RPG Toram Online – MMORPG
RPG Toram Online – MMORPG

RPG Toram Online - MMORPG APK 3.5.39

The MMORPG of a massive and magnificent fantasy! Let’s explore the MMO world!

App NameRPG Toram Online - MMORPG
Publisher Asobimo
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A horrific catastrophe many years ago rocked the earth and caused the ground to break into numerous pieces. The gods gathered the fragments and rapidly put them back together, forming a weird, mosaic-like universe.

Yet the nation that had formerly inhabited this earth was no more. The four tribes fought each other repeatedly over principles and interests until they split into four independent groups, each with its own distinctive beliefs and practices.

You, an intrepid explorer, arrive in this strange realm amid this chaos. You will run into various characters from the four factions as you traverse its enormous area; each has its objectives and secrets.

You will solve the puzzles concealed beneath this strange planet’s surface with each new adventure, putting the pieces of its history together and learning the secrets that might endanger it in the future. Will you be able to overcome these obstacles and succeed? Time will only tell.


In Toram, character development is a liberating and limitless process. Players can construct a character that meets their likes and wishes thanks to the incredible quantity of over 500 billion possible combinations. The options are unlimited, whether using a sword or mastering magic.

Toram does not limit users to a certain “profession,” unlike other MMORPGs. Instead, players are completely free to choose their chosen method of combat, whether they like to use a sword, magic staff, bow, or halberd.

Players have access to the ground-breaking “Skill Tree” system, which lets them completely personalize and tune their character’s skills, to develop and improve their character. Players are encouraged to play to their full ability since experimenting with different combinations and learning new fighting techniques are interesting game aspects.

Weapon system upgrades and customization

With a special “Color Info” system, Toram players may alter the look of their weapons and equipment. After they have their preferred equipment, gamers may customize it with whatever color they choose, allowing them to show off their unique personalities and creative abilities.

Also, as they advance in the game, players can choose how their equipment will function. Players may customize their equipment to match their desired playstyle and fighting strategy thanks to this feature of Toram, which adds a strategic and personalized touch. Toram is an immersive and engaging experience because of the option to alter the color and capabilities of the equipment. This develops a sense of ownership and pride in one’s equipment.

PVP Mechanism

Embark on a thrilling journey with your friends in RPG Toram Online, connecting players from all over the country! Don’t let powerful monsters intimidate you when you can quickly form a party with your friends to defeat them. Discover the expansive and stunning 3D world with your companions by your side.

Don’t worry about being alone – you can still enjoy party play by teaming up with a “mercenary,” borrowing another player’s character to battle with you, or summoning a “partner” from your sub-characters. So whether you prefer to play solo or with a group, this game has got you covered!

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