Spaceflight Simulator
Spaceflight Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Launching rockets to various planets in Spaceflight Simulator, which is a mobile simulation game. It is good for anyone who wants to learn about rockets and how they work when they are launched into the air. It has a high level of realism, a realistic scale, a lot of planets to explore, and simple rules about gravity.

App Name Spaceflight Simulator
Publisher Stefo Mai Morojna
Size 68MB
Require 5.1 and up
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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MOD Info
  • All paid content is unlocked.
  • The first time you open the game, you will see a message that all content has been unlocked. If it does not appear, please close the game, connect to the network then reopen the game.


The immensity of space has forever been one of humanity’s most significant sources of consternation. Our natural inclination to discover more about the world compels us to travel. In the name of science, many trips have been carried out over the past few decades. There have been a lot of rockets, satellites, and astronauts that have made it to outer space with the hopes of finding out more about what’s out there. This has always been something that has intrigued a lot of people, leading to the creation of a great many movies, documentary series, and video games.

Spaceflight Simulator is one of them. This game allows players to pilot rockets into space and explore the cosmos. Over ten million copies have been downloaded from the Google Play Store since Stefo Mai Morojna initially released it. This demonstrates that discussions about space pique the interest of many curious minds. Continue reading if you believe that you are one of such people!

Spaceflight Simulator mod apk download

About Spaceflight Simulator

Does the universe have an end? What is happening in the vast universe? Do any other types of life besides humans exist in the world?

These are a few examples of the many concerns people from all walks of life, including scientists, have pondered. Because of this insatiable interest, we have embarked on several journeys to find answers to these pressing issues.

Spaceflight Simulator is the perfect game for you if you count yourself among the many individuals intrigued by this topic. Since this article was written, this simulation game has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play Store.

This shows that a lot of people are interested in space exploration. And this is why government space agencies like NASA have budgets in the billions of dollars to work with. The fact that it takes an absurd amount of time, money, and labor to construct a rocket is not a well-guarded secret.

We have finally mastered the art of rocket construction. Building a rocket in Spaceflight Simulator is not difficult at all since the game makes the process relatively simple. With just a little bit of direction, even a child is capable of accomplishing the task. After that, you are free to pilot your rocket wherever you like.

Create and fly your rockets

It is common knowledge that the construction of a rocket should come first in any mission to the sky. In point of fact, a large number of people are working together to achieve this goal. However, the first thing you need to do is sketch out what you want to do. In an ideal situation, it is helpful to have some concept of the result to lead you through the process. After that, you must become acquainted with the components that make up a rocket, such as an engine, hull, fuel tank, RCS Thrusters, titan engine, command module, and many more!

Putting together rockets components is the first step in accomplishing any goal involving space travel, whether sending spacecraft into space or landing on a specific planet.

Not relatively as easy as putting together Legos. At this point, it is up to you to construct a spaceship capable of ejecting itself from the planet’s atmosphere and landing in the correct location. The player has to bring their creative side and some fundamental knowledge to the table for this procedure.

Your missile is ready to take off now that it has been successfully constructed. When it comes to piloting a rocket in the real world, there are a lot of things that may go wrong. This game does an excellent job of modeling it as realistically as possible, thanks to the inclusion of the Spaceflight Simulator. This indicates that you need at least some knowledge about how far you intend to travel and the components you require for your rocket. After that, you may relax knowing that your rocket will carry out its mission just like you envisioned it. Just keep your fingers crossed that it will be enough to get you to your target, whether the moon or one of the other planets!

Spaceflight Simulator mod features

Explore planets in the Milky Way

At the moment, there are a total of eight planets in our actual universe. Aside from Earth and Mars, we haven’t traveled to other planets. However, humans have been to the moon on several occasions. In Spaceflight Simulator, you can go to Mercury, Mars, the Earth, the Moon, Martian, Phobos, and Deimos.

It is essential to thoroughly understand your final destination before building your rocket since this will dictate the type of rocket you should construct. Each planet has its unique scale size, simulating reality while maintaining a proportional relationship to the actual size. Particularly gravity varies significantly from one location to the next—the physics of landing and how you will manage your rocket’s controlfferent.

For example, because Mars has such a weak atmosphere, you should equip your landing craft with reliable deceleration motors to minimize the risk of incurring damage.

Landing to start a new journey

Your spaceship will land on a planet according to the planned route. To land safely, you need to remove some unnecessary parts on the rocket to reduce its weight and friction.

After everything was dismantled correctly, just the spacecraft that contained the essential equipment and fuel was prepared to land on the planet that would serve as the starting point for the next leg of the mission voyage.

The task given to you at this point is to determine how you will be able to land on the surface of the planet securely. Each planet has gravity, physical flatness, and temp that are unique from the others. Based on these attributes, you will control the energy and speed of the spacecraft to land safely.

Complete exploration quests

Following a successful landing on a planet, you will remain aboard your ship to complete the unique objectives given before the mission starts. Research the planet’s topography, temperature, and resources to determine whether or not it might support human habitation as a second home. From the get-go, each spacecraft has been given a different moniker and assigned a specific mission.

MOD APK of Spaceflight Simulator

MOD info

  • Unlocked: All paid content is unlocked.


An enormous space travel game, Spaceflight Simulator allows players to build rockets and take them for a spin in the virtual universe. Let’s play this game together if you’re fascinated by space exploration and want to learn more about what NASA performed during the SpaceX Apollo launches.

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