Shooting World – Gun Fire
Shooting World – Gun Fire

Shooting World - Gun Fire MOD APK (Vô Hạn Tiền Xu) 1.3.17

App NameShooting World - Gun Fire
Publisher Gun Fire Studio
Genre 3D, Sports
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoVô Hạn Tiền Xu
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If you are looking for an arena shooting game, this is probably a game that you cannot miss. This is a highly rated shooting game and received countless positive reviews from players. Moreover, Shooting World – Gun Fire is an offline game, so it is very convenient to experience the game anytime, anywhere, without requiring internet like other online games.

This is one of the classic titles of Gun Fire Studios, which is built very detailedly and perfect. The game promises to bring a thrilling and dramatic feeling like a real training scene in the arena. It can be commented that Shooting World – Gun Fire is a very new and simple game, but it offers an experience not inferior to the games requiring high configuration, and huge investment. Really, you can hardly find a game like Shooting World – Gun Fire on the traditional game market now.

Attractive characteristics of the game

The game is built with more than 100 basic levels, making the player completely flexible in the gameplay, and diverse in their shooting techniques.

The levels integrate different obstacles as well as obstructions. It is difficult for players to accurately predict what the next game can bring, so when playing, there is always a sense of curiosity, charisma, and suspense.

The game does not just stop at shooting and shooting at the target or glass bottles, but you can also be tasked with aiming at fruits, porcelain vases, flying machine equipment, … The higher the level, the more you will encounter interesting objects and targets, but also extremely difficult to overcome.

In addition to aiming at the target, you also have to dodge bullets fired at obstacles such as girls, flaming oil tanks, or beehives flying around. This is really not easy, because the number of bullets you have is limited, the objects you are assigned to shoot are many and scattered across the screen, and obstacles appear right in front.

Types of guns in the game

The game is integrated with a number of extremely diverse guns, you can completely try your favorite guns. It can be guaranteed that the game experience brought on the guns is really real, and almost like the actual experience.

In order for you to easily find your favorite guns, game developers have made great efforts to design, simulate the shape, size, features of the guns in the game to be most similar to real life. In addition, each gun is engraved with a detailed name to avoid confusion between similar guns. Moreover, you can know the features of the gun through the gun quality gauges placed above the screen, such as the ability to store bullets, aiming and shooting power.

Classification of guns

The game has carefully classified for players’ two types of guns, such as B, A, S, SS. In particular, the B Class is the weakest gun level, the gun levels are upgraded gradually from A to S. And finally, the strongest guns are SS guns.

In the game, there are some famous guns such as:

  • Kar98k: Type B gun, with sightseeing barrel
  • S686: Type B gun, no sightseeing barrel
  • S1987: Type A gun, no sightseeing barrel
  • M21 Scope: Type A gun, with sightseeing barrel
  • Rhapsody: Type S gun, no sightseeing barrel
  • AWM: Type S gun, with sightseeing barrel
  • Aurora: Type SS gun, with sightseeing barrel
  • LionShotgun: Type SS gun, no sightseeing barrel.

How to play

Shooting World – Gun Fire is built for a very simple way of playing, and highly attractive to not only those who are passionate about guns, but also suitable for those who are new to the game genre.

To experience the game, you just need to take the gun to the field of view of the target and pull the trigger. In fact, in the game, you just need to drag and drop the gun position to choose the most suitable shooting position. When locking the target into the necessary positions, you just need to release the force, and the gun will immediately fire. Immediately after the shot, you will receive your score immediately. The point level for shooting objects is usually 5 points, and for target shooting, the points will be distributed throughout the circle. If you shoot at the center, you will score the absolute 10.

Shooting World - Gun Fire

Take note, never shoot the obstacles that the game poses to hinder your view. There are a number of obstructions, such as a barrel of oil or gasoline that will stop you immediately, while with some lighter obstructions, you will be wasting the few bullets that you have. Therefore, choose the appropriate aiming position to get the highest score and avoid losing bullets!

The graphic design and the sound

The game simplified the graphic design and the sound, but they are extremely deep and attractive.

The graphic design of the game is made in a minimalistic 3D style, without much-interleaved texture. But the main characters like aiming targets, guns, game movements are made especially well that few offline games can be exploited.

As for the sound aspect, the game sound is portrayed honestly and has a certain depth. Especially the sound effect when guns explode and obstacles fall apart, they really make much sense of excitement and genuine interest to players.


If you want to experience a shooting game at home, do not miss the game Shooting World – Gun Fire. You absolutely can be assured of the quality and play style of this game. Exploding and astonishing are the words I can really utter when referring to this game. Certainly, Shooting World – Gun Fire can do more than what you expect.

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