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Skyfall Chasers MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.CL416978_BCL416978

App NameSkyfall Chasers
Publisher Cloud Some
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

A Sci-fi world has been created with unique maps and areas for the intense battles in Skyfall Chasers MOD APK. Form your team, prepare your weapons and attack the enemy to become the Top 1 best gunner in the world.

The plot of Skyfall Chasers

The battles built into Skyfall Chasers are all purposeful. All heroes try to fight to exploit unique meteorites. It is a precious resource and whoever owns it becomes more powerful and influential. As a member of The Chasers, you will be trained to fight and gather this valuable resource. The Starlight black market always attracts adventurous people to explore and collect.


Skyfall Chasers has the characteristics of a traditional mobile battle royale game. However, the developer brings some new gameplay mechanics and upgrades to the hero system, equipment, and weapons. The game is inspired by Apex Legends so you will find familiar features like a Sci-fi background, modern weapons, featured characters with unique skills, first-person gameplay, etc.

In this world-scale fighting game, you won’t fight alone. Form a team of two and start fighting with other players to collect as many resources as possible.

In each round of competition, the game will give a target score and require you to reach it within the given time. Usually, the game requires you to complete the task in 10 minutes. Using the control panel available on the screen, you need to control your hero through the obstacles and try to collect as many resources as possible. The game is fast-paced and highly exploratory, so you will love it.

New gameplay mechanics

In a 10-minute real-time battle, each team’s mission is to collect as many Stardust resources as possible. The game has some new gameplay mechanics to increase competitiveness. Detail:

  • Heroes can freely move or fly across the map to explore hidden locations, finding weapons and resources from boxes.
    Collect Stardust and bring them back to your base. Make sure they are always safe because your opponent can attack and steal them.
  • When you are knocked down by an enemy, your hero can immediately fly back to the battle area and take revenge on the one who knocked you down.
  • There are some special machines that allow you to store large amounts of Stardust resources. You need to drive it back to the base. However, these resources can be attacked by enemies and stolen.
  • During the battle, a meteor shower may appear at a random location on the map. They carry resource boxes and weapons. You need to quickly move back to this area and collect them. Be careful because your opponents will also gather here.

Outstanding features of this game

  • Unlock special Chasers: The people who accompany you in these battles are the chasers. They are built with unique looks and skills. They will be equipped with different skin colors and excellent weapons to accompany you in battles. You can unlock these chasers when you reach the specified amount. Besides, every time you pass the levels in the game, the system will also give you new chasers.
  • Explore the map. The main task when you participate in exploring the map is to collect the Starlights. You can collect Starlights by picking them up from crates and breaking objects to collect. The interesting point is not only there; you can steal the starlights from your opponent to quickly complete the goal.
  • Transfer bays: If you’re worried about waiting a long time to recover your life, you don’t have to. Transfer bays will allow you to fight again without waiting a long time.
  • Team-up with friends. Don’t forget to invite your friends and team up to win these starlight contests. The better the squad is with each other, the higher your chances of victory.
  • Skyfall. Meteor showers are beautiful, but it is the most significant danger for you and your squad. It can be deadly and shatter all the hard work you’ve worked so hard to build. This event brings many rewards to you, but its risks are incredibly high. It is the real test for the bravest warriors.
  • Fair Matches. Battles in Skyfall Chasers take place in real time between players. To ensure fairness, it does not have in-app purchases. All players use default weapons and skins. Players can unlock new characters by completing quests and progressing through ranks. Each character in the game is characterized by his default stats, skills, skins, and weapons.


Skyfall Chasers is a fascinating FPS game worth investing your time and effort. Download this game now, form your team and become the best.

Download Skyfall Chasers MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.CL416978_BCL416978

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