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Vector 2

Vector 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.2.1

App NameVector 2
Publisher Nekki
Size98.80 MB
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Run for your life with Vector 2 Premium. Gear up and run faster to escape the ever ending pursuit. Perform stunning parkour techniques and outrun your enemies.


Vector 2 Premium is the successor of the original Vector game by Nekki. Similar to its predecessor, the game is inspired by parkour, therefore it features a lot of parkour techniques and movements. Since the release of the game in 2016, Vector 2 has been downloaded fifty million times on Google Play Store. It is one of the most favorite games that Nekki has ever released. If you like this game, you might want to check out Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, Shadow Fight 3, and the original Vector game.

What makes Vector 2 Premium stand out is the combination of the gameplay and graphics. It has an intense and fast-paced gameplay. Moreover, the graphics of Vector 2 is phenomenal. The figures’ silhouette and movement animations are realistics. Nevertheless, it is neither a big game with gigabytes of data nor a demanding title. Vector 2 can run on almost every Android device, assuming that your phones are not too old.

Vector 2 Premium Gameplay


As you might probably have guessed, Vector 2 Premium is the sequel to the original Vector game’s storyline. In the first game, you (as the main character) has broken free from the stressful lab where you worked. To escape the raging security men chasing, you ran through many buildings and rooftops. Eventually, enemies outnumbered you and successfully captured you at Technology Park. This is where the plot begins for Vector 2.

Now, you wake up at some kind of lab that is conducting experiments on human bodies. No matter how far you run this time, you cannot escape the lab. There are also a lot of high-tech traps and obstacles on your way, making the run extremely difficult. This time, you are a subject of the facility’s experiments. Your mind is captured and stored in the form of data, and will be transferred to clones’ brain once you are dead. Technically you cannot die, although your body is still vunerable to traps and mines. Every time your body is ruined, your mind is transferred into another one, and you have no choice but start over the run.

Many people realize that the gameplay of Vector 2 is similar to an Enless Runner game (like Subway Surfers) but that is not true. Chases in the game have an end and when you reach it, you will complete the level and come up with a new challenge.


As an experiment subject, you have been given conditions before being tested. These conditions are called Protocols. A certain protocol gives you corresponding gears, which normally boost your endurance. For example, level 1 armor can prevent the obstacles from dealing damage to your torso one time. Equivalently, level 1 boots can save you from death when stepping on a mine once. This applies to all items, including gloves and helmets.

The only way to get a better protocol is to proceed through the game and reach more advanced floors. From the beginning, you will start the game with floor 1. Try to survive as many floors as you can to advance faster in the game. If you get past the third floor, you may begin the game on the 3rd floor next time after death. The next milestone you need to pass is the 8th floor, and the game is for you to explore. Correspondingly, you have Basic protocol in the beginning, but acquaire Standard protocol once you reach level 3, etc.


Aside from running through floors, you need to complete given assignments too. These assignments let you unlock more upgrade items and even protocols. Although the assignments sometimes can be very tough, it is possible if you give enough effort. Sometimes, you need to play repeatedly to get familiar with each floor and perfect the run. Once you can pass a floor perfectly, no assignments are too hard to complete.

To access all the assignments, navigate to the Journal page. It is on the bottom of Vector 2 Premium’s home screen, next to the Upgrade kits button. From here, you can view all the assignments, including those you have completed. Each assignment has a description of the tasks, and the rewards you will get on completion.

Vector 2 Premium Tricks


Just like the original Vector game, Vector 2 Premium features a lot of Tricks that wait for you to unlock. Tricks are the movement you can perform while running, when you encounter specific obstacles. To perform a trick, time precisely when your character runs through the marked spot and swipe up. Your character will bypass the obstacle with style, giving you the sense of satisfaction.

In addition to the satisfying animations, Tricks also have other benefits. If you can successfully perform tricks, it means that you are running at optimum speed. This helps you pass timed traps that will block your way completely once they engage. Moreover, tricks give you additional tokens. Accumulate tokens to purchase more tricks and upgrade items.

Gear upgrades

Although your gears are provided based on your current protocols, there are more ways to get better gears too. By passing floors, you unlock upgrades and earn tokens. You can spend the tokens earned to purchase and improve the upgrades, and equip them along with you each time you play. Each upgrade has an ability, however you can equip everything, so try out as many as you can to find the best combos for you.

These upgrades are also separated by tiers. Red ones means ultimate upgrades, therefore they are the most powerful things to equip. Orange upgrades are superior upgrades, giving you big leverage during gameplay. Common upgrades are the weakest type of upgrades, however they are definitely better than having nothing at all. The more powerful the upgrade is, the harder it gets to unlock or improve.

Vector 2 Premium upgrade kits

APK Mod of Vector 2 Premium

What’s different from the free version?

Currently, Vector 2 Premium is no longer available on the Play Store, but you can still download and install it for free here. Compared to the free version, Vector 2 Premium has two major differences that we list below:

  • No ads: A game experience without ads is always something great. In Vector 2 Premium, ads have been removed to provide you with the cleanest and most comfortable playing experience.
  • Available Upgrade kits: In the free version, you need to pay to get them. However, Upgrade kits are available at no cost. Besides, after completing a specific level or mission, you have the opportunity to receive some bonuses and support items.

Mod feature

Besides, we bring you the latest Vector 2 Premium MOD with great features to help you have an extremely comfortable game experience. Mod feature allows you to use money in the game without limit. So, you can freely upgrade kits, buy support and much more.


If you love running games, Vector 2 is the title you definitely should not miss. This game has more to offer than any other game of its genre, and this is the better version of its antecedent – the original Vector game. It has a challenging gameplay that requires you to practise a lot to complete a floor with the highest rank. On top of that, the graphics, animations, and also the background music are pleasing and also addictive. Overall, the game is fun for everyone, unless you are not a fan of the game category.

Download Vector 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.2.1

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