Taps to Riches
Taps to Riches

Taps to Riches MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.84

App NameTaps to Riches
Publisher Game Circus LLC
Genre 3D, Idle, Simulation
RequireAndroid 4,1
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Business is always an interesting and challenging field. But have you ever thought of using business to entertain and kill time? If not, pick up your phone and immediately download the mobile game Taps to Riches! Taps to Riches is a very unique game, and you will be surprised at the idea of this game.

Regarding the plot, Taps to Riches is not a game with a clear plot. This is a business simulation game. All you have to do is buy buildings and make money from newly purchased buildings to reinvest in other buildings.

Taps to Riches

General introduction

In the current game market, there are many interesting simulator games with different topics. Therefore, simulator game is always a hot topic for game creators to care about, and create more quality new games. Simulator games often vary in content, so they always require a rich source of creativity. Taps to Riches keep up with that trend, and the central idea of the game is to simulate a virtual investment business environment. The proof of the game’s success is that it has attracted more than 10 million downloads from the CH Play store.

This game is not too focused on skill, simply this is a light entertainment game to release stress. Therefore, let’s experience it in the most comfortable way.

Overview of the playing

During your playing process, you will play the role of an entrepreneur with an investment in real estate. And then, invest your money in buying different large and small buildings to make a profit.

There are three main steps you need to know when playing the game:

First: Choose the land you want to buy as a home.

Second: Choose to buy other constructions and commercial buildings.

Third: Upgrade purchased constructions or buildings to make more profit.

Main game mode

When you start playing the game, you will receive a piece of land. This land is the place to build a house. From this house, you will receive the first capital to start a business strategy. With this house, you will earn immediately $ 10 at the starting to buy your first small building. Then, each time you click on the land, you’ll receive $ 18, and the amount will increase when you buy more buildings.

For buildings purchased for business, after a short period of time (approximately one second to more than one second), you will receive a corresponding sum of money in the index bar of the building itself. The bigger the buildings, the more money you will get. But first, you have to make enough money from small buildings. To make more money, you have to upgrade buildings. When upgrading buildings, you will see the amount of money you receive increasing, when updating to a certain level, you will see the time is also shortened.

When you buy up to a certain number of buildings, you will be rewarded and unlocked characters and skills. This helps to upgrade the amount of money received after each click on your house.

Quest mode and daily mission mode

Like other titles, to avoid getting bored with the main game mode, you can perform quests in Quest mode and daily quest modes set in the game, and you will receive gifts such as investment money, diamonds, …

The game has a lot of interesting things to explore. The more you play or the more buildings you buy, the more you will feel attractive, because you will receive many incentives that are opened from bonus spins or gift boxes in the game.

The graphic of the game

Taps to Riches has a lot of plus points in the idea, and the gameplay is simple to understand, but it can be said that the biggest plus point of the game comes from graphic design.

Taps to Riches has a beautiful and eye-catching graphic design style. This is a modern and attractive 3D design style, suitable for all ages, especially for young people.

The full-screen gaming display contributes to the most realistic gaming experience. Experience the graphics of the game like an animated film that you can directly affect, it is extremely smooth and vivid.


Overall, Taps to Riches is a unique and novel game. Let’s build lots of buildings from small to large, so as to make more money and invest in bigger buildings. The more buildings you build, the more profit you will make, like an investment that always recouped profits. If you regularly play this game, maybe one day, you can become a billionaire thanks to your investment projects!

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