The Battle Cats
The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats MOD APK (A lot of XP, Cat Food) 12.1.0

App NameThe Battle Cats
Publisher PONOS Corporation
Genre 2D, Strategy
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoA lot of XP, Cat Food
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The Battles Cat is a free Android and iOS game inspired by the battle of cats. In the game, you will have to build a squad of adorable cat warriors to defend the tower and fight off attacks from enemies. The game was released by Ponos Corporation in 2012 and quickly received a lot of positive feedback from players

The Battles Cat- Attractive tower defense game

Battles Cat is a tower-defense combination strategy game surrounding exciting fights of cats with alien forces. In the game, your task is to make as much money as possible to build a powerful cat squad and fight against enemies to protect your tower. The gameplay is really simple but there are lots of fun challenges to conquer.

You control an army of cats playing in a horizontal screen arena. Starting a fight, you use Money to produce cats. The amount of Money is initially zero and increases every second. When the required amount is sufficient, you can produce a unit of cat. These cats move in the direction of the enemy and fight them. Your main goal is to attack the enemy fortress and destroy them. At the same time, do not let the enemy near your fortress.

The Battle Cats mod gameplay

The outstanding features of the game

The fun of The Battles Cat comes from innovative gameplay, cute graphics, and lots of other unique features. Let’s explore them below.

Unlock new cats and evolve them

The Battles Cat brings funny cat warriors with goofy faces. The cats in the game are designed quite diverse and unique in shape and ability. After you reach level 10, the cat can reach “True form” status and acquire some more powerful skills. Cats in the game are divided into 6 groups: Basic, Special, Rare, Super Rare, Uber Super Rare, Legend Rare. In which, the 9 cats in the Basic group are the first and easiest to unlock cats in the game. Each type of cat will have special skills, cooldown time as well as its own pros and cons when fighting. The higher the level, the stronger your cat will be, but whether you can win or not depends on how you use them.

You can use Cat Food from receiving login gifts, watching ads, passing gameplay, completing weekly missions, or buying cat food from the store, and then buying tickets. The tickets can open the type of cat you like. On the other hand, you can also collect badges from levels to unlock Cat Treasure. You can also use cats to exchange for XP / NP. Currently, The Battles Cat has up to 300 cats in all shapes and styles that are unprecedented for you to unlock and explore. However, in each match, you can only use up to 10 cat units only.

Upgrade skills for your cats

The cat’s special skills are the key to the victory of every battle in the game. The stronger the skills of the team members are, the higher the likelihood of winning. You can also unlock new skills for cats or upgrade existing skills using the NP. Note that NP is a special currency only for cats that have opened True Form. The only way to increase NP is to sell the cats you get in the gacha. Depending on the rarity of the cat, the amount of NP you receive will be more or less.

Show off your skills

You can use User Rank (also known as Battles Point) – a scale that measures the strength of Battles Cat to show your strength to other players. Every time you raise your User Rank by 100 points, the game has more different items for you to choose from. In addition, a board displaying “Rank Up Sale” will appear. User Rank also gives you a lot of special gifts when you reach the required points, such as Rare Tickets, Cateyes, etc. and the right to upgrade cats to higher levels. In addition, every time you reach a new milestone, you will also receive a Leadership and corresponding gifts.

The Battle Cats Unlock new cat

 “Talent Orbs”

Talent Orbs is a unique and useful feature in The Battles Cat. This new feature allows you to increase a unit’s ATK or HP against a certain system. You can unlock Talent Orbs after completing the required chapter. Like cats, Talent Orbs is divided into 5 different rarities: S, A, B, C, D, or according to the system they act on, including Red, Black, Floating, Metal, Angel, Alien, and Zombie. You can use a certain number of Orb of the same rarity to combine into Orb of higher rarity. To complete this process, you need to use a certain amount of NP depending on the rarity of the Orb to be grafted. You can easily gain an Orb Talent by completing several Enigma stages. The rarity of the Orb drops is also subject to a certain percentage.

Open the Gacha /Cat Capsule to get many useful items

This is quite an interesting one in Battles Cat. This feature allows you to use tickets to spawn cats and gems. From there you can upgrade your cat’s special skills or buy many other items in the game. There are some types of cats that cannot be exchanged with Cat Food or XP. You need to complete certain objectives to be able to unlock different Cat Capsules to spin more rare cats. There are 3 main types of Cat Capsule: Rare Capsule, Normale Capsule, and Platinum Capsule. The rarity of the item you get depends on the level of each gacha. For example, when you open the Platinum Capsule, you have 100% chance of getting a random Uber Rare Cat from all banners. Whereas for Normal Capsule you can only get Normal Cat and their level limit is only 20.

Supporting items

There are many different types of items in Battles Cat to help you build a cat squad and fight better. These include Power Ups (which help you increase your chances of winning the game many times if you use it at the right time), CatFruit (which opens the True Form of a spinning cat in the gacha and some Legend Rare Cat), Cat Treasure (the Effects buff are permanent and very important in battle. They have the ability to increase HP, ATK and effect of effects on enemies, increase Cat Cannon’s ability, reduce mana recovery time, increase the energy limit, etc.)

Graphics and sound

One of the plus points of the game is the simple, funny drawing of cats. The game is built with simple 2D graphics and is suitable for horizontal screens on mobile devices.

Cat moves also have many eye-catching and interesting effects. Besides, the fun and humorous background music also helps you feel comfortable and get a certain focus to complete the tower guard missions in the game.

Introducing The Battle Cats on apkdl

There are tons of cool features you can explore on The Battle Cats. However, for the most comfortable experience, you should use The Battle Cats mod that we provide. Once there, you will not have to worry about how to unlock cats or upgrade them. Here are the mod features:

Lots of XP and Cat Food: As soon as you open the game, you get a huge amount of XP and Cat Food. You can use them to buy items, upgrade or unlock cats …

Some note:

  • The game requires the Internet connection to play.
  • Mod does not require Root
  • When a new version of the game is released, we will also update the mod. When updating the mod, you may lose game data. In order not to have this problem when updating, please make sure that you previously installed an older version of the game at apkdl and not another website.


Overall, The Battles Cat is a fairly simple game, easy to play and suitable for those who love cats and strategy games. If you are looking for a game to entertain and fight with friends on the weekends, try The Battles Cat now.

Download The Battle Cats MOD APK (A lot of XP, Cat Food) 12.1.0

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