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SimCity BuildIt MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Keys)

App Name SimCity BuildIt
Genre 3D, Simulation
Size 114M
Require Android 4.0.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money/ Keys
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SimCity BuildIt is one of the favorite mobile construction simulation games on Android. In this interesting game, you take on the task of building and developing a bustling, modern city. Besides, you have to become a talented mayor to manage everything in your territory.

Introducing SimCity BuildIt

SimCity is a long-standing and popular series of construction simulation games on all platforms. First appearing in early 1989, it quickly affirmed its appeal when attracting millions of players around the world. In 2014, Electronic Arts, the company that owns the game, released the first and only mobile version of the game called SimCity BuildIt. The game has now received over 100 million downloads on the Play Store alone. It is also the most popular construction simulation game on mobile.

SimCity BuildIt gameplay

It can be said that SimCity BuildIt is a monument to the mobile simulation game series when it brings tons of features. In the game, you become the mayor of a fantasy city in its infancy. Your mission is to manage everything and build a unique, beautiful city to attract more residents to live there. Construction is extremely important, but keep in mind that as the city grows, the number of residents also grows. At this time, your task in SimCity BuildIt will be heavier when you have to manage the residents while maintaining the development of the whole city!

Features of the game

SimCity BuildIt offers tons of features to help you comfortably manage and build your own city. Here are the great features of this game.

Build the city of your dreams

Join SimCity BuildIt, you have the opportunity to show your management skills when you own a large city. The most important task is of course building new buildings, expanding the scale of the city and developing everything. You must be very skillful and subtle in arranging works because if you do this well, everything will always be within your reach. Don’t worry about getting started, because at any given stage you will also receive detailed instructions from the game. It helps you quickly become a professional architect.

The city in SimCity BuildIt simulates exactly what you see in real life. These are familiar buildings such as high-rise buildings, industrial parks, amusement parks, museums, ports, beaches, etc. Of course, everything is not available at the start. You start in SimCity BuildIt with poor resources and lots of difficulties, start building everything to turn your city into a dream place.

Handling problems in the city

As your city grows to a certain extent, city problems begin to emerge. Most often it’s population pollution and explosion. They are problems that you need to quickly fix. You need to expand the size of the city to meet the needs of residents, build new buildings to handle the waste, and a lot of other jobs.

Earn money to build

In SimCity BuildIt, currencies are the most important thing that you always have to pay attention to. Completely similar to real life, money helps pay the costs of building buildings. When you want to upgrade a building or unlock new places in the city, you also need to pay. To check money, you need to use your buildings to trade and collect taxes. However, in the early stages of the game, it will be very difficult to make money when the size of the city is not large enough. Therefore, please calculate carefully before spending if you do not want your project to be built incomplete. Here are 4 currencies appearing in SimCity BuildIt:

  • Simoleons: This is the base currency. It is quite easy to earn by upgrading buildings, buying and selling items … Besides, you can also buy Simoleons with SimCash.
  • SimCash: This is a premium currency. Of course, it is quite rare and difficult to find. Most buildings in the game when performing upgrades need to wait to be completed (usually a few hours), paying with Simcash allows you to complete the upgrade immediately without waiting. There are two ways for you to earn Simcash: buy directly with real money from the store, or receive rewards after completing achievements.
  • Golden Key: You can get golden keys by completing delivery missions or passing catastrophic challenges.
  • Platinum Key: This key is extremely hard to get and you cannot buy with any currency. You can only get it by joining the Mayor’s Contest.
SimCity BuildIt mod trade features

Not just building and growing

Yes, SimCity BuildIt does not only bring jobs of merely building and developing a virtual city. The game also offers special interesting challenges. Next to Global Trade HQ, a strange tower appeared. That is the residence of Dr. Vu, a mad scholar. His daily job is to develop technologies to create natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or even alien attacks. Don’t judge his work in a hurry, because it’s not about bringing bad things to you. By activating natural disasters to destroy buildings in the city, you have the opportunity to receive rewards as Simoleons or golden keys, they are important currencies. City reconstruction also helps you unlock achievements and develop the city more efficiently.

Exploiting and exchanging resources

Besides currency, resources are important things that directly affect your playing progress in SimCity BuildIt. To build a building in the city, you need resources. Each building type requires a certain type of resource. Sometimes, you will not have enough requirements to complete

construction. Seek help from other SimCity players. The game allows you to trade or exchange resources with other players. You can easily find the resources you are lacking to quickly complete works. For this feature to work, you need a network connection to play. However, please note that if you use SimCity BuildIt mod, you cannot access this feature because the network connection has been disconnected.

Intuitive interface and controls

In SimCity BuildIt, you can see the city with a top-down perspective. Thanks to that, you can easily manage everything and arrange them as you like. The controls in the game are very simple, mainly touch and drag. You just use 2 fingers and swipe on the screen to zoom a place on the map. Or easily move to other areas of the city with just one touch.

Vivid 3D images

Real 3D images, sharp, small details are also meticulously made by designers, with almost no minus points. With many bright colors, vivid landscapes make you feel like you are the owner of a city in real life. In addition, the sound in the game is quite fun which is very suitable for bustling city life.

What’s in SimCity BuildIt (Mod, Unlimited Money)?

Besides the original SimCity BuildIt provided by the publisher Electronic Arts Inc, we will bring you the modified version of this game. SimCity BuildIt MOD brings special features to help you easily speed up your gaming progress.

Mod feature

Here are the mod features:

Unlimited money/keys: Starting the game, the game provides you with a small budget of 25000 Simoleons and 50 Simcash. It’s really hard for you to push things forward. When the big projects always need a lot of money to upgrade. It will even take days to accumulate the necessary amount for upgrading a building. That is the reason that SimCity BuildIt mod is a great choice. The mod feature allows you to use unlimited in-game currencies.

SimCity BuildIt MOD Money

How to Install

We received a lot of complaints that this mod doesn’t work. The reason is that you have installed and used it incorrectly. Please refer to the instructions below to install SimCity BuildIt mod:

Step 1: Download and install InternetGuard HERE or PLAY STORE

Reason: This application allows you to disconnect the network from Simcity to the game’s Server. It simply means you’re playing the game in Offline mode.

Step 2: Download the APK file we provided, then open it to proceed with the installation as usual. Don’t open the game after it’s done because you need one more step.

Step 3: Open InternetGuard, click on the upper left corner of the main interface to activate it. Now select and block all access to SimCity BuildIt’s network connection.

Open the game and wait a moment. Immediately upon starting the game will try to connect to the server, but it will not work. Please wait patiently for about a few minutes for you to access the game and enjoy it.


SimCity BuildIt is definitely the best city-building simulation game on mobile. It keeps you really busy and passionate about building a virtual city. What could be better than seeing our own epic cities? If you are a fan of this series of simulation games, you definitely cannot ignore it. Do not forget to visit our blog every day for the latest mod games.

Download SimCity BuildIt MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Keys)

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
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