Swamp Attack
Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

App NameSwamp Attack
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Genre 2D, Action, Strategy
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Published in 2014, Swamp Attack is a big new hit from Outfit7. This innovative tower-defense game has been downloaded over one hundred million times from Play Store – let alone App Store for iOS devices – and has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from more than two million players on this platform.

About Swamp Attack

If you are not familiar with tower-defense games, Swamp Attack might be the first one you should try right now. In short, tower-defense game is a subcategory of strategy type of games, where you use your available resources to build and set up an effective defense system to protect your territories or assets, while your enemies continuously approaching you with various types or species, each has an unique set of abilities that may nullify your units. You only win or clear a stage when you survive the raids.


Swamp Attack fits perfectly in this game category. In the game, your swamp is under attack from all kinds of monsters, from zombie-like creatures, aliens, genetically modified crocodiles, and so on. Certainly, you were prepared for this circumstance and equipped your properties with dynamite, flamethrower, crossbows, blow-thrower… all kinds of lethal weapons to treat those uninvited guests.

Swamp Attack gameplay


It is fine if you are a newbie, as the game will explain everything to you through Campaign mode. This mode is also the story mode of the game, where you play through a series of levels from the beginning to the end, each level has a unique cutscene that tells you about its background. Basically, you will play as Redneck and your role will be protecting your house from beasts and monsters coming in waves to destroy it. Redneck has got a shotgun in his hands, however there are more types of defensive weapons to be purchased or unlocked. 

Many game modes to enjoy

Asides from Campaign mode, the game also offers Multiplayer, Quick Mission, and Challenge mode for you to entertain. In Multiplayer mode, you will compete with other people online by shooting at birds, collecting eggs from those birds and giving them to your rival. The eggs will hatch and break free monsters that will attack your opponent. Challenge mode contains 42 bonus levels that give you chances to get weapons and coins. Quick Mission mode is another set of extra games that give you coins, but you must compete with the countdown clock, hence the name Quick Mission.

Unlock new characters

Redneck is the main character of Swamp Attack, but he is not fighting alone. There are a number of characters that aids his combat significantly, namely Cousin Roy, Aunt Missy, Uncle Joe, Neighbor Bud, and Bear. Each has a unique ability making a great defense character that you must unlock through Campaign mode levels. The higher level you play, the more powerful character you will be able to unlock.

Certainly, there are also antagonists that always invent new ways to ruin Redneck’s house. There is The Evil Scientist, who did not take part in the gameplay but appeared in cutscenes and from the story, he might be the ultimate boss that is behind the invasion of Redneck’s swamp. He created many kinds of machines that are either among monsters or bosses that Redneck has to fight against. Last but not least, there are monsters in various species, shapes and sizes that endlessly attack the main character.

Swamp Attack items

Explore items

In order to win a level, you have to take advantage of the items available or think of a way to earn coins and purchase new items. There are few categories of items that are available in the Shop and some other special items that you need to unlock through Campaign mode.

Energy & Coins

Energy is the required item to start a game. It fills up automatically through time until full, and if it’s depleted you might have to spend coins to refill it instantly.

Coins are the currency of the game, and it comes from basically any activity in which you participate. Similar to any games, you need to stockpile them and spend wisely as it has a huge impact on your advancement speed.


Weapons are the main way of eliminating foes approaching the house. You will start with a shotgun, and by earning more coins, you can afford new types of weapons like Uzi, M16, Flamethrower… By completing certain levels, you can also unlock more powerful gadgets like the RPG. You can also spend coins to upgrade your weapons up to 7 levels.


When monsters are crowded in the swamp and a gun is not adequate. It is time to use an explosive to stop multiple foes. Similar to weapons, each type of explosive is also unique in features and is upgradable. While some blow them off, others keep them away or drain their health in many creative ways.


Besides defense characters listed above, you can also purchase and set traps on the swamp to defend the house. There are Wood, Barricades, Spikes, Metal, Oil Barrels, and Mines that play as your next-to-last defense outpost.


Items listed in this category must be purchased in real money, and they give you a huge in-game advantage. The Double Coins shorten your amount of time needed to stockpile coins, as a result, you can advance your game more quickly. The More Gifts grants you with 3 gifts during gameplay. Potions revive you in case of death. And finally, Reapers are like steroids as they speed up your reloading pace.

Graphics style

Swamp Attack has a cartoonish style of design that displays beautifully on mobile devices’ screen. This is typical in the mobile gaming industry and helps reduce the pressure on the phone’s graphic processor and lengthen the game’s lifespan as the graphic will never be obsolete.

In addition to the attractive visuals, the game sound effects are hysterical. It makes the game more enjoyable for all players from any age range.


Overall, Swamp Attack is a relaxing and creative game that brings joy and even addiction to players. It is a worthy game when you need a moment of fun or just to pass time, and a must try if you are into tower-defense games, guns and explosives, or zombies and monsters.

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