Traffic Tour Car Racer game
Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour MOD APK (Unlocked All Cars) 2.0.3

App NameTraffic Tour
Publisher Wolves Interactive
Genre 2D, Racing
RequireAndroid 4.1
MOD InfoUnlocked All Cars
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Traffic Tour is an endless car racing game, giving you a smooth racing experience. The graphic quality of the game is very excellent. Players will be driving on endless highways, overcoming many speed challenges.

Traffic Tour is a combination among mission system in the Grand Theft Aut style. The game also offers the ability to customize of the Need For Speed series. The game focuses on letting players compete for rewards fairly. Besides, the mission system is a prerequisite for getting achievements in Traffic Tour.

Traffic Tour gameplay


Traffic Tour portrays the weather conditions and simulates the journeys in a realistic way. The game gives you the look and feel of a true action racing game. You will complete the first level of the game easily. Later, the levels will become more difficult. Traffic Tour has tough sections that will surely impress gamers. It brings you a truly great feeling every time you complete a mission successfully.

When you complete the task and win the race, you will receive a reward of tokens and gold. The collected gold you can use to upgrade your car more powerful and more stylish. There are two types of cards: yellow card (regular) and green card (rare). The yellow card is used to unlock upgrades for any vehicle and in-game purchases. Green cards to unlock new cars.

Of course, with a racing game, the luxury supercars are always the top player interested. Traffic Tour has more than 40 models of supercars, modeled from famous real-world car brands such as Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, … Starting with the Grand GR45, then you can make money after each mission to buy a new car. Some models require you to use cash to unlock. Besides, you can choose any color for the car, with 1500 coins each change.

Traffic Tour gameplay

Control and drive mode in the game

When you enter a race, you will see on the screen a number of basic control keys of a racing game. It consists of the accelerator pedal, brake pedals, left and right arrow keys. Besides, double-tapping on the screen to activate nitro, helps the car run faster. In my opinion, nitro should only be used on large roads where don’t have too many vehicles. Driving too quickly can make it difficult to control, and you can make an accident easily.

Traffic Tour provides you with three driving modes, including tilting the device, joystick and steering wheel. For players using smartphones, tilting the device is a common driving mode. Your phone is like a steering wheel. You just need to turn and tilt the phone to adjust the direction of the car. Or if you prefer the more challenging, choose the virtual steering wheel mode. By touching the camera icon on the left of the screen, the game allows you to adjust the driver’s view. You can see from the rear of the car or in the cockpit.

Game modes

Traffic Tour offers players many racing modes. In particular, the main modes include Career, Racing Now, Endless, Free Ride, Time Trial, and any event mode. In which, Racing Now mode is online mode. It allows you to play with friends or other online players. You can invite your friends via social networks Facebook. They can also participate in your fiery races. The seasonal rating system aims to evaluate the best drivers. After each season, all drivers receive gifts corresponding to their position on the rankings.


  • Endless play: No energy required, no time limit.
  • Different camera modes: First view, third view, driver’s camera and more.
  • 5 game modes: Multiplayer, Endless, Career, Time Trial and Free Run.
  • Multiple control modes: Tilt, buttons, and rudders..
  • More than 100 missions in Career mode.
  • Upgrade vehicle features Speed, Brake, and Operation.
  • Many vehicles: Truck, Bus, Van, SUV …
  • Race against many other players, challenge friends and gamers around the world.
  • Ability to use the Nitrous feature in multiplayer mode.
  • Smooth and authentic driving experience
Traffic Tour game play

Some useful tips

  • Unlock new cars by collecting Blueprints in endless mode.
  • When driving at a speed greater than 100 km / h, try to pass other cars to earn points and bonuses.
  • Get extra bonus for playing afternoon and evening time in endless mode.
  • Drive in the opposite direction on 2-way roads to receive additional points and bonuses.
  • Use Nitrous in the most appropriate time to fully utilize it in multiplayer mode.
  • Share results with friends to receive additional bonuses.

Sound and image

Traffic Tour programmed traffic system and vehicles similar to real life. It brings the most realistic experience to players. The game is carefully looked after in terms of images. The weather effects are realistic and vivid, with many different landscapes such as deserts, snow, … Sound and background music are also important factors to help players feel relaxed in each journey.

What’s in Traffic Tour mod apk

Owning yourself luxury cars and upgrading them is extremely expensive. Meanwhile making money on Traffic Tour is very difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, we will bring you a modified version of this game. It will help you achieve the desired things in the game quickly. Traffic Tour mod apk will help you unlock all available cars in the shop. Along Traffic Tour owns for yourself the expensive and completely upgraded cars. They will help you easily overcome the challenges of the game.


It is hard to believe that such a good game is completely free. I played the game for hours before reviewing it for you. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you on each different roads. You can enjoy the game by downloading Traffic Tour to your device via the link below the article. Take the time to visit the homepage to find out and download your favorite games right now!

Download Traffic Tour MOD APK (Unlocked All Cars) 2.0.3

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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