Rise of Eros MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.700

App NameRise of Eros
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

As a fan of fantasy adventure games, Rise of Eros MOD APK with waifu – your beautiful wife, will delight you. The fighting and intimate actions with your beautiful wife will make you addicted to this 18+ game.

About Rise of Eros

EROLABS presents Rise of Eros as a fantasy game for adults. The game was immediately shocked by its stunning 3D graphics and impressive gameplay mechanics. The game impresses with beautiful character models that are designed to be amazingly realistic.

In Rise of Eros, you and your companions explore a fantasy world, the domain of God of Desire. In addition to turn-based battles to expand the storyline, players can build intimate relationships with beautiful girls in realistic 3D. It introduces Boudoir mechanics for you to flirt with girls and go further.

Rise of Eros contains some content that does not conform to Play Store policy so it is not available on this app market. Don’t worry because you can download it for free at our blog.


The story in Rise of Eros begins after a bizarre battle between girls and giant machines. Inase didn’t know how or why she was here. It’s like a nightmare.

With the feverish heat of the battle behind her, Inase cools off and attempts to survey the chaos around her. Inase’s boyfriend Hunter was a passionate scholar of ancient civilizations, just like her. But after his unfortunate death in an accident, Inase’s research changed completely. She began to believe in a legend that told of ancient gods sealed away inside Relics. If they were to be released, they could be asked to fulfil one’s deepest desires.

It wouldn’t be too much to ask for a god to resurrect Hunter, would it? As she bordered on desperation, this notion became her last hope. So when she heard of this secret facility, shut off from the outside world, which might be housing ancient artifacts

She paid an arm and a leg to hire a mercenary named Cartilla to help her sneak inside. Relying on Cartilla’s expertise, they made their way through the facility until they finally arrived at this solemn, underground temple.

Leaving Cartilla to keep watch outside, lnase ventured inside alone. She found an object enshrined at the center of the temple, glowing with an otherworldly luminescence. With this peculiar, extraordinary thing before her very eyes, the unbelievable legends seemed to be coming true. Thinking of how close she was to realize the dreams she’d almost given up on, Inase couldn’t stop herself from shedding a few tears of joy.

Strangely enough, her teardrops were imbued with radiance, too. As her hand reached toward the Relic, it seemed to resonate with her, bathing everything in intense light. Within that brilliance gradually appeared… the shape of a man. The man opened his eyes. He looked at lnase, before glancing all over his body as if to be sure that he was really there.

The legends spoke of him as an originary deity: one of the first two gods to enter into the world- Eros, the God of Desire. Inase frees Eros. He promises to resurrect Hunter. But first, he asks her to join him on a journey to find and avenge the one who sealed him away for over a thousand years.


Rise of Eros revolves around two main actions, intimate and thrilling action combat. You won’t fight on random quests; you’ll explore stories that are part of a central storyline. In each chapter, you will meet different opponents, and their fighting style is also exceptional. Rewards, when you win chapters, are gold and gems. You need to accumulate these resources to upgrade your character’s skills and equip more weapons.

The gameplay mechanics are like turn-based action role-playing games. You need to build a squad of Personas to participate in story-driven battles. The white bar beneath the HP bar is the Move bar. The Persona will make a move as soon as the Move bar is full. You need to pay attention to the move list below the characters. It is the order in which Personas will make moves. The rightmost side indicates the next move.

Each Persona is characterized by unique stats and three skills. Your task is to lock a target and then activate the skill to attack it. The control mechanism and the rules in the battle are very clear. You win when all enemies are destroyed.

Upgrading your character’s power is the key to victory. Each character offers unique skills and the ability to counter an enemy type. Therefore, you need to choose a reasonable squad based on the strengths of the personas.

Many exciting game modes to explore

There are many different game modes for you to challenge your skills and build relationships with the Waifus. These include:

  • Story mode. It is the main game mode of the game, consisting of 6 chapters and 48 stages. The number of parts you can explore in this game is very much. In each game, you will face different challenges and enemies. You will fight in turn and use different skills to defeat the enemy. You need to complete the previous chapter if you want to unlock the next one. After you complete all chapters, it will unlock new difficulty. Higher difficulty levels mean more challenges, but you also get bigger rewards for winning.
  • Trial Mode. This mode helps you collect special equipment. It’s not too tricky, but there are many equipment resources you can collect from this mode.
  • Challenge Mode. You can only experience this mode when you complete chapters 5 to 20. This mode is considered challenging because you need to have a thorough understanding of spells and techniques.
  • Resource Mode. In this mode, you will focus on collecting the necessary resources, including EXP, gold, scents, etc. Pay attention to collecting as many scents as possible to improve relationships with other characters. Moreover, each resource in Rise of Eros has different sub-modes for exploring. When participating in these sub-modes, you can collect more than desired items.

Unlock and upgrade Personas.

The character system in Rise of Eros includes Personal and Support Robots. They are divided into levels based on strength and rarity, including R, SR, and SSR. Maybe we should ignore the support robots because all the attention is directed to beautiful and sexy female characters.

Each Personal is characterized by general metrics, including:

  • HP
  • DEF
  • CRT
  • AVD
  • ATK
  • SPD
  • HIT

These stats increase as you upgrade your Persona. Besides, each character comes with 3 unique skills. New Skills are unlocked when the Persona reaches the specified level. However, you are only equipped with 3 skills for each character when participating in battle.

Rise of Eros introduces an evolutionary mechanism that allows your Persona to transform into a new state with increased strength and change in appearance. You can unlock new Personas from Summon packs, including Normal Summon, Goddess Summon, and Relic Summon.

About gear, each Persona can equip one armor and one main weapon.

Key features of Rise of Eros

  • Vividly designed characters: Rise of Eros is set in a fantasy world where many species of monsters are invading. All characters in the game are designed in 3D. It is vivid and brings the most realistic experience to the player. Each gesture and movement of the main character is realistically designed with special effects.
  • Attractive music: Besides invested graphics, the sound in the game is catchy. The character’s voice is lifelike and comes with cool sound effects. The music in the game will change as you experience different chapters. It is part of what makes this game attractive.
  • Beautiful virtual wives: Rise of Eros impresses gamers when playing are beautiful virtual wives. You will start the journey with ELLIN – the beautiful wife in a pink dress. She possesses unique skills and weapons. Besides, as you progress through other chapters, you can unlock more beautiful wives.
  • H-Scenes: It is not surprising that the publisher assigns an 18+ rating to this game. Hot scenes in the game with your virtual wife make Rise of Eros so attractive. You can hang out with your virtual wife in the Boudoir menu. The game offers you three different levels of intimacy so that you can perform many intimate actions with your wife. These intimate scenes will not be repeated in the game, but each scene will be interesting for you to explore.
  • Weapons: Besides the available equipment, you will be surprised by the weapons that Rise of Eros provides players. It would be best if you used gems to exchange for special weapons. These weapons will have different damage levels to destroy your enemies quickly.

MOD APK of Rise of Eros

If you want an unlimited play experience with Rise of Eros, download our latest mod. You will realize that there is a lot of content in the game that needs to be unlocked with gems and currency. You also have to pay a lot of gems for upgrading weapons, summoning Persona and many other activities.

This is when you need to download Rise of Eros MOD APK to get unlimited free gems. It allows you to upgrade and unlock everything in the game. Besides, you also get unlimited resources and EXP points.

Rise of Eros MOD Unlimited money helps you enjoy the game comfortably without wasting time on collecting resources. .


Rise of Eros will give you an exceptional gameplay experience with beautiful combat action and hot scenes. Download this game now and fight with your hot wife.

Download Rise of Eros MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.700

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