WARSHIP BATTLE:3D World War II MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 3.6.1

Version 3.6.1
Publisher JOYCITY Corp
Genre 3D, Action
Size 92M
Require Android 4.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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The fighting games by road are no stranger to players. If you want to change your feeling and tactics, do not miss Warship Battle. This is a game that will take you into constant battles at sea. A part of the war scene in history will be faithfully reproduced. The following article will provide you with detailed information for this game.

WARSHIP BATTLE: 3D World War II gameplay

Warship Battle is created by the Joycity brand. This is a leading game maker with very dramatic and attractive games. The game is set in the Second World War in history. And Warship Battleship is a real race, where players from different countries can compete on the scoreboard together.

Roles and missions of the player

Warship Battle will bring the fleet of warships from World War II back to the present. It helps players experience extremely fierce and tough battles. Warship Battleship lets us experience the feeling of fighting at sea. You will control a variety of basic warships through missions, based on the famous battles of World War II.

In Warship Battle, you act as a fleet commander on your battleship. You are equipped with weapons to fight. Your and the fleet’s mission is to destroy enemies, which are warships and enemies on the island. You just need to touch the icons or press the key on the computer or mobile, the battle operation will take place. And you will get extremely wonderful feelings.

How to play Warship Battleship

The gameplay of Warship Battle is relatively simple, but it is not easy to control the ship. You need to quickly aim your eyes at the target to shoot, otherwise they will destroy you first.

You will control the warship to the right, left, forward or back with your fingers on the screen. This helps you move your fleet to where it needs to fight. To shoot enemies, you use guns, cannons, … on the simulation images. Just click on that is okay.

You will in turn destroy the enemy along the way. The more you sink other warships, fortresses, and tanks on the island, the more points and bonus you have. This stimulates players to strive. You can use that money to upgrade new weapons and warships.

Observe the map

In each battle, the map is always displayed on the left corner. You must constantly look at it to determine where the enemy is, and move on. There are warships hidden by the islands, so you can’t see them. The map will show you through the red icons.

Increase points and bonuses

While fighting, each time you defeat a battleship, you will earn points and bonuses continuously. These numbers will show up at the end, when you finish the fight and finish. Remember, the faster you kill and the more enemies, these numbers increase. You need to take advantage of time and calculate tactics to complete quickly. The higher the score, the higher your rating. There are players all over the world who own huge numbers. The more prize money, you will have the opportunity to upgrade, buy more warships and more modern weapons.

Upgrade warships and buy more weapons

When joining the game, you will be provided with a warship and a certain amount of weapons. To own bigger warships and more features, you have to fight hard to win bonuses. These bonuses are used for ship upgrades. The more expensive the ships, the stronger and more able to withstand bombs. Therefore, the gamers constantly tries to raise the bonus.

In addition, you can also use the bonus to buy additional weapons and other vehicles to help you fight. If you build a battle team and a lot of weapons, your power will be stronger.

The higher the level, the more intense the fight

After each level, you will be promoted to a higher level, and you will have a more intense experience. The number of enemies is constantly increasing, and it is harder to destroy. You will be caught up in the long and fascinating battles. Every time you win a level, you will feel very happy and satisfied with the huge points and bonuses. The taste of victory is hard to describe. If unlucky to be sunk, you should persistently start the fight again. This will help you gain more experience and resilience.


The graphic

Warship Battle has beautiful and realistic 3D graphics. All the battle scenes are very beautiful and stimulating players. Images of warships are real, and you will feel yourself sitting on a ship. Moreover, every time you get a bonus, the combination of bomb sounds and cheerleading music is interesting. Creativity and genuine images have contributed significantly to the success of the Warship Battle.


Warship Battle is a thrilling fighting game that is very popular. Not only is it an entertaining game, but it also increases your imagination and agile action. You will be completely dissolved in the toughest battles. Warship Battle brings you many levels of feeling from failure to success. Download and install this game to experience and overcome challenges. Have fun playing, and have a high score in the rankings!

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