOS also includes weather effects that behave the same way as in real life, causing effect during your flight. Be prepared for extreme weather conditions such as heavy raining, snowstorms, hailstones, and give your best to pass through them. You can only be a successful pilot if your passengers are satisfied.

Various airplane models

In Real Flight Simulator, there are more than twenty airplanes for you to pick and become familiar with. All the models are designed very carefully to resemble extremely close to the real life model, from the dimensions and scales, cockpit interior, the wings, the tails, engines, to the specifications and unique features that only engineers and pilots are qualified to distinguish. Moreover, the maneuverability of each airplane is also different, so you need to pay close attention to your handling or else there will be regrettable mistakes.

The closer you look at these models, the more amazed you will be as you find out that the level of details on these airplanes are beyond your expectation. Parts and accessories that assemble the airplanes are shown clearly and beautifully, and you can even tell the manufacturer of each part.

Evergrowing game

The developer team are working days and nights to bring more choices for players. This means that not only more airplanes will be introduced in the future, but also airplanes and therefore landscapes. The greatest thing is as soon as new content is introduced, you will get instant access to it without any restrictions or conditions.

You do not have to play Real Flight Simulator alone, as the game also offers online playing. Whenever you feel bored, try the Real-time flight game mode where you have a strict schedule to follow, and witness a lot of real pilots on the globe flying the sky with you. The take-off time, landing time, beginning point, and destination are already determined for you, so the game is not as easy as it was before anymore.


As a paid game, Real Flight Simulator is really awesome in terms of gameplay and the realistic graphics. For just one reasonable purchase you can enjoy a mobile game that has the graphics quality close to a AAA game on a console. You have unlimited access to airplanes and airports without any effort to unlock them first, and there is also no restriction if you want to play all day long. If you are a fan of the sky, or you just love airplanes, or you think other simulation games are not challenging enough, this might be the perfect choice for you.

As the game content is growing, the developer team has to work endlessly to create new elements for the game. To solve the problem, they offer a periodic subscription plan that enables you to access everything, including online mode. After subscribing to the Real Flight Simulator Pro, you have a ton of advantages over the non-pro players, and therefore can experience the game to the fullest.

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