Shadow of Death: Dark Knight
Shadow of Death

Shadow of Death MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

App NameShadow of Death
Publisher Bravestars Games
Genre 2D, Action, Adventure
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Shadow of Death is a fascinating action role-playing game. After a period of release, the game has reached hundreds of thousands of downloads and reviews with high scores in the world. For a long time, ARPG role-playing games have always brought special experiences to players that no other game has.

The attraction from these games is always at the top of the game market. After certain successes from a series of previously released games, the publisher Zonmob Game Studio has officially launched this blockbuster action game to the gaming community. The game is a harmonious combination of attractive gameplay, along with the typical dark color environment that is so familiar. Join Shadow of Death right now to experience and explore the world of Aurona in the game.

There are 4 characters to choose from

In Shadow of Death, there will be 4 different characters to choose from. Publisher Zonmob Game Studio brings a character image that couldn’t be better.

Basic character Maximus

Maximus will appear first when you start playing the game. A talented swordsman is on the thorny path to rediscover the memory for himself. Not long after the devastation on the peaceful land of Aurona, Max was awakened by a soul in a dream. Then he set out to search for missing memory fragments. At the same time put an end to the terrible disease that is haunting the lives of the remaining creatures.

Mount character

Mount was a boy’s soul who could not overcome the pandemic and was captured by King Luther XV. Finally, he woke up in an armored suit, and in a strange, lost and confused place. The voice of an immature boy. But that is the hope of humankind. Holding Thor’s hammer of thunder, he delivered powerful blows to the enemy.

	 Shadow of Death: Dark Knight
Quinn Nephilam character

Quinn Nephilam is a rational character. The few people who are not cursed in the land of Aurona. Born to be the heir of the strongest Black Witch, she has all the qualities of a top mage. With her magical hands, she can summon a strip of magical spikes pierced enemies from underground.

Lunae Moon Flower character

The last character is Lunae. She is from the mysterious moonlight island. The home of space and time guards. As a person who maintains the balance of the universe, with the desire to be free again, she has strong beliefs and her own rules. The scythe-type weapons in her hand can help her destroy enemies as quickly as possible.

Diverse maps

Shadow of Death has over 30 maps, with hundreds of challenges waiting for you ahead. The two main modes of the game are Challenger and Adventure, and four difficulty levels that increase gradually from Normal, Hard, Hell and Insane. In addition to the long monsters, you also have to face big Boss monsters with terrible power. Move sensibly to avoid damage from the monsters, and to unleash powerful blows. Try to destroy many monsters to level up, through which you will be allowed to unlock and upgrade your skillset.

Upgrade characters to be more powerful

Like many other games, you will have to upgrade your skills and equip your characters to make them stronger. There will be indicators for you to choose such as attack ability, defense stat or HP. The higher the index, the stronger your character. Next is the skill to attack your opponent. Collect and accumulate many skill points.

Each character has its own skills, so consider carefully to help your character as strong as possible. About character accessories, collect additional weapons to force weapons to new levels. Equip armor, accessories and Ancient. The in-game armor system is divided into 4 types, Common, Damaged, Legendary, Magic, and Rare. Each type of armor offers a completely different strength and resistance, helping you create a style, as well as a unique fighting style of each individual. Killing Boss also gives a very high chance of owning rare equipment.

Graphic design in the game

Shadow of Death only has 2D graphics, but the game’s graphics are highly rated, on par with a series of other super-sharp 3D graphics games. The world of Shadow of Death is neutralized between two colors that contrast light and darkness, giving the game a unique feature. The effect when you hit will add special colors in this dark picture, make you want to combat without stopping. Combined with that is the vivid and quality sound system. All of these will accompany you on each battle, and help you become more interesting than ever.


Shadow of Death is a free game, you can play it anytime and anywhere. Because this is an offline game that does not require an internet connection. This game brings exciting experiences on the familiar black background of the Shadow Fight series. You can experience interesting gameplay, along with rich equipment. Let’s download the game by the link below to play right now. Promising challenging moments are waiting for you.

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