Sushi Bar Idle
Sushi Bar Idle

Sushi Bar Idle MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 2.7.13

App Name Sushi Bar Idle
Version 2.7.13
Publisher Green Panda Games
Genre 3D, Idle, Simulation
Size 80M
Require 5.0 and up
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Sushi Bar Idle (MOD Coins) is an interesting sushi game for those interested in food and restaurant management. When you come to Sushi Bar Idle, you will be self-guided. Ask the chefs to bring delicious pieces of sushi to customers.

About Sushi Bar Idle

Although it’s a restaurant game, Sushi Bar Idle challenges players’ ability to calculate and endure a lot. You play the role of a sushi buffet manager. Your job is to urge the chefs to make sushi quickly and deliver delicious sushi pieces to the store for all customers. You have to keep touching the chefs to make sushi. Just put your hand down, and the cook will stop following.

Plus, guests who are far away cannot eat sushi. It is drained. Therefore, in the business process, you need to unlock new ingredients, increase the price, increase the buffet rotation speed, and buy more seats. This way, the customers will be crowded, the money you make will be higher, unlock more chefs, level up, and unlock many special customers. They always give additional tips and contribute significantly to the sales of your sushi shop.

Sushi Bar Idle features

Learn how to keep your customers happy

The most crucial thing in this game is to keep your customers happy and serve the foods they love. Therefore, players need to rely on their memory skills, with each level having different fame and money goals.

Players begin their careers with a chain of sushi restaurants in Japan. Then expand the work around the world, serving different menus for each region. In each level of the game, more sushi ingredients are added, and the level of difficulty also increases. To keep your customers in business happy, keep your reputation too. Serve a little sake, as the customer will lose patience every time he has to wait too long.

Unlock and upgrade famous chefs

While playing the game, you can earn as much money as possible to unlock and improve famous chefs. These celebrated chefs can help you make more sushi and make more money. One thing to keep in mind is that these renowned chefs cost you a lot of money, so you need to think twice. There are many chefs for you to select in the store. Depending on your budget, you can choose a suitable chef that can help your restaurant.

Upgrade speed, seat, price

On the main screen of this game, you may see speed, seat, and price. You need to upgrade these features to makes your sushi supplying can go faster. When you boost the speed, your chef can make the sushi faster, and the sushi can move to customers quickly. When you upgrade the seat, your restaurant can expand more seat that adapts all demands of customers. It means you can get more customers and you can get more money. Moreover, you can also upgrade the price so that you can earn more money while selling them.

Cook crazy dishes

Your restaurant is about sushi, so you have to find and cook a lot of sushi. Each sushi will have a different recipe, and you have to do all way to cook it. Don’t worry because you are not the cooker. You need to manage and hire as many chefs as possible. These chefs will help you cook this sushi because your customers need various sushi to buy more recipes to cook more. Moreover, gamers should notice that each sushi recipe will bring a price. If you pay a lot of money for expensive sushi, your customers will have to pay more.

Move to many locations

Your restaurant isn’t in one place. Each time you gain a new level, you can move to a new city and keep selling sushi. With each new location, you can get more decorations as well as the customers. Gamers may feel so great with the design there as they are wonderful. Plus, the sushi chain will also be different that make people feel fantastic. So, if you want to see new places and operate your restaurant there, you have to try hard to level up. Moreover, you can also buy new sushi recipes and cook it for your customer with the money you gain.

Graphics & sound

Sushi Bar Idle has 2D graphics with a simple design. The scene is designed from top to bottom and cannot see the character’s face. In return, the game graphics know how to meet the gamer’s love for food when creating different sushi plates that are eye-catching and attractive.

There is also a soft background noise in contrast to the busy, crowded atmosphere in the store. Hence, there is no pressure on the number of players to experience the game in the best and most relaxing way possible.

Sushi Bar Idle MOD Latest version

MOD features

Unlimited money: When you upgrade something in the game, the money automatically increases.


SushiBar is an exciting time management game. Let build your sushi restaurants worldwide and manage them to become the best restaurant by downloading this game right now.

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