Shadow Fight 2
Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.25.0

One of the best fighting games on mobile.

App NameShadow Fight 2
Publisher Nekki
Genre 2D, Fighting
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Get it onGoogle Play

Shadow Fight 2 (MOD Money) is one of the most popular fighting games on Android. The game was developed by Nekki and released on the Play Store in late 2013. And even though recently, the 3rd version of Shadow Fight Series has officially been available on the App market but Shadow Fight 2 has always attracted a large number of loyal players.


Shadow Fight 2 is set in Japan during the Warring States period. You play as a Samurai, who is always obsessed with power. You are known as an unbeatable man, who kills thousands of opponents and terrifies everyone in the face. When you are too boring for your domination, you move around the land to find yourself a worthy opponent.

Shadow Fight 2 mod story

One day, you came to a strange temple and activated the seal of Gate of Shadow. It was a big mistake. As soon as the gate opened, dark powers overflowed and covered everywhere. It transforms your body into a shadow. All power disappears, you will have to do everything to get back to the way it was. And the only way is to defeat all the enemies in this dark world.


Shadow Fight 2 is inspired by classic fighting games like Tekken and Street Fighters. You will take part in a 1vs1 battle under the BO3 rules (Win 2 of 3 matches to win the final). The controls in the game are displayed on the touch screen and you need to use them to move, jump, attack and dodge.

There is one point that you need to pay attention to is that a combination of D-pad and action buttons can be used to release the combos or special skills. There are 4 ways that you can attack the enemy and reduce their HP:

  • Hands: Punch if you have no equipment and attack if you have a weapon. Each weapon will have different move-sets so when you perform, the skills are not the same.
  • Feet: Kick the opponent. Combined with D-pad to be able to kick up or make a low kick.
  • Long-range weapons: darts launch. You need to wait for the cooldown.
  • Dark magic: When the blue energy bar below your HP is filled, you can activate a character’s special abilities. These skills create attacks faster, stronger and cause damage much higher than the normal form.
Shadow Fight 2 gameplay

If you are not confident with your fighting skills, go to the waiting room to practice. Here you can freely learn how to move and attacks under the guidance of a Sense.

Game mode

In addition to the traditional story mode, Shadow Fight 2 offers 6 different game modes to challenge players. We will explain to you about these game modes. Let’s start!

Story: This is the main game mode. There are 7 different chapters, it corresponds to 7 bosses that you have to face.

Tournament: In this game mode, you will have to challenge 24 different opponents. Defeat them all to receive gold and ruby rewards.

Survival: You will fight with 10 different opponents. Note that, when winning and meeting a new opponent, your HP will not recover fully. Just lose a stage, you will have to stop the game. This is the best mode to farm money because it doesn’t limit the number of times you play.

Duels: You will fight with random opponents and random weapons. In some stages, there will be special requirements such as not to be hit, not to jump, not to use feet and so on.

Ascension: This special game mode can be unlocked after chapter 2. You will fight with 5 opponents and must not lose any stages. Completing it to receive a reward is a special armor.

Challenge: Unlocked after chapter 2. It has the same rules as the Tournament but there will be special requirements for each match.

Eclipse: The hardest game mode. When you activate it, the difficulty of the matches increases. However, if you win, you will receive worthy rewards. They are Orbs and special weapons.

Fight bosses

As mentioned, Shadow Fight 2 has 7 chapters corresponding to 7 bosses that you will face and defeat. The bosses are much stronger than bodyguards. We forgot to talk about the guards. In each chapter, you will have to defeat 5 bodyguards before meeting Boss. In the final chapter when you meet the Last Boss (Titan), you will have to fight all 6 previous bosses to meet him.

Shadow Fight 2 bosses

Winning boss fights will reward you with money and experience points. In addition, when defeating a Boss, you can unlock new weapons and armor.

Armor and Weapons

You can’t just use your bare hands to fight opponents. Try to find suitable equipment in the store. The equipment you can use is Weapons, Armor, gloves, and helmet. You can buy them with in-game money. However, sometimes you cannot buy them even if you have enough money. The reason is that the items will only be unlocked as the game progresses in the story mode. New weapons and equipment are only available when you complete a chapter.

The weapons system in the game is quite diverse and I temporarily divide it into 2 groups: long-range weapons and close-range weapons. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages. You can also upgrade weapons to increase their damage, or activate special effects by attaching gems to the weapon. Choosing the right weapon is an important step to win the match. Some opponents will be countered by certain weapons.

Similar to weapons, you can unlock and upgrade new types of armor in the game. You have 2 options to increase your character’s power: upgrade existing weapons or buy a new one. There is a point where I realize that when you upgrade an existing weapon to the maximum, its stats will balance with the new weapon you’ve just unlocked.


A special feature of Shadow Fight 2 also comes from the graphics. Because all the characters in the game are just shadows. So developers have focused on building contexts. It sounds a bit strange, but you will notice it during the game. The scenes behind the characters are designed very strikingly and impressively.

In addition, the motion effects of the character are also built extremely well thanks to an exclusive technology called Cascadeur. The clever combination of buttons will create attacks and skills that make you look like a beautiful martial arts movie.

Comparison between 2 versions of the game

If you search for the keyword Shadow Fight 2 on Play Store, there are 2 results returned. You will realize there are 2 different versions of the game, one is the regular version and the other is the Special Edition. For the paid version, you get the following special benefits:

  • Unlimited energy.
  • Lots of gems.
  • Add new chapters in Story Mode.
  • There are no advertisements.
  • Add new weapons, add new attributes for weapons

Special Edition is considered a special celebration of the game before the developer released the 3rd version of Shadow Fight.


After all, Shadow Fight 2 deserves to be one of the best fighting games on mobile that you should have in the game collection. The game has attractive gameplay, many game modes and many levels that will challenge your gaming skills.

We also provide you with the latest mod of Shadow Fight 2, which allows unlimited use of money. Please download the game via the link below. Take the time to visit the homepage to find out and download your favorite games right now!

Download Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.25.0

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