Soul Knight
Soul Knight

Soul Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Energy) 4.3.8

App Name Soul Knight
Version 4.3.8
Publisher ChillyRoom
Genre 2D, Action, RPG
Size 364Mb
Require 4.4 and up
MOD Info Unlimited Money/ Energy
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Soul Knight is a classic action role-playing game for mobile platforms. It is developed and published by ChillyRoom. At the moment, it is available for free to download on Play Store and App Store. The game first appeared in 2017 and has received over 10 million downloads and nearly 1 million positive reviews from players. Also, Soul Knight is a game on the Editor Choice list on Play Store. Please join us to explore its attractive features in this article right now!

The gameplay

Soul Knight is an action game that combines with role-playing elements. After a few hours playing the game, it impresses gamers with the challenging gameplay. It is very difficult. We can say that Soul Knight is not for those who like easy games.

The game doesn’t have a specific storyline (or maybe it does, but the developers didn’t recommend it in the game). You just need to click on the New Game button to start playing, and it immediately throws you into the challenge. Soul Knight is set in dungeons full of traps and monsters. Your task is to wipe them all out and go to the teleport gate to go to another land. The game screen is numbered, and you need to conquer everything right from number 1. As soon as you set foot in a dungeon, it will close the gates. And don’t think running away because these gates only open when you destroy all the enemies.

After winning each Stage, you can choose a buff like speeding, healing, or reducing damage. Each hero has a maximum of 5 slots to equip these buffs. They will be very useful because the longer the game is, the higher the difficulty will be. Also, gamers can hire mercenaries. They will assist you effectively in destroying enemies. The interesting point is that Soul Knight does not allow gamers to bring healing items in the game. It means that you have to be really careful because HP won’t be able to recover. You only have the opportunity to recover HP or Mana when meeting the merchants.

The Heroes

At the beginning of the game, it will take you to a waiting room where you can choose the heroes. Most heroes are not available from the start, but you need to buy it with Souls (Blue Stone). To unlock a new hero, you need to spend 8000 Soul. However, there are also some Heroes that can only be unlocked with real money.

In addition, the strength of the heroes in Soul Knight is characterized by the stats, including HP (Red), puffer (silver) and Mana (blue). Depending on the hero class, these stats will be different. For example, Assassin has medium HP and Shield (5), but Mana is large (200). Meanwhile, Wearwolf has HP up to 12, but Shield is very low (only 2). You can rely on your playing style to choose a suitable hero. Personally, if you are new, you should choose heroes with high HP because it is suitable to get used to the gameplay and control mechanism of the game. Besides, each hero will have a separate initial weapon and bring special effects (skills). You can also change the skin for your heroes. Of course, this does not affect the skills or stats of the hero. Moreover, you can upgrade heroes to improve their stats.

Pet collection

Pet is definitely a reliable companion that you cannot ignore in adventures. They do not follow you for fun. Pet can attack and create damage to enemies. Also, they attract the attention of the enemy so you can destroy them from behind. Currently, Soul Knight has many types of pets. We can list some typical types, such as dogs, cats, slime, pigs, robots, rabbits, bats, etc.

Weapon system

It is the most impressive feature of that game that the weapon collection is extremely diverse. Currently, the game has 270 different weapons for you to explore. One thing I like about this game is that the developer didn’t require every weapon to use for certain heroes. It means that you can use all kinds of weapons, no matter which hero you control.

Besides, the weapons are divided into many categories, mainly can be classified into long-range weapons and close-range weapons. You can change the weapons to match the game level. Also, weapons appear randomly in each level when you kill enemies or open chests. This appearance is completely random, and you have no idea what you can pick up in each level.

Moreover, gamers can upgrade weapons to increase damage and ammunition. You can start doing this when you complete the first 5 levels.

The game modes

Soul Knight has 2 game modes, including Single player and Multiplayer. In the single-player mode, gamers will fight alone without any assistance. This game mode is suitable for those who like to conquer challenges in the game. In the multiplayer mode, you can invite friends to team up and fight for more fun.

Soul Knight game modes

The game supports up to 4 players. This game mode is for friends only, so you cannot find players via the developer server. The way to invite a friend is very simple. Players have to meet one of the following the requirements:

  • All devices connected to the same wifi network.
  • Use one device as a hotspot (personal access point) then the remaining devices will connect to that hotspot.
  • The Multiplayer mode is quite fun because you can play with friends and enjoy the bloody and crazy battles.

The graphics

Soul Knight is a classic graphic style, which reminds us of games on SNES or Nintendo DS consoles. The use of pixel graphics platform makes it only about 80M in capacity and can work smoothly on most Android devices.


Soul Knight is a great game, which deserves a try from gamers on Android. There are a lot of interesting challenges waiting for you to discover and conquer. In this article, we also bring you the latest mod version of this game. It allows you to use an unlimited budget and many other advanced features. Readers can download the game at the link below. Take the time to visit the homepage to find out and download your favorite games right now!

Download Soul Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Energy) 4.3.8

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