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Stickman Falling MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.24

App NameStickman Falling
Publisher Skygo
Size40 MB
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money

Stickman Falling MOD APK is a racing game with a unique concept. Your goal in this race is not to win but to find the best fall. It sounds weird, but this is the point that makes this game unique. The game has simple graphics, but the content contains violent elements, which you should consider before trying.

About Stickman Falling

Stickman Falling is a stickman-themed action game. Stickman games are often difficult to approach because they have distinctive graphics and discrete content. However, not all are like that.

Several stickman games impress with unique gameplay; Stickman Falling is one of them. Despite its confusingly simple concept and controls, this mobile game is loved by millions of players.

You must pass the different levels by pushing the stickman into the pitfalls and obstacles in the arena. The more damage your stickman takes, the more points you earn. It sounds weird, but that’s how you win and progress to higher levels.

Stickman Falling mod apk download

Unique and violent gameplay

Stickman Falling has the same context as a single-player racing game, but its gameplay is completely different from what we imagined. In the game, you control the stickman driving his vehicle forward. The map is an independent area filled with obstacles and pitfalls. Move your car to hit the obstacles. Your goal is to damage Stickman as much as you can.

Each level includes different challenges. You need to complete them to earn coins and unlock new levels. The level’s score is calculated based on the Stickman’s damage. So feel free to rush into the obstacles. Don’t forget to use coins to unlock new vehicles.

Stickman Falling is not a game for kids. Although it has simple graphics, the effects in the game are bloody and violent. Your Stickman is subject to impacts from all sides. It could cause him to bleed, break a bone, or be crushed.

Fall to death

We bet Stickman Falling has a different setting than all the racing games you’ve ever played. Its gameplay is even quirky and scary. You will play in an arena filled with traps and dangerous machines. As a stickman, you control a special vehicle (or nothing) and rush wildly down obstacles to self-destruct. Do not avoid the pitfalls because that is not the purpose of this game. On the contrary, you must find a way for the stickman to take a lot of damage by colliding with traps.

It can be understood simply that death is the final destination of this game. You will choose the starting position for the stickman to make him have the best fall. The score of the level is evaluated based on the damage the stickman receives. The key is to make your character consistently in motion by colliding with obstacles. It will send him flying in the air or anywhere. If he hits bottom and doesn’t move, the level is over.

Honestly, we can play Stickman Falling without using our brains. It is unpredictable how the stickman will fall down the traps and how much damage. All collisions are random and deal random damage to your stickman. The fun comes from the madness in the levels; it definitely excites you.

Stickman Falling features

Unlock new levels and vehicles

There are 40 challenging levels in Stickman Falling. For the first race, you can choose from ten different vehicles. To access specific stages and cars, coins must be purchased.

There is absolutely no pressure or rivalry in this game. It merely wants you to experience the tranquilizing sensation of falling.

A level can start with a motorcycle, or you can select from unusual vehicles, such as bikes, bounty balls, fireworks, old cars, UFOs, sport bikes, howitzers, and fashion cars. Each vehicle offers unique effects to start the levels. For example, howitzers can shoot the stickman straight ahead, while fireworks act as a rocket to propel him upwards.

There are various stages inside each level. The locations of the traps and the arena layout vary on each level. Some main levels are Danger zone, Hourglass, Shark Jaws, Arrows Field, and Side Up.

You can only access new levels after finishing the previous one. With coins, you can unlock particular levels. The level’s score determines your reward at the end of the stage. Damage, Air Time, Flip, Bone Breaking, Vehicle Breaking, and Dismemberment are the factors used to rank it. The higher the score, the more valuable the reward.

Content not intended for children

We reiterate that Stickman Falling is not appropriate for young audiences. The game has a lot of violent stuff. Even though the stickman you control has a straightforward concept, the game’s horrific effects make up for it. Traps and machinery destroy your character. He can be propelled into the air, cut by saw blades, have bones broken, and bleed. It is inappropriate for children.

Graphics and sound

Like the majority of other Stickman games, Stickman Falling has straightforward graphics. Most points come from the violent effects. When your character runs into traps, he may be knocked around and even suffer broken bones.

Stickman Falling is a perfect example of how a fun game is made. There is no requirement for stunning visuals and lifelike audio; the gameplay’s originality and craziness are enough to draw in players.

MOD APK of Stickman Falling

Mod features

  • Unlimited coins: You have a lot of coins to unlock new levels and vehicles.


Stickman Falling is an easy-to-play game. You’ll be at ease playing at any level, we bet. There is no story, no rivalry, and no quests in the game. The stickman is thrown into the traps, and you watch him fall. Are you prepared to give it a try right away?

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