Stick War: Multi Legends
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Stickman battle: Gun war MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 0.0.6

App NameStickman battle: Gun war
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Stickman battles on unique maps are still going on. Who will be the best strategist to take his stickman army to conquer all locations? Prove your fighting prowess in Stickman battle: Gun war MOD APK.

The plot of the game

The world order is being turned upside down because of various policies. However, the world’s order can only be determined by one person. That’s why wars began between the chiefs, the gods, and the monsters. The countries that it dragged into this battle did not want to lose. They create stickman armies and start infinity wars.

Stickman battle Gun war mod apk


Stickman battle: Gun war is an addictive game that all gamers enjoy. This game revolves around the fight for the throne of the stickmen army controlled by the player. Your task in the game is to come up with appropriate army-building strategies. To make the empire powerful, you must participate in battles for territory and defeat all enemies.

You will start by choosing stickman classes and building an army. Then arrange them in positions and replenish the appropriate number to start the battle. They will fight according to your arrangement, and you do not need to do anything. Try to win the red side and receive gold and unique items.

Stickman battle Gun war mod icon

Outstanding features of this game

  • Unlock special powers: You can upgrade the strength of your stickman army with the special abilities that the game provides. You will be rewarded with special forces every time you complete your level. These powers come with different effects and damage levels. Giant monsters can also use these powers to fight.
  • Map in the saga style: Your stickman army does not fight in a single location. Instead, you can compete in many different lands as your level increases. These maps are designed in a colorful saga style. They are somewhat mythical, with a system of monsters and various gods. In each additional location, you will meet other monsters. Their power is also different and will be a challenge for you.
  • Stickman with powerful weapons: Stickman in Stickman battle: Gun war will be divided into three types with three weapons: archer, Gandalf, and shotgun. These are the basic stickman for you to choose for your battle squad. You can add up to 3 stickmen in each square in the strategy. The maximum number of stickmen you can use in each battle will be based on the level of competition you reach. Besides, when you complete the level, you can get new weapons like a boom, ax, or torch.
  • Special bonus packages: Not only reward gold after completing the level, but you can also receive special bonus packages. The first is Newbie Gift with 10K gold, 100 diamonds, and block ads. When completing different levels, you can get more bronze packs or golden packs, etc. Moreover, don’t forget to check the mission system to receive rewards every day. While playing, you can get more surprise bonuses and more gold to shop.


Stickman battle: Gun war is an addictive game of stickman legend that you should not miss. Download this game, build your stickman army and wipe out all the others.

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