Tsuki Adventure
Tsuki Adventure

Tsuki Adventure MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.22.10

App NameTsuki Adventure
Publisher HyperBeard
Genre 2D, Adventure
RequireAndroid 5.0
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Tsuki Adventure is an extremely interesting adventure game, from the publisher Hyperbeard Games. After long days of hard work, you want to find a light game to entertain after stressful hours. The game helps you forget about everyday tiredness, explore the peaceful life in the countryside with the bunny Tsuki. This is a game with nice and cute graphics, and the storyline is so clear.

Tsuki Adventure

The story in the game

The game opens with the scene Tsuki is busy working, in the context of the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Tsuki feels lonely and stressed at his job. And then, Tsuki received a letter from his grandfather …

Afterward, Tsuki resigned from his current job. He decided to move to a new place and start a new life there. Tsuki started the journey. When coming to Mushroom village, you will meet Mari turtle, Mari will help you in your new place. Mari will guide you to buy things at Uncle Yari’s grocery store, and many other activities. In this peaceful village, away from all the noise and stress of previous life, Tsuki feels respect for the simplest things.

Attractive and simple gameplay

Carrots are the currency in the game. To earn carrots, you need to grow it, wait for the carrots to grow and harvest. You will use carrots to buy items in the game. The items you buy will have two types. The first item used to complete the Archives in Tsuki’s diary. The second type of item to help Tsuki participate in the activities in the game. If the player buys a fishing rod, Tsuki will go fishing at the pond. With a raft, Tsuki will spend a day floating on the water. In the store, not every item is useful, please consider carefully before buying something.

After purchasing an item, you can use it to complete the Archive in the diary. When you go to Yari’s store and buy a fishing rod, a duck float, and other things, they will be displayed in the house. With the purchase of items, you will discover more activities, open more memories. Items can be arbitrarily used or randomly used. For arbitrary usage, you can find them in your home and click on the “use item” to use.

Unlock the diary page, storing Tsuki’s memories

Every time you play, you will have a chance to unlock a new diary page. This is where Tsuki will share every day’s events. Sometimes, you will find him enjoying a cup of tea when you are away or watching the meteor in the night sky. You will feel like you need to go back to the game to see what Tsuki has done, and the memories he created. It was all a matter of time. Every time you turn on the game after a few hours offline, you will find different scenes, which is an interesting thing because of the way to make an active adventure game of the publisher.

Visit the noisy and busy city

To travel to the city, you need a ticket. You can buy these at the train station in the village. You will also complete one of your memories by buying this ticket. It takes about 8-9 hours to reach the city. Tsuki will return to his village after 3 days. In Great City, you can buy expensive items such as car keys, VIP cards, phones, televisions and many other things at the big supermarket. At night, you can play card games with elephants and lions in the hotel.

Tsuki Adventure

Come to the icy heaven of Yukiyama

Yukiyama is a new place that Tsuki can visit. To visit Yukiyama, you must also buy a ticket. After buying your ticket, wait for the wolf Jasper to appear next to Bobo’s panda noodle shop. Touch Jasper to start your journey. It will take you about 6 hours by bus to reach the snowy heaven Yukiyama. Yukiyama is also a very interesting place for you to explore. Under the cold below 0 degrees, this place is always filled with white snow, life here is also peaceful, not as bustling as the Great City. You can explore a lot of interesting things here, such as immersing yourself in the hot spring water to avoid the cold around, drinking tea or sleeping all day and night in the hotel to escape the cold.

While traveling, the Moca tortoise will be on your behalf to take care of the carrot garden. When you are away, he will send a letter to you about the status of carrots at home.

Making friends in the game

You can meet many characters in the game who you can interact with. For example, Bobo, Mari, Chi, Yuki, etc. Talk to them daily, maybe several times a day to increase friendship. That is very beneficial! Firstly, they will help you have more exciting gaming experience. It also gives you tips for playing the game easily and also helps you collect more memories for your diary. Increasing the level of affection will help you discover the inner feelings of the characters. At the same time, they also give you items, carrots that are very useful for you!


Tsuki Adventure with simple 2D graphics, the characters in the game are designed in cartoon form. Although having 2D graphics, but the details in the game are very sharp. The game brings a colorful playground, it expresses the excitement and fun of the game. Besides, the sound system is very funny, helping you forget the troubles in life.


Tsuki Adventure probably is not a game for everyone. If you like collecting objects, meeting cute characters, or you love simplicity, this game will be a great option to experience. The game will bring you peaceful and warm moments.

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