Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Energy) 5.28

App Name Scary Teacher 3D
Version 5.28
Publisher Z & K Games
Size 40M
Require 4.2 and up
MOD Info Unlimited Money/ Energy
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Break into houses, setting mouse traps on a table, sabotaging emergency appliances, do all the wrong things that a kid – and even a grown man – should never do to take revenge. No one is going to judge you, especially when no one knows what you have done in Scary Teacher 3D.

About Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D is a game developed and published by Z&K Games – a developer team that focuses strongly on horror games for mobile. However, the overall graphic of the game is not as scary as you might expect from many well-known horror titles. On the contrary, the game world in Scary Teacher 3D is quite colorful and bright, which makes the game suitable for kids as well as for adults.

In Scary Teacher 3D, Ms. T the most cruel and evil teacher of school. She has been known for having been threatening, giving physical punishment and even torturing kids. Unluckily she is your math teacher. Every student is scared of her anger, and you have decided it is time to teach her lesson. You break into her house, setting up pranks and let her suffer. As a kid, you think of every possibility to mess up with Ms. T, and none of the ideas were supposed to come from an innocent kid. There is no joy like the joy of witnessing someone you hate trembling in anger and pain.

Scary Teacher 3D gameplay


The world in games is usually different from real life, and the world in Scary Teacher 3D is no exception. In reality, there is no possibility that making fun of adults, breaking into houses, destroying properties are encouraged, especially for children. However, in this game you have to think of as many ways as you can to cause trouble to Ms. T in her own house, from setting traps on her desks and sofas, breaking her TV, ruining her favorite dress, etc. You know what you are doing is bad, but considering what Ms. T has done to your friends, you realise it is worth your effort.

For game enthusiasts that are old enough, this game will definitely remind you of the good old Neighbors from Hell series that was first released back in mid 2003. Basically, in each mission Ms. T has her own routine and you need to act accordingly to give her the most furious anger. However unlike Neighbors from Hell, you just need to do one thing to pass a level instead of sabotaging a series of stuff, and there are more than one way to accomplish your goal.

Control scheme

The control scheme in Scary Teacher 3D is quite common and therefore it is easy to understand. On the left side, you will have a virtual dynamic joystick to move around, and on the right side you can adjust your viewing angle by swiping in the direction you want. There are some buttons on the right too, each of them contain a meaning based on the icon that it shows. The biggest button can mean anything as it is the “Use” button, and it lets you open a door, grab things and put it in your inventory, using items in your inventory on something else. 

On the top left corner of your screen, the small round window tells you what Ms. T is doing at the moment and where she is. No matter what you are doing, it is important to keep an eye on that window so you will always know where you should be to avoid encountering her. There is a button next to the window to hide it from your view, but the only circumstance that you are recommended to do so is when your viewing angle is just not enough.

Ms. T’s house

Although Ms. T is living alone, her house is very big with two-stair, a large lobby and a double staircase, a front yard with carefully pruned trees, a backyard with a swimming pool and a sauna booth. This is quite preposterous if you process the information with common sense, but remember how twisted Ms. T is and how the game goes on, it will become more reasonable. Where would the fun be if you break into a tiny apartment and there is literally nothing to mess around?

Because her house is so spacious, you might need to spend a good amount of time wandering her house on missions and remember carefully where things are located. There are a lot of rooms and many of them are just bedrooms, so they might look alike and as a result confuse you. Once you enter her properties, remember to check out the basement to find several tools that later will become necessary. It is located on the left corner of the front yard, and you can never be spotted being here.

Scary Teacher 3D Features

Hints and Energy

In Scary Teacher 3D, nothing worse than being stuck on a mission. If you get caught, you can always play again with extra cautions, but not knowing the way means you are helpless. In such circumstances, you need the help of Hints. A hint will let you know what should be done first, which is important because you might figure out how the rest of the level should be played just by listening to it. The first hint costs one star, and the next hint on the same level sets you back by 3 stars, however you can always look for more stars during gameplay and stockpile them to use later.

While playing, your energy bar drains gradually and once it is depleted, you have to wait for it to be refilled on its own. To avoid running out of energy, keep an eye out for purple energy drink cans that scatter around Ms. T’s house. An in-app purchase can make the energy bar always full, and that is what you need if you are willing to spend some cash to get a smoother experience.

APK MOD of Scary Teacher 3D

Well, we bring you the latest mod of this game. Here are the mod features:

  • Unlimited money (Easy to purchase in-game items)
  • Unlimited energy (Now you can play comfortably without worrying about energy)


Scary Teacher 3D is a simple yet interesting game for anyone who loves strategy games. It is also very suitable for people looking for fun gameplay with multiple ways of completing a level. However, if you find your kids playing this game, remind them that making fun of other people is a really bad thing and they should never do so in real life. 

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