Stick War: Legacy
Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) 2022.1.52

App Name Stick War: Legacy
Version 2022.1.52
Publisher Max Games Studios
Genre 2D, Strategy
Size 96M
Require 4.1 and up
MOD Info Unlimited Gems
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The latest mod of Stick War: Legacy mod allows you to spend unlimited gems in the game. Are you ready for endless stickman battles?

Introduce to Stick War Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is developed from the most popular game of all time- Stick War. It shows battles among groups of stickmen, generally in red and black armies. Stick War has been known worldwide long before it becomes popular as a mobile app. Battles are the main shows, but to prepare for the victory, stick men get into many occurrences. Only by exploiting stories along with the war, this game has succeeded in addict users for years. The game appears with simple graphics but stimulating effects of movement. The atmosphere here feels barely bloody but hilarious and unexpected.

Background of the Story

Inamorta, the continent in Stick War: Legacy consists of several nations where people worship weapons as a religion. They fight to invade the land and pick up new technologies in making weapons. Interestingly, the names of tribes are after their legacy weapon, such as Speartons for spears.

The story develops around a tribe that tries to reorder the world. Players are through simple stages then unconventional events to declare power. Having a new episode come every week, the game never fails to provoke the user’s addition. The newest version now has shown a more bloody effect, which it didn’t promote in the past.

Some Special features

Stick War: Legacy is definitely one of the best games taking the Stickman theme. It has reached over 100 million downloads from Play Store. So, what made it so popular? Explore its outstanding features to find the answer.

Interesting gameplay

Simple as the graphic it is, playing Stick War: Legacy is like eating a cake. Everyone will tend to enter the fight at once but do not miss out on the introduction video. Seeing that, you will feel for the game better than perform better. Additionally, you can see the map in advance.

Stick War Legacy gameplay

The instructions are given in the form of orders by a leader. The leader shows you what the mission is at that time. The game shows a blood tube above each stick man so that people can keep track of how long they can suffer. Along with the fight, there are gold pickers who work alongside soldiers. Collecting gold will enrich the army by enabling the tribe to buy rugged accessories. Shops will grant you accessories to prevail. Here are some specialties:

  • Miner Hustle: the ax for miners to work better
  • Swordwrath Rage: the word for soldiers to fight better
  • Archidon Rain: arrows by Archidon’s people which can send a volley of arrows
  • Spearton Madness: a spearhead with a double damage effect
  • Statue Turret: a shield for the statue. It will be helpful in defense rounds.
  • Meric: a sort of spell to summon healing
  • Golden Spearton: a more powerful spearhead which was previously possessed by Order Army
  • Summon the Elite: the name speaks ability. It calls for the best soldiers.
  • Summon Griffon the Great: Griffon the Great is the leader of Giant. Having this power, you can have him fight for you. Most of the time, this will promise you victory.  

To buy these powers, you have to pay to buy gold, which miners work very hard for. For people who played Gold Digging before, this act must be familiar. Besides ordinary stick men, there are other characters. Depending on the hardship and the enemies, you may need to fight Giants, Zombies, Guard men, etc., who take a longer time to defeat.

Multiple modes

At the moment, Stick War: Legacy in mobile promotes four modes: Classic, Endless Dead, Tournament, and Weekly Missions. Missions are the thing in common among modes. You always get into a kind of war with specific enemies but in 4 different backgrounds. By promoting numerous options, players can stick to the game all day.

In each mode, you can choose the difficulty you might feel comfortable with. There are Easy, Hard, and Insane. Especially, Endless Dead reminds of Zombie land. The zombie enemies will pose a more significant threat to your victory, which also proves a thrill to conquer. Obtaining different backgrounds and levels, this game attracts plenty of users regardless of age, gender, and personality. Now, you can partly know why this game becomes so popular.

Stick War Legacy shop

A new level every Friday

Every Friday, the system will propose a new level. You might not yet come to the end of the journey, so see it essential. However, many good gamers are on the exploration of the ending of stickmen. Will it even exist? The new level keeps up the story by giving new challenges and missions. It’s like the story of the world, which is that no complete order would ever be made. In the world of the game, you would never run out of excitement to feel.

Endless story

As the flow of this game, you could easily see that it lasts forever. At least, you would have to spend much time on conquering all existing levels. Let’s review. There are four modes which offer three difficulties each. For each hardship, many missions are still increasing.

Unique graphics

Debuted as a battling game, Stick War: Legacy promotes the story of legacies and the idea of making peace rather than conquering. There is killing in every mission, but the game doesn’t promote violent scenes. Men and actions in the game show no realistic figures so that children hardly take examples. In contrast, stickmen have become a symbol of the best game, interpreted lively action scenes.

Besides, the layout seems easy to follow. The display presents only the necessary features to carry out and finish the statues and gold mines. The background looks simple so that the controller can see the stick army well. Signals and signs for action appear minimal, too. Opposite to the battle site, shops for stickmen are vibrant. Same with the openings and waiting display.

About Stick War: Legacy MOD (Latest Version)

As you know, to be able to buy power items, you need to pay gems. However, the number of gems obtained from quests is not much. So if you want to speed up your game progress, try the mod of the game we have provided.

Mod features

Unlimited Gems: You can use unlimited gems to buy items in the store.

How to active the mod: To check if the mod works, open the in-game store, then buy any items you want.


Along the time, Stick War: Legacy developed non-stop for its content. It’s simple graphics pose no hindrance but help it prevail in other games to become one of the most favorites. Until now, stick men remain popular, no matter how old the user is. It was childhood, and now, it can become your friend during break time. The app is now available to download free for whatever phones. With low storage required, this game is one of the best choices.

Download Stick War: Legacy MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) 2022.1.52

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