Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Diamonds) 5.24.0

App Name Tap Titans 2
Version 5.24.0
Publisher Game Hive Corporation
Genre Idle, Simulation
Size 122M
Require 5.0 and up
MOD Info Unlimited Coins/Diamonds
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Tap Titans 2 is an action and adventure game with an exciting and gripping fighting game. As a young warrior who lived in chaotic times, the young man was determined to stand up and gather other heroes to fight against the angry demonic forces.

About Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 takes place when giant ancient titans attack the world. They strive to destroy and destroy human life on earth. Before this disaster, you are a warrior named Sword Master, who is determined to stand up and destroy the titans to save human life. Your mission is to destroy the giant titans and protect life and gather many heroes with the same will to go the same path. Whether this will be the result of this adventure, whether the titans will be completely eradicated, the story’s definitive answer is waiting for you to write in this game.


Your main task is to destroy the giant titans that are threatening human lives. If you click anywhere on the screen and continuously edit it, you can harm their people. All you have to do is click the screen. Each time it is touched in Tap Titans 2, 1 damage equals. If possible, try to touch as many times as possible to maximize the damage you can do. This game has put players on an exhilarating adventure from the start. Here players are immersed in many cartoony landscapes. With the game, players will carry a sharp sword, find and destroy the giant monsters that look more and more like a pandemic, and rule the world.

Tap Titans 2 mod features

Tap the screen to kill the boss

Eliminating these monsters is as easy as wind, and all you have to do is tap the screen. The faster you tap the screen, the more the blade swings upwards. After defeating ten monsters, the player must defeat the bosses. For normal monsters, gamers can generally tap the screen, but the boss at the end of each level has a time limit, and players must use full fingers to destroy the boss. At that moment, you may realize that the speed of your finger is truly important. The longer you play, the more interesting you get.

Skill system

As a swordsman master, your skills are incredibly diverse, and there are many different skills that you can learn, improve, and use to destroy monsters. In addition to updating basic attacks, this game has special abilities that are divided into many different groups, including

The Prestige Group is made up of unique abilities and is also the game’s most special ability. When used, you will be reborn and given all the attributes, skills, and heroes that will follow you. The group “Active Skills” consists of 6 different skills. These are active attack skills that you can click to use. These skills inflict enormous damage on the opponent or increase your character’s stats.

The Perks group consists of 7 different skills, including additional skills, and can be used after activation. These skills significantly increase the strength as well as the attack effects that the Titans quickly destroy. The Passive Skills group consists of 6 different passive skills that do not need to be selected to use. These skills are added directly to the character’s attributes to increase strength and other character support.

Besides, there are two skill boards in Tap Titans according to different systems with four main groups: knights, lords, witches, and imitators. When you have reached certain levels, you can use skill points to activate and unlock your favorite set skills.

Many assistants can help you.

The journey to destroy your titans is not alone when your side has your helpers side by side to fight. You can unlock wizards with gold coins earned in the game. The higher the amount of gold the wizards need, the stronger it is. Each assistant has its own story. Regardless of their assistants, they have their background as well as their own story.

You can also increase the strength of your assistants through upgrades. You will do more damage to the titans. The enhancements also help the wizards learn their skills. The higher the level, the richer the gift becomes. What’s even better is that the assistants’ attacks are fully automated. While you’re busy, you can have your assistants fight automatically without taking any action.

Tap Titans 2 game

Equip to increase performance

Equipment is an essential part of making your character stronger and more comfortable to fight. You can get a random item by defeating the titans or by buying it from the game store. The equipment has random attributes that increase strength and individual stats. You can use the coins you earn to equip many excellent skills for their performance. The greater skill you get, the more boss you can defeat. Plus, with some special skills, you may need to complete a special task to gain them. When you have this power, you can genuinely be stronger and combat better.

Levels, instances, and challenges

The screens in Tap Titans 2 are designed in sequence, and you can fight continuously without interruption. However, after a series of battles, there will usually be a high difficulty boss fight. If you pass, you will continue and repeat the fighting in the new levels. Each game screen takes you to different locations to make the fight more interesting. Plus, when you level up, you can meet new bosses with more significant power. These bosses are powerful and big that you may need to use more skills and power to defeat them. Plus, the challenge in this game is also different through its levels, and you can improve your skill a lot through this game. 

Join the clans

In this game, you can also join the clans in which other swordmasters gather to conquer the fascinating gameplay of the game. In addition to the equipment, your assistant can also find a pet. During the fight, you will get eggs randomly, and when activated, you will get adorable pets. Gamers need to think and search for a good clan to join. A good clan is a place that brings you great members and helps you to win many matches. When you win these debations, you can get more coins and power.

Sound and graphics

With a melodic soundtrack in normal battles, this game reaches the climax, dramatic in boss fights. When attacking, use sound effects, use exciting skills with unique products for each gift, and make combinations with excellent results when you combine them.

The game’s graphics are designed quite simply with just one main context. However, since the background changes depending on the game screen, the game is less boring. Besides, when you use skills, attack, or gold coins fall, the effects are extremely interesting and stunning. Plus, you can enjoy many great effects when your battle ends, and you may see a stunning background with a lot of cool effects that make you feel great.

Tap Titans 2 MOD Latest version

MOD features

Free shopping: When you upgrade or buy something in the game, the money automatically increases.

Why should you use the mod?

There are many things to explore in Tap Titans 2. However, you have to use gold or diamonds in the game to unlock them. These are the 2 main currencies in the game. You can earn gold during gameplay and stage completion. However, diamonds are difficult to find and they are essential to upgrade or purchase items. So, if you do not want to spend a lot of time making money, using Tap Titans 2 mod is a smart choice. The mod feature makes it easy to boosts the game process and give you completely comfortable gaming experience.


Tap Titans 2 gives you exciting experiences when you continuously fight, destroy, and defeat giant titans. With the eye-catching effects of trains and in-game functions, players can get more excited and avoid boredom. If you love action and adventure games, download this game now and experience it.

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