Terraria MOD APK (Paid/ Immortal/ Unlimted Items)

App Name Terraria
Publisher 505 Games Srl
Genre Multiplayer
Size 160M
Require 4.4 and up
MOD Info Paid/ Immortal/ Unlimted Items
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Join the community of millions of players all over the globe in the journey of digging, battling, exploring and constructing. It is your decision to alter the world your way, excavate through multiple biomes to find rare materials, and fight giant monsters, reveal the mysteries of the world at the pace of your choice.

About Terraria

Developed and published by Re-Logic in 2013, Terraria has become a big hit in the indie game category. The opinions of those who played the game were overwhelmingly positive, and this is the most frequent game being recommended for those who seek a sandbox game besides Minecraft. Having a pixel-art visual design, the game helps its players to interact better with the world, such as picking up items, mining resources, and also fighting demons.

Terraria puts you in an open-ended world and provides you with as little guidance as possible, giving you room to decide how the game is played. If you are a newbie and want to experience the excitement of playing to the fullest, just stay curious and explore as far from the beginning point as you can.


Since Terraria is a survival game, it has a lot of features that strengthen your sustainability by taking advantage of the surrounding environment. In the game, you are provided with nothing but a rusty pickaxe and also an axe to harvest rocks and chop down trees, and you are on your own from then on to dig the world up and defeat all the monsters. Although your world is full of dangers, it literally contains all materials and resources to get you through the game.

Terraria gameplay

Initially, Terraria does not give you any introduction or how you ended up in a strange and inhibited world. However, the storyline of the game will be revealed as you play, when you consecutively meet the NPCs and receive their help. The game also discreetly guides you through the game in a correct order to avoid confusion, so you will never be lost in the storyline but still having the sense of self-controlling.

First impressions

Before entering the game for the first time, you will be asked to select the game mode, world size, and also customise your character. Each game mode will be explained thoroughly in the game interface, whereas easy and normal mode is recommended to newbies, and hardcore mode is for anyone foolish enough to try. It is also recommended to choose the small world if you are a beginner, as even the small world is considered enormous to explore and exploit to the full potential.

After confirming the selections, the game will take some time to generate a world tailored to your choices. Basically, a world consists of specific biomes, representing regions with dedicated features. Your start position is in the middle of the map and on a surface, surrounded by some trees and small bodies of water. There is a NPC called The Guide that gives you basic advice about how to survive, it would be wise to follow his instructions. A small hint is to use the given axe to chop down a tree, harvest the wood and build a small room to hide inside before the night takes place and the world is filled with zombies and flying eyeballs.

Endless adventures

Assuming you can get through the first night in Terraria, then you are ready for the ever-ending exploration. Everything exciting about Terraria happens underground, therefore you cannot make much progress by wandering on the surface. To begin, you will have to build a house with basic furniture and lighting so that The Guide can stay, and to do so you need a workbench – a place where you bring ingredients to forge building materials like walls or brick. Building more houses also helps other NPCs that you encounter during gameplay to move inside, giving you permanent quick access to their help.

While the workbench is useful to work the raw materials into useful supplements, some items can be forged without it, for example, Torches and Arrows can be made by bare hands. On the contrary, most advanced tools and weapons – those requiring metal ores, for example – must be forged in a furnace. Besides workbench and furnace, there are many special items that enable you to work with specific materials, such as a Loom to make fabric out of cobweb, or Sawmill to make furniture out of raw materials.

Game mode

If you’ve played Terraria on PC, you’ll notice that there are differences in the game modes. Mediumcore and Hardcore are gone. Below are the game modes available in the mobile version of the game.


For beginners. In this game mode, the death penalty is mitigated. You only lose about 1/3 of the item in your inventory and half the gold you have. The monsters are also quite few and easy to defeat.


If you want a bit of challenge then this is the game mode you should choose. In this game mode, you lose all gold and items after you die. You can still get them back where you died. Besides, the number of random Spawn enemies on the map is average. They also have fairly low health and are less aggressive. Overall Pre-hardmode gives you a decent game experience, not too easy and not too difficult.


Ready to challenge your skills and patience? This is the right choice. The death punishment is similar to Pre-hardmode however there are many variations in the monster system. Specifically, spawn monsters in large numbers and continuously in every location on the map. It is also harder to defeat them as their health and speed are also increased. Besides, Boss in Hardmode is also very difficult to defeat. In general, if you are a gamer who likes high difficulty challenges, wants to test your skills, then Hardmode is a perfect choice.

Terraria Boss

World and Monsters

Normally, the world of Terraria will be created following a specific set of rules. There are five layers of the world, namely Sky, Surface, Underground, Cavern, and Underworld. Sky is the most upper layer, home to the Floating Islands, while Surface is where you spawn. Surface normally does not have anything interesting, and the monsters here are the weakest. Underground and Cavern is located below sea level, and Underworld is portrayed as the Hell, where lava flows all over the place. There are background music themes dedicated to each layer, so you can always tell where you are.

Besides layers, the world is also divided into multiple Biomes. Besides distinguished monsters for each Biome, there are bosses that you will face during the exploration. A significant boss is Wall of Flesh, which is very strong and when being defeated will cause the world to change drastically. The game then will enter Hard mode when almost all monsters are more aggressive, but you also will be accessible to much powerful weapons and tools.

APK MOD of Terraria

Terraria is a paid game on the Play Store for $ 5.99. However, you can download and install it for free here. We also bring you the mod of this game, below is the mod feature.

  • Paid: You can install the game for free
  • Immortality: Your character cannot take damage when attacked.
  • Unlimited items: You can get a lot of items in the inventory by separating them from the inventory.

How to use

Similar to Archero, the in-game mod feature is added in a Menu and you can turn it on or off. Besides, depending on your preferences, you can also activate each mod feature individually. For example, you can turn off the mod menu for an original game experience, or activate the immortal feature if you encounter a boss that is too powerful.


Although being a small game, Terraria is a game where you can spend thousands of hours playing without getting bored. The game is packed with nice music themes, carefully designed elements, impeccable gameplay mechanisms and thousands of available items for crafting and experimenting. There are dozens of reasons why Terraria is the most recommended 2D sandbox game for years and will continue to attract more players although the developers have decided to stop bringing new content to the game after the last big update was released several months ago. If you are a fan of exploring, crafting, building, or combatting giant monsters, Terraria is definitely the game for you.

Download Terraria MOD APK (Paid/ Immortal/ Unlimted Items)

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