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Tower Crush

Tower Crush MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 1.1.45

App NameTower Crush
Publisher Impossible Apps
Genre 2D, Arcade, Strategy
RequireAndroid 4.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Coins
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Tower Crush is one of the best indie games in 2016. In this playground, you will build a turret, the highest is 6 floors. You must equip weapons to attack nearby turrets. Which side’s tower is completely destroyed first, then that side will lose.

The player’s task is to build the turret. You must try to develop the tower from one floor up to 6 solid floors, then equip them with many weapons, upgrades, improvements to defeat many opponents in intense battles. It can be said that this is a game that perfectly combines action and strategy gameplay.

Tower Crush - Free Strategy Games

Mission in the game

Your main task is to build defensive towers and attack opposite towers. Arrange powerful weapons appropriately and bombard the tower of the enemy. Each level will have two turrets, one is yours on the left and the other is enemy. The battle will take place in a style 1 to 1, not like the defensive tower which forces you to fight the whole army like in Tower Defense games, or Defense Zone. Each tower will have an energy bar (or blood bar). Which tower is drained of energy first, collapsed completely before the opponent, that side will lose. Therefore, the construction of turrets, tactics to choose weapons, and layout of weapons on which floor is very important.

Diverse weapon system

Each side can build turrets up to 6 floors, and each floor is equipped with a weapon such as machine guns, cannons, flamethrowers, rockets, laser guns … Each weapon has its own power. Knowing the use of each weapon will help you make a reasonable strategy. The weapons can all be upgraded during the playing process, so as to suit the increasing challenges. The more expensive the weapon, the greater its power. Besides, gamers can upgrade guns, turrets floors to increase firepower and the ability to defend. Then, take advantage of the items that the system donates to increase blood, freeze enemies, increase armor for the tower … quickly. That will help you destroy opponents easily. Every time the game ends, whether you win or lose, the player will win a sum of money, more or less depending on your achievement. Use this money to reinforce the tower and weapons to get ready for the next game.

Tower Crush - Free Strategy Games

Game modes

Tower Crush has 2 attractive game modes for gamers to experience, including campaign mode and online mode. In campaign mode, you will fight the machine, do not need a network connection, and the level will have increasing difficulty. Therefore, you must build your defense tower and weapons to attack the opponent. You try to train and have a reasonable tower-building strategy to develop your skills.

In online battle mode, you need to be online and compete directly with another player. This is your chance to fight with rivals around the world. The level in this mode will be much more dramatic and interesting. Gameplay and tactics also need to change flexibly depending on the ability of your opponent.

The main feature of the game

  1. Attractive strategy attack gameplay.
  2. Building the tower with detailed and eye-catching 2d graphics.
  3. More than 280 different levels in campaign mode.
  4. Maximum upgrade up to 6 floors of the tower.
  5. 10 types of destructive weapons, 8 heroes and 7 types of magic.
  6. Support real-time online PvP combat.
  7. Relatively simple, easy to play, lightweight capacity.
Tower Crush

Graphic design

Tower Crush is designed with extremely beautiful graphics. The publisher meticulously cared for the images and shooting effects. Besides, the lively sound combined with interesting gameplay gives gamers extremely refreshing entertainment hours. Simple graphics make the game easily compatible and run smoothly on many devices. The game brings you relaxing moments, and the feeling of excitement when completing the game screens. Along with that, the sound in the game is very funny and lively. It makes the game more attractive.

Tower Crush 1.1.43 (MOD, Unlimited Coins)

Besides the Tower Crush version provided by the publisher Impossible Apps, we will bring you the modified version of this game. It will change a little bit, so players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. You will receive unlimited coins and can use them as you like. With this version, you can completely upgrade guns, turrets floor to increase firepower and defense ability, as well as overcome all levels easily. You just need to download the file we provided, then install as usual and enjoy the game.


Players can completely download the game for free to experience. Are you ready to participate in the fierce battle ahead? It’s about time, let’s design a smart tower, equip yourself with powerful weapons, and defeat the enemies to gain glory and victory.

Download Tower Crush MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 1.1.45

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