The Greedy Cave
The Greedy Cave

The Greedy Cave MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 4.0.20

App NameThe Greedy Cave
Publisher Avalon-Games
Genre Role Playing
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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The Greedy Cave is a fascinating exploration adventure game. This is the free version for Android. Compared to the games in the same genre, the whole context and the plot exude mystery and difference, promising to create a new experience for gamers!

If you are a fan of the role-playing game, definitely do not miss The Greedy Cave released by Avalon Games. The game has a beautiful graphic design with a new cave play mechanism, certainly making it hard to take your eyes once immersed in its world.

The Greedy Cave gameplay

The plot

The story begins in a very remote land, once a large continent called Milton. In that land, the power of rules is established by swords and mysteries. This is a place where men only know swords and magic. The goal is to become the best warriors, the wisest wizards or the greatest explorers. In that land, the kingdoms separated by borders that were formerly a unified area. Countless stories of alliances, upheavals and peaceful moments. But that was a story on another day.

The context in the game

Background The Greedy Cave game begins in an Iblis kingdom. A land that seems to be forgotten, unspoiled, barren. The people live extremely hard. They struggled to mine minerals for the evil lords. Here, the explorers stopped overnight here but did not linger long. Until one day, a young explorer got lost and fell into a cave. The story will probably end when he doesn’t return. But he returned, and brought a sack of gold and sparkling treasures.

Information about this explorer’s wealth and unexpected wealth quickly spread throughout the north to the south, and out across the kingdom. The warlords began to zealously lead the brave warriors, and the explorers searched the monster’s den and searched for treasures. Even the farmers took part in this treasure hunting.

Game modes

The door to the mysterious world has just opened. Explorers from all over the world are here. They form small groups, and approach this door to go out into the human world.

But most of them were lost in the darkness and the dangerous land. Every time they come to a new space, they will face many dangers. These are undulating terrain, traps, mysteriously closed rooms and treasure chests. The chests that contain the treasure are carefully guarded by monsters. Players must exchange their lives to regain them. Magic scrolls are the only thing that can survive in the dark, but they are rare. And this is also a clue about the ruins in this mysterious world!

The Greedy Cave

Game level

In The Greedy game, players will have to conquer 4 different difficulty levels, 400 levels of maze with random terrain. Besides, there are more than 60 monsters, bosses and 300 other attribute pieces. The long story will be told gradually through each level and mission, creating many hours of exciting action adventure game!

Attractive feature of The Greedy Cave

  • Random cave adventure

You do not know specifically about the treasure, mist layer, trap, secret room, or the head of power in the next cave. The Greedy Cave game is full of surprises. Use your tactics of wisdom and courage in exchange for great rewards.

  • Find the magic scroll and escape at the right time

The magic scroll is something you forgot in the cave. Find it again as quickly as possible. Because if this cave collapses, the chances of finding it are even more fragile. When this world falls apart, magic scrolls and treasures will be buried as well.

  • Treasure chest hidden in the ground

There are many treasures in the cave. You discover them in secret rooms, but monsters guard them very carefully. There is even a monster that disguises itself into a chest to deceive the player. The battle in The Greedy Cave game is really tough!

  • Collect equipment to develop characters

Eliminate each monster in the cave to level up the main character. You need to give the hero a series of attribute points, and skill points to increase the power. Get ready to deal with giant monsters and bosses. Upgrade, transform, use spells …, do everything to make the character stronger in the fight. Winning not only gives you more gold and rewards, but each secret class in the maze will also be unlocked.


The Greedy Cave has classic 2D graphics with many colors. The character is designed very funny. Accompanied by diverse contexts in many locations such as dungeons, ancient houses … Characters have many skills with eye-catching effects. Thus, each game screen will be a series of fierce and spectacular battles.


With new and addictive gameplay mechanics, The Greedy Cave attracts thousands of gamers around the world to conquer the challenges. Try testing your intelligence when participating in this sneaky role-playing game The Greedy Cave. Take the time to visit the homepage to find out and download your favorite games right now!

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