Space Marshals
Space Marshals

Space Marshals MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets) 1.3.2

App NameSpace Marshals
Publisher Pixelbite
Genre 3D, Action
RequireAndroid 4.3
MOD InfoUnlimited Bullets
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Space Marshals is an action game combined with shooting from the publisher Pixelbite. In the game, you will transform into a Burton expert. He is a Western cowboy, you will help him perform the task of hunting dangerous criminals escaping from prison, in the Western context on space.

Coming to Space Marshal, you will no longer be involved in gun battles in the sandy and sunny sandy area. Instead, Space Marshals take players to a whole new environment. You will participate in a science fiction adventure. You will be dressed in traditional cowboy costume, with a wide-brimmed hat, and a gun battle with a top-down view. The game promises to bring you new experiences, in the hunt with dangerous criminals who have just escaped from prison.

Attractive context

The plot of Space Marshals is very attractive. The game opens with the image of the battleship Artemis of the Space Marshal force badly damaged, due to the fire of the hijackers, and the crew members kidnapped to the planet Aurum Petram 55. Fortunately, before the army As the hijackers achieve their goals, Agent Burton escapes and successfully rescues the key members of the Space Marshal. Heading straight into the orbit of Aurum Petram 55, which is an abandoned mining planet, Burton and his teammates will turn over anyone who is plotting to overthrow the forces that keep the order of the universe.

Strategy gameplay

In Space Marshals, turn difficulties into favorable conditions to fight. In parallel with finding opponents and taking them down quickly with one shot, the player must avoid the surprise attacks of the opponent. Take advantage of the obstacles in the level to avoid the enemy’s sight. If you succeed in approaching enemies without being detected, you will take down the target from behind without using a bullet. Besides the main gun, you also get support from many other modern combat weapons such as grenades, flares, bulletproof vests, mines …

Cleverly capture terrain to defeat each dangerous prisoner

Find yourself the safest approach in this gunfight environment. Some Space Marshals players have argued that repeatedly firing their guns forward while on the move is not always effective. Instead, let’s isolate each opponent and easily destroy each one. Use camouflage to protect yourself from enemy detection. And yet, the silencer gun is also a good choice to protect the life between the enemy matrix in the game.

Of course, it’s not always possible to keep ourselves quiet throughout the game, and sometimes failing to keep a secret is an opportunity to immerse yourself in dramatic gun battles… However, even if you stand up straight and spread your gun forward, you still have to make sure you still have certain calculations. Knowing the distance and choosing the right time to shoot back the enemy, you will find yourself much easier to breathe, especially with the levels that the number of enemies up to several dozen lives.

Diverse weapon system for you to choose

Space Marshals bring a lot of weapons for players to choose freely. Choosing the right weapon is the key to help you succeed with your strategy. Shotguns, pistols, snipers, machine guns, arrows … each weapon has its own characteristics. Consider carefully to own a gun that fits your fighting strategy. With a pistol, attaching a silencer will help you destroy enemies without being detected. With a machine gun, you will have a lot of bullets to constantly attack the enemy, or shotgun can kill enemies with just one shot when you stand near the target. Besides the powerful guns, don’t forget to equip yourself with armor and grenades. They will support you a lot in every match.

Space Marshals

Graphic design in the game

The 3D graphic of Space Marshals is extremely beautiful, unique, in the science-fiction style. Game with 3-dimensional effects creates a wide and detailed context. The images are polished and displayed sharp. In addition, gamers also infatuated with the game thanks to the lively sound system. The sound of guns and booms reproduced faithfully. The game offers a lot of interactive environments. Touch controls are extremely smooth, simple but attractive.

What’s in the mod version?

In every gun battle, not having to reload will give you a huge advantage. Knowing that we bring players a modified version of Space Marshals. Space Marshals mod apk will give players a lot of bullets. With this version, you can unleash the bullets on the enemy without having to worry about the remaining ammunition. With Space Marshals mod apk to destroy all enemies, preserve the order of the universe.


The game has a beautiful design, lively sound, and interesting gameplay. Overall, Space Marshals gives players a certain satisfaction, promising to bring you exciting and not boring experiences. If you love shooters, do not hesitate anymore, let’s download Space Marshals to enjoy the fun and dramatic moments in this fascinating fantasy world.

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