Silent Castle
Silent Castle

Silent Castle MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.4.7

Challenge to be the last survivor in the Silent Castle.

App Name Silent Castle
Version 1.4.7
Publisher BEP1C STUDIO
Size 62Mb
Require 4.4 and up
MOD Info Unlocked
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Mod info
  • All heroes unlocked

Silent Castle APK is a puzzle game that combines role-playing, finding hidden things, and building defenses into a single package. While playing the game, you can play as a victim who is being pursued by a violent demon roaming around the castle looking for souls who have become lost here.

A scary story

It was late at night, and the castle appeared to have been invaded by something. Now is the time for you to exercise extreme caution since the Soul Reapers are nosing around to steal your soul. Do you hear that awful, terrifying bang bang bang sound that’s coming from outside? They are making a determined assault on the entrances of the fortress.

What steps should you take if you find yourself in such a predicament? Nothing is more prudent than shutting the door, breathing gently, hiding in bed, and lying about with the unique defensive system possible to protect oneself from the Reapers.

You should, at this point, have at least a basic comprehension of the gameplay in Silent Castle, right? The game will transport you to a dreary ancient castle filled with Soul Reapers hiding and waiting for you to take a breath.

This assignment aims to construct a reliable defense in the chamber so that you may conceal and then utilize the traps you put up to prevail over the Soul Reapers. However, it would help if you exercised extreme caution since even a moment’s attention or carelessness with a building detail might result in the immediate loss of your soul.

Rules of the game

If you opt to play as a Soul Reaper, the game consists of a series of hunts; if not, it consists of protecting and battling (if you choose to be the victim human).

When you play the game as a human, the countdown timer in each scenario is permanently colored red. When this timer goes off, you have no choice but to exit the hallway at once; otherwise, no one can guarantee what will happen to you shortly after that.

You are also not permitted to follow any other players inside their rooms. Each room and bed are designed to accommodate only one guest at a time. If you go into the room and find someone already using the bed, you should leave the room as soon as possible and look for another available bed. And if you don’t leave the room but wait, the Soul Reaper will come and consume you very soon if you don’t leave the room.

The castle’s walls are hidden chambers that have not yet been explored. If you chance to wander into one of these rooms and discover that it is too strange or that anything is amiss, you should exit the room as soon as possible. Because the Soul Reapers might become enraged and pursue you with greater vigor than ever before if you persist in trying to spend money in return for some strange thing in the castle.

However, you are not allowed to capture photographs or movies inside this spooky castle. If you are discovered trying to accomplish this using a camera found within the court, you will never be permitted to enter the castle again in your whole life.

Exciting game modes to enjoy

The most exciting aspect of this scary game is that you can choose between two different roles. There are a wide variety of gameplay options available in Silent Castle.

You have the option of playing as either a lone survivor or a creature called the Soul Reaper. No matter what roles you play, you will be armed with many potent props and equipment and your own hunting, tracking, defending, and fighting tactics.

Gaining victory over a more significant number of levels will allow you to accumulate more desirable gifts. You will be given a unique present, mainly if this is your first-time login in to play the game.

Feature of the game

  • There are a variety of game types, and you have the option of playing as either a Survivor or a Soul Reaper.
  • There are a lot of solid props and pieces of equipment; you should collect more gold and devise tactics to employ the various props; different characters may make the braces function more effectively.
  • Be the victor and claim your goodies as the MVP! More gratification is on the way!
  • Beginner Login Reward – A reward for completing your first adventure in the castle!

Download Silent Castle MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.4.7

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