You Can’t See Me
You Can’t See Me

You Can't See Me MOD APK (Unlimited Ghost Point) 2.0

Your phone is hiding all kinds of ghosts and spirits you know!

App NameYou Can't See Me
Publisher Genuine Studio Ltd
Require5.1 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Ghost Point
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A new game in town will undoubtedly send chills to those who enjoy all things spookily. If you have always been intrigued by ghost stories and the paranormal but have not discovered a one-stop shop for all the finest tales, You Can not See Me is the book for you.

This thrilling game brings a range of well-known horror stories to life in an entirely new way. But beware: as you go through the game’s unsettling storylines, ghosts from the stories begin to come and stalk you in real life. It would be best to use your brain and inventiveness to drive them out of your space while remaining uninjured.

You Can not See Me is the perfect method to experience all of the finest ghost stories in one spot, whether you are a seasoned horror fan or just starting your ghostly journey. So why not take on the task and see if you are up for the spine-chilling scares that await you?

About You Can’t See Me

Genuine Studio Ltd, the publisher behind the spine-chilling game You Can’t See Me, aims to bring a collection of famous horror tales to life. Once you unwittingly reread a story, the ghost will emerge and start trailing you. How can you escape their haunting clutches, banish them from your abode, and come out unscathed? This daunting task awaits you in You Can’t See Me, where every step is fraught with danger, and fear lurks at every corner. Brace yourself for a hair-raising adventure that will quicken your pulse and make your knees quiver.

Game background

You may be surprised to learn that your phone, your constant buddy, is also the residence of a legion of evil ghosts and apparitions. Unless they are unintentionally released, they lie dormant, waiting to torture and haunt their unknowing host.

This is the unsettling concept of the game. You Can not See Me immerses players in a world where their phone acts as a portal for vengeful ghosts to infiltrate their lives and cause mayhem. Players must navigate through a realm of horror and dread with 16 spine-tingling tales based on classic and contemporary ghost stories from the East and West, including the renowned Vampire, the notorious Annabella, and the notorious Soul Catcher.

Players start innocently enough by reading ghost stories on their phones. Yet, a spirit is released from incarceration with the simple utterance of its name and assumes its well-known, frightful appearance. Gamers must confront their dread and struggle to drive these monsters away from their phones and lives.

Although the task is undoubtedly tricky, You Can not See Me delivers it lightheartedly, creating a compelling and immersive gaming experience that is difficult to ignore.


When the ghost or other bad force is let loose from the phone, it does not spend any time going back to its usual haunt. The eerie apparition appears out of nowhere, its pale body covered in a white sheet and limbs extended out, ready to strike at any second. The infamous Annabelle ghost grabs a doll in the area, twisting its horrifying features and gazing at the player from a chair.

These terrifying creatures might appear everywhere, from the corner of the room to the ceiling or even right at the player’s feet. The only way to unlock new situations and keep facing and driving away these evil spirits is to become an expert at using the strategies to drive away each ghost inside each tale, which corresponds to a level in the game.

Discover the intense and exciting missions

In You Can not See Me, set out on a perilous expedition where the main objective is to entice and drive away spirits rather than saving humanity or saving the earth from annihilation. Players will go on a spine-chilling trip into the shadowy, eerie underworld with 16 stages that correlate to 16 well-known ghost tales from around the globe.

Every level introduces a different breed of monster and instructs players on how to drive them out. To succeed, gamers must be prepared to endanger their lives because this is no easy feat. Players must utilize their wits, develop novel safety measures for each task, and finally enjoy all 16 of the most well-known ghost stories in the world.

For those deeply interested in the paranormal, You Can not See Me is more than simply a game. It is also a fascinating collection of ghost stories.

MOD APK of You Can’t See Me

MOD info

  • Unlimited Ghost Point
  • Ghost Point increase when you spend them.


You Can not See Me is a puzzle game with a sinister twist for people who are intrigued by the paranormal. It provides a gaming experience that is split between puzzle-solving and immersing oneself in time-honored ghost stories from the East to the West.

You Can not See Me is undoubtedly a game worth playing with its blend of difficulties and compelling stories. So why not download it right away and put your cunning to the test?

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