Zombie Castaways
Zombie Castaways

Zombie Castaways MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 4.44

App NameZombie Castaways
Genre 3D, Simulation
RequireAndroid 4.4
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Zombie Castaways is a unique zombie adventure game for Android. Let’s help the friendly zombie guy in the game become a person and find the true love of his life.

About Zombie Castaways

Zombie Castaways is an exciting game where the zombies aren’t as scary as in the movie. You will play with zombies who work hard and have hobbies in the garden. The beautiful farm simulation game takes you on a gentle zombie journey who grows farms and follows the dream of finding love.

The game takes place in the fantasy futuristic world, where humanity has been dominated by zombies. But instead of hunting and eating human brains like Zombie Catchers, these zombies seem quite friendly, and a lot more interesting to play with. In Zombie Castaways, gamers will have the opportunity to play a simulation game of building their last town. Players will try to build and design their own zombie town.

Zombie Castaways gameplay

Great features

This is a fun game with tons of features that will immerse you in a beautiful world with friendly zombies. Let’s explore it below.

A new type of zombie which is very cute

You may not meet bloodthirsty, evil zombies specializing in targeting people like in films, comics, or games like Plants vs. Zombies, Zombie Tsunami. This game gives players a new aspect and color of zombies- a zombie who loves the farm. The zombie isn’t scary but is exceptionally hard-working, kind, and always focused on his farm. Besides that, he still looks for love, and one day he falls in love with a beautiful girl and wants to be human.

Doing all thing a man needs to do

Once gamers transform into friendly zombies, their main task is exploring the island and building a dream city. You have to do multiple tasks simultaneously, such as smash stones, cut wood, treasure hunter, be a fisherman, and cook or do harvest dozens of unique plants. You can also go to different islands to look for new treasures, become human, and then return to the city where people live and find your real love.

Grow your beautiful garden

You know that your main job is to grow your garden. You can go to the market to buy your favorite seeds. When choosing seeds, you should select cheap seeds but have a quick harvest time like Hypnosunblume, Blueberry, clover, or expensive seeds, but there are longer harvest times such as peas, poppy seeds, and corn. Plus, you may need to grow some seeds for quests. While playing, you may see that zombie cooks are responsible for cooking elements to create new aspects during the construction process. To harvest immediately, without waiting for the plant to mature, you can use fertilizers. Don’t forget to calculate as precisely as possible to achieve the highest profit.

The interesting store

The shop impresses many players the most, with various plants, flowers, treasures, and exciting collections for players to explore while playing the game. Since your job is to build as many houses as you can, you will see many zombie houses in the store. Each zombie house has a different job like mining zombies, gold-digging zombies, cooking zombies, and other types of zombies. However, to own these types of zombies, you will need to earn enough gold or level up to hold them.

Lots of objects, weapons in the game with their energy sources

In the beginning, your island will be covered in thick fog. To expand your territory, you will have to cut trees and dig stones. Therefore, the game provides you with axes to prune these plants. There are three types of axes dedicated to digging rocks, chopping down large trees, or clearing bushes. A kind of ax can be used in any situation, and this ax can be bought for cash.

Of course, you don’t have enough axes to keep working. You have to wait for the water fountain to produce the tool. The more water wells and the more advanced they are, the more water wells will produce more products. However, to upgrade them, you will need to collect enough items to expand the territory or use the money to buy them.

Enjoy many activities in the new world.

This funny game takes you into a bright and big zombie world with lots of comic characters and adorable animals. In addition to increasing production, you can also explore mysterious islands and reveal many secrets. Don’t you think you can grow exotic plants, fruits, and flowers to cook and create new zombies? Plus, don’t forget to complete quests, build world-famous buildings, and decorate your island to become human fast. Plus, you can also collect dozens of unique plants and make magic potions.

Plus, in this game, you also need to cultivate and build the island. Again, you have to go to the market to buy crop seeds and low-yielding seeds that have quick harvest times to expensive sources. They are higher-yielding but take a long time to grow. After harvesting the products, you can sell them in the warehouse for money.


Play and cook together with your zombies

With new ideas, your zombies can start farming on the lands. They work in the fields to harvest a variety of crops. And it is from these plants that they will feed themselves like humans.

And of course, with all the effort for that crop, you can make delicious food. Participating in cooking activities with zombie friends will give you a completely different look, whenever you see your zombie cook their own pot of zombium.

Explore new lands

At the same time, the game also unlocks the surrounding waters and islands, allowing you to get ready for your sea trips whenever you want. From here on out, you can explore new islands with new resources. Zombie groups will be joining in the journey to explore new lands. Adventure elements and challenges make the game more interesting.

Graphics and Sound

The game has extremely beautiful and impressive 3D graphic design. Graphics are built with friendly images and fresh colors. The game gives you a whole new perspective on zombie images. In addition, the beautiful and poetic scenery will immerse gamers completely into their experience.

Besides the great visual experience, gamers will be able to explore the world in the game, through intuitive and relaxing sound. With great sound effects and background music, you will be immersed in the game. At the same time, you find yourself completely relaxed and enjoy the overall sound. The investment in graphic design and sound is very harmonious and lively, contributing to the success of this game.

Zombie Castaways MOD version

MOD features:

  • Unlimited Coins/ Zombucks: You do not need to spend time working and saving money in the game anymore. Mod feature allows you to use unlimited money to shop for everything in the game for free.


Zombie Castaways is an exciting and engaging game with beautiful graphics. If you were a fan of cult farming games like HayDay, you might be addicted to this exciting and exciting farming game. Download it now and start a farm journey with this zombie.

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