Space shooter – Galaxy attack

Space shooter - Galaxy attack MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.636

App Name Space shooter - Galaxy attack
Version 1.636
Publisher ONESOFT
Genre 3D, Strategy
Size 249M
Require Android 4.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Have you ever wondered if aliens are real or not? They are real, and they are invading our world. Indeed, the galaxy is in danger. They have started attacks and wars are going on in the galaxy. You are one of the last rays of hope to save the galaxy. In Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack game, you will drive your spaceship and fight alone with a crowded invading army in outer space. Let’s upgrade the spaceship, increase firepower to go straight into the enemy’s lair and destroy the boss.

Attractive plot

The earth and other planets are living in a peaceful galaxy. One day, thousands of monstrous spaceships appeared in the sky. That is the spacecraft of the aliens. They devastate and destroy everything on the planets that they come across. Their next destination is the earth, where you and your family and relatives live. You are the representative of the earth, also the last ray of hope to help the earth overcome this great tribulation. All you have is the heavy combat spacecraft, used to destroy all enemies and bring peace to humanity. Only you can protect the Earth and the Milky Way from the hands of alien monsters. Let’s embark on a journey full of perilous but equally interesting.

Control the aircraft to destroy the enemy

Game Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack takes players to the frontline of the battle. You take control of the lone spacecraft and protect the galaxy from alien crowds. The gameplay of Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is similar to the legendary chicken shooting game Chicken Invaders. In the game, you will control your aircraft, destroy enemies with firepower already built in the aircraft. Every time you destroy an enemy, you will have a chance to receive useful items. It could be new fighters or fighter upgrades to make it more powerful. After each level, you will receive a reward. It was the gold and cards of the fighters. Use them to upgrade fighters, unlock new fighters and support accessories. Although the gameplay is simple, it is not simple to win. You have to be very clever, and make a reasonable strategy if you do not want to lose many lives.

Strong and diverse enemy troops

Each level will have hundreds of enemies to destroy. They come in many types, every planet is a bunch of new fighters. This is also an opportunity for you to admire the new, advanced and monstrous fighters that surely you’ve never met. Each type of enemy’s fighter has its own design and strength. In particular, they will strengthen through each level of the game. To overcome the following stages, let’s increase your strength. By unlocking new fighters and upgrading weapon systems, which support you to overcome the difficult battles ahead.

After defeating the subordinates, you will meet their boss. It was a giant fighter equipped with state-of-the-art weapons. They are very strong and aggressive, with a rain of bullets that can destroy you at any time. After defeating the boss, it means that you have saved a planet, and continue the adventure through a new planet. The game also offers a very diverse mission system. Each mission is a difficult challenge for players. Try to complete them, because there are many rewards after completing the task.

Strategy to win in the game

In Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, it is important to devise a good strategy. Each enemy’s fighter has its own characteristics. You have to observe closely to find out how they attack. Combined with that is the skillful ability. You should skillfully evade, wriggle through enemy attacks. Just a bit of negligence also makes you take the consequences, this is losing your own life. When enemies come in too crowded, you can use power to wipe them out. Despite being so powerful, power is rare. Just when you can’t fend off, let’s use it. On each trip, you only have a certain amount of lives. Try to protect it if you do not want to play again from the beginning. You can also earn extra lives through in-game quests.

Fighter system

With a large number of enemies and massive attacks, you must have a suitable and powerful fighter. Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack brings an extremely diverse fighter system for players to freely choose. Each fighter has its own beauty and power, it has the ability to upgrade to optimize power. The more expensive the fighters, the stronger is it, and more expensive the upgrade. Try to complete many missions to own yourself the most powerful fighter. In addition, you can also buy it with cash.

Besides the powerful fighters is the auxiliary weapon system. They are your effective assistants throughout the battle. There are many auxiliary weapons with different powers and uses. Find yourself a suitable one and do not forget to upgrade it. It’s small, but it’s very useful.

Space Shooter


Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack has graphics with extremely quality and eye-catching images. The game brings a colorful galaxy, making the battle become vibrant. The super classics battles in space will be reproduced in the most realistic and vivid way. In addition, the warships are also super cool shaped with advanced equipment. The sound of battles will be more appealing than ever.


Overall, this is a very interesting game. If you love the genre of planes shooting game or chicken shooting game, this is an option you should not miss. Although the game is not new, it has beautiful graphics, vivid sound, and countless attractive features. Therefore, the game promises to bring you great experiences. Download the game to the phone by the link we provide below and join the journey to save the galaxy right away.

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