Ultimate Robot Fighting
Ultimate Robot Fighting

Ultimate Robot Fighting MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.4.153

App NameUltimate Robot Fighting
Publisher Reliance Big Entertainment
Genre 3D, Fighting, Sports
RequireAndroid 4.2
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Ultimate Robot Fighting is a fighting action game genre released by Reliance Big Entertainment. Coming to Ultimate Robot Fighting, you will participate in the fierce confrontation among the strongest robots of the universe.

Reliance Big Entertainment is a very successful publisher in the fighting game genre, especially the robot games. Among them, there are a few typical names such as Real Steel World Robot Boxing, Pacific Rim, Into the Badlands Champions, WWE Mayhem. Following up on that success, the publisher has released the game Ultimate Robot Fighting. This is a confrontation between robots to find the strongest robot army.

Developing gameplay in the game

In Ultimate Robot Fighting, you will build a squad of the three most powerful robots and lead them to fierce battles. As you know, Ultimate Robot Fighting is a fighting game, that is, you will control a character to fight with other characters in 3vs3 battles. These matches are very dramatic, require the skills, ingenuity of the player, and indispensable battle experience. After playing for a while, you will understand how each character plays. That makes it possible to avoid your opponent and counterattack with as few moves as possible. Besides, it will help you minimize the excess movements in each battle. In each match, you will have an energy bar at the bottom of the screen. When there’s enough power, your robot will be able to use special skills. They are very strong with a huge amount of damage, even with skills that can destroy enemies.

After each battle, you will receive an amount of gold and accumulate experience. Gaining enough experience, the robots will be upgraded to make them stronger. Gold is the main currency in the game, you can use it to buy all in-game items. In addition to earning gold after each battle, you can also collect them from the achievement system. There are many achievements waiting for you to unlock, so try to unlock them all. They will bring you worthy rewards.

Simple game control

The control system of the game is also designed to be simple and smooth, making it easier to control the character. Players can control the fighting robot easily by touching and swiping the screen. Touch to create a Light attack. Tap 3 times to create a Combo Light attack. Slide to the left or right to show a Heavy attack. Slide 3 times to create a Heavy attack combo. Hold 2 fingers on the screen to defend Block.

Touch the special bar to release special energy Special Assault. Touch the image of Robot to fight. You will have the best experiences in the game. There are more than 250 challenging and dramatic levels with increasing difficulty waiting for you, and there will even be times when you will have to face tough bosses. The matches are quite fast-paced, continuous attacks of tit-for-tat between two robots. You will not be able to take your eyes off your phone. Just one mistake, the opponent can kill you at any time.

Diverse robot army

The game offers 45 types of robots for players to freely choose. The robots are beautifully designed, and it takes inspiration from the characters in the movies, gods, Greek gladiators, samurai, ninjas and more. Robots are divided into 3 categories: gold, silver, and copper, based on their actual power. The strongest robot is a gold robot, then the silver and copper robot. Using a golden robot means your chances of winning are highest. Each robot has its own skill and power. This is a unique element of each robot, creating a high level of damage to the opponent. You can also assemble parts for robots to unlock strength, as well as combat experience.

Besides owning yourself powerful robots, you need to upgrade them to optimize power. You will increase the armor and attack power of robots through Rank ups. A promotion requires 2 identical cards. To increase your rank, you only need to touch one robot and touch the Rank up button, the promoted robot will be stronger than the normal robot. You can also sell unused robots for extra gold.

Ultimate Robot Fighting

Offline and online game modes

The game gives you 2 game modes, offline and online. In online mode, you will have the opportunity to fight with powerful robots around the world. This is a playground for you to show your skills, as well as show your robot power to promote on the leaderboard. In offline mode, this is a mode you can play without using the internet. Play in offline mode a lot to upgrade the robot, earn more gold, as well as train your skills to confront the fiery battles ahead. However, in offline mode, some features like buying and selling items, seeing Leader Board rankings and achievement Board will be disabled.

Graphic design in the game

Although there is no large capacity, Ultimate Robot Fighting gives you an amazingly perfect visual experience. The robots’ motion effects, footsteps, strike, dodge … are faithfully reproduced on the mobile device screen. Besides, the game owns a lively and realistic sound system. All of these factors create intense and fiery matches.


Ultimate Robot Fighting with the robot theme, it deserves to be one of the fighting action games that worth playing on mobile devices. The game has beautiful graphics, abundant robots, the diverse abilities to customize characters, exciting arenas … All are the plus points that help Ultimate Robot Fighting stand out in this fighting game series. Download and join the fight between the strongest robots right now.

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