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Download War Thunder Edge MOD APK to participate in fierce war battles on many different types of combat vehicles. This war simulation game is now available for Android and free to download.

About War Thunder Edge

When it comes to war simulation games, War Thunder Edge has been a monument for many years. It is an online game inspired by the second world war. Players have the opportunity to control combat vehicles suitable to participate in the battlefields of land, sky, and sea. First released in 2016 for Windows, the game is now available on all popular platforms, including Windows and Linux PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and mobile.

War Thunder Edge is a war simulation game featuring fast-paced gameplay and stunning graphics. Unlike World of Tanks Blitz and Tank Company, this game allows the player to play on a variety of combat vehicles, including tanks, warships, and aircraft.

The mobile version of the game has finally been released. It is currently in beta in several countries, including Turkey, the US, Canada, and Indonesia.

War Thunder Edge mod apk download

A realistic war simulation game

War Thunder Edge is a PVP MMO for mobile platforms. Battles in the game take place in real time between players around the world. You play as a military manager who has command of all types of combat vehicles on the battlefield, including tanks, aircraft, and warships.

Battles take place on several classic maps. They dynamically change the terrain and offer several customization options for each area. War Thunder Edge simulates what happens in a real battle. All vehicles will join on the battlefield. The tanks and military vehicles fought on the ground while the fighters dominated the sky.

Besides the fast-paced gameplay, the highlight of the game comes from the diverse weapon system and combat vehicles. It simulates the real machines of the second world war. Players choose a faction before going to war, control vehicles, and attack enemies. Win the battle to get rewards. You can use in-game currency to upgrade vehicles. Powering up your battle machines is required to gain an advantage in battle.

The vehicle collection in the game is divided into three groups based on their combat nature. Currently, it has 35 ground combat units, 12 fighters, and 20 warships.

Game mode

War Thunder Edge is an online MMO, so its game modes are focused on PvP battles. As mentioned, each battle in the game includes three types of combat vehicles, from the ground to the sky. Therefore, the game offers three modes that correspond to these combat mechanics, including:

  • Air Battle. Mode for air combat. You will control your fighter to do missions such as defending the base, destroying enemy fortresses, supporting the defense of allies, and capturing important points.
  • Tank Battle. The most popular combat vehicle in the game with over 35 units. Players control their tanks to destroy enemy tanks and protect the base.
  • Naval Battle. Battles take place at sea. Players must use warships to participate. The objective of this mode is to fight for control of some strategic points in the sea. Players can receive support from fighters.
War Thunder Edge features

Key features of War Thunder Edge

  • Play as a military commander. You become a military commander who controls all combat vehicles on the battlefield. The game allows you to drive armored tanks and shoot at enemies, hover in the sky with fighters to protect your base or command a fleet of military ships to capture important positions. on the sea.
  • Battles in every scenario. You don’t know in advance what will happen in a battle. Besides the way combat vehicles are available and the main weapons, you can get support from allies. They can bring about different outcomes of the battle.
  • Many unique maps are customizable. War Thunder Edge is set in the second world war. So the maps are modeled after the battlefields of the event. It’s hard for the developer to bring all the original maps from the original game to the mobile version. However, you still have the opportunity to play on many unique battlefields with many custom terrain types. The maps in the game are divided into three main groups based on terrain types, including Ground Forces Maps, Air Forces Maps, and General Air Maps.
  • Gorgeous graphics. War Thunder Edge possesses the beautiful graphics of an AAA game. Although optimized for all devices, the game’s graphics are still amazingly detailed. It simulates combat vehicle models in high detail.
  • Flexible control mechanism. It is a port version for mobile. Therefore, the control mechanism has been optimized for this environment. You own a system of virtual buttons on the screen to navigate combat vehicles, shoot, switch weapons, and many other actions.

MOD APK of War Thunder Edge.

MOD info

  • Unlimited Money: mod feature is not available yet.

Download War Thunder Edge MOD APK (NO)

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