TerraGenesis – Space Settlers
TerraGenesis – Space Settlers

TerraGenesis - Space Settlers MOD APK (Genesis Points) 6.35

App NameTerraGenesis - Space Settlers
Publisher Tilting Point
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoGenesis Points
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TerraGenesis turns you into your creator as you are allowed to nurture and develop life on planets outside the galaxy. Don’t forget to download the latest mod of the game to get unlimited Genesis Points.

Introducing TerraGenesis

The universe always has its own mysteries that attract people to explore, conquer, and learn. Surely when we are little, everyone, at least once, thought that we will be the one to conquer this billion-light-year-wide mystery to satisfy their desire to discover what they do not know. As an entertainment tool to satisfies this need, space-related game topics are becoming ubiquitous and most of them are gaining high positions on the charts and among fans. Terra Genesis – Space Settler is not an exception when it was released not long ago, it already reached 10 million downloads and 4-star rating at Google Play. Join us to explore more about this application in the following article.

TerraGenesis gameplay

Your main task

In the game, you will become a true creator and can control factors such as atmospheric pressure, Oxygen density,…. Using this power, you will choose one of the nine planets in the solar system and begin to build it into an ideal place for organisms to grow and inhabit. An interesting point of this game is that the data of the planets are obtained from NASA (the US Aeronautics and Space Administration), so to build biomes is not a piece of cake at all because you need to pay a lot of attention to the physical factors and create a favorable environment for organisms to thrive. Being a creator is no easy task either!

You also need to be careful of the risks that come from space. One of the most severe dangers that can happen to your growing planet is the asteroids. Without careful preparation, what you have created will all collapse in just a matter of second. That’s the danger, but there are countless ways to prevent this, such as building anti-meteors, altering their orbits or setting up evacuation measures, minimizing damage after the crash.

Explore the planets and their moons

Although not as vast as our real universe, in Terra Genesis, you can choose from a resovoir of planets to terraform and work on. From planets in the solar system such as Venus, Jupiter, Mars, … to the moons of those planets, or dwarf planets in the galaxy such as Ceres, Charon, Makemake, …. Not stopping there, the game also gives you interesting fantasy planets, because the universe is so large, who knows whether they really exist or not?

In case you are an outstanding gamer and finished terraforming all existed planets in the game, no problem, you can completely create new planets with your own input, try to create empires in the harshest, most difficult atmosphere.

Not only a space exploration game, Terra Genesis also offers you very interesting time travel with the destination of prehistoric earth, exploring landscapes, creatures and civilizations of  ancient man that has been forgotten.

TerraGenesis features

Alien encounters

The universe is endless, it is not certain that you are the only species living here. There will be a time when you encounter visitors from an another planet, another dimension, or another timeline. You can choose to be courteous, cooperative, consult each other’s civilization to grow together and go up. Or if you are confident in your empire, you can absolutely launch an intergalactic war, with a huge prizes to loot if you win but if you lose this war, you will have to start over depending on the damage that your planet suffered after that tough war.

Play and learn

To a certain extent, native species when created will have their own essentials such as religion, rituals, etc. This requires you to choose to follow your heart or mind, balancing your needs while building the planet with their needs to coorperate, or using the power of you – the Creator and make those species completely extinct? This will be one of the big problems that you will have to solve when you spend time with Terra Genesis, you really need a great mind to process all the information and complete the game.

Graphics and sound

Terra Genesis offers you realistic, clear 3D graphics that you can closely observe the planets. Combined with science-like sound, giving you a very enjoyable game experience.

APK MOD of TerraGenesis

Unlimited Money: When you shop for in-game items, Genesis Point does not decrease.


With knowledge from NASA and the interesting SimCity genre, Terra Genesis will be an application that cannot be more suitable for those who love the vastness and mysteries of the universe and the desire to learn and explore it, combined with leadership and information management arrangement skills to conquer the game smoothly.

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