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Zombie Catchers

Zombie Catchers MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Plutonium) 1.31.2

App NameZombie Catchers
Publisher Deca Games
Genre 2D, Action
Require4.1 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money/Plutonium
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Zombie Catchers is one of the best Zombies-themed action games on Android with nearly 1 billion downloads. Are you ready to download the latest MOD of the game for unlimited use of money and plutonium?

Introduce to Zombie Catchers 

Do you like joining a patrol? Do you enjoy fighting against zombies and do business out of them? If yes, get yourself a Zombie Catchers. Funny, thrilling, and unexpected are to talk about this game.

Zombie Catchers will throw in nothing the same as Zombie Castaways or the Walking Dead. It makes the zombie war a relaxing mission that we do for fun. Or not? There are always more about the game when we level up. Let’s see how it’s going.

The Game Story

Zombie Catchers lives off zombie fever when The Walking Dead and alike movies attract global compliments. However, Zombie Catchers carries out less scary figures while inputs more hilarious occurrences rather than horrors. 

Zombie Catchers Story

It happens on the Earth planet where zombies almost take over the land. A.J and Bud, who travel to the Earth, decided to settle down and reorder life here. The primary mission is to sweep out zombies. In addition to the hunt, the poacher gang also has other tasks, like running the business and controlling drones. The game tells a different story from movies but keeps the same issue: eliminating zombies and keeping world peace.


Zombie Catchers is now present in more than 90 countries. It obtains enough love to stay in the top 10 most favorite app games. Play it, and you will understand how it gains that position. 

The app is free to all levels, and you can carry on the game without the Internet connection. However, some particular items are not available for free users but the sale in cash. Don’t worry as you can tackle the missions with no pennies as you wish. 

The hunting game will include some light violent actions. But, kids above 7 are undoubtedly OK to take up the game. Illustrations look funny rather than creepy, which may remind you of Zombie Smasher or Monster Inc.

Awesome Features

It is no coincidence that Zombie Catcher has received more than 500 million downloads from the Play Store. This game brings tons of interesting features and challenges in a humorous backgroud. Let’s explore its awesome features right below.

Fun gameplay with many challenges

Here are about 3 Galaxy residents trying to hunt down zombies and make the business get by on Earth. The intent to make foods out of zombies they caught, for example, smoothies or squeeze. Hence, as players, we are supposed to help them get the zombie and run the business.

After landing on the Earth, the men will take the first missions. They’ve got in hands mere crude weapons, and Zombies are everywhere. 

The money will pile up after every zombie is killed. Then, after finishing the mission, men will go back to their factory, put these zombies in food processors and wait for results. Each machine needs specific “ingredients” to create a particular food. 

Money from hunting and the business will be helpful to equip more weapons and facilities in hunting zombies. More powerful weapons will be useful in knockout Boss Zombies.

Interesting cultural backgrounds

The background of the game covers up the whole planet so that sceneries must consist of numerous countries. Sometimes, we find ourselves catching Zombies in the streets of the US; the next level could happen in China, and the following might go up to the North Pole. 

Not only the areas but also nature changes. Settings move from seas to beaches, cities to jungles. That little detail like a Chinatown billboard or flowery blanket accidentally spotted somewhere among hollow space lifts excitement to go on with the adventure. Users can learn more about geography if you pay attention to the whole scene, not only targets. 

Diverse characters and accessories 

In the game world, Zombies are stereotyped to look green and hungry with a saggy outfit. They must be walking messily on the street and after any human being in the area. However, those in Zombies form a society in different appearances, clothes, and skin tones. Interestingly, these zombies are running away from our gang! Well, do they react differently because those are aliens?

Accessories make another colossal collection. Firstly, it’s about hunting equipment. Weapons and vehicles open up to new options level after level. Would you like to hunt zombies down by a helicopter? Or a flying bus? Secondly, the factories equip so many food processors that produce a diversity of foods. If you are running that business for real, you will be rich in no time.

Extraordinary content

The content idea of Zombie Catchers is insane. It turns the behavior of zombies and makes up the possibility of making food from these walking dead. Physical theories are unexpected, too. The gang gets never-be-seen vehicles on Earth, jumps on walls, and ices like walking on the solid ground. On the other hand, the story makes sense as it happens by aliens’ hands, not human beings.


Drones come at later levels where the business has expanded, and profits finally afford to buy highly efficient equipment. They are combined between vehicles and weapons. It helps the gang to detect zombies from far away and hunt them down if necessary. Operation won’t be as effective as face-to-face poaching, but drones show possibilities to multiply your money. This accessory proves the brilliance of the copywriter again.

Exciting soundtracks 

According to the setting, the system will display melodies. For example, in an Asian setting, it plays something similar to Chinese folk songs. Cultural patterns impose a signature here!

Easy-to-follow interface 

Information about money earned, blood, missions, and process of missions are displayed on the screen corner where you can access at any time. The interface resembles popular games such as Gold Digging, Candy Crush Saga, or Stick War so that anyone can follow the story.

Zombie Catchers MOD

About Zombie Catchers MOD

Mod feature

Unlimited Money / Plutonium: Cash and Plutonium are the two currencies in the game. You use them to shop or upgrade items, buy new weapons, and more. You can only earn Cash and Plutonium after completing quests or unlocking an achievement. With Zombie Catchers MOD, you can use unlimited Cash and Plutonium to buy and upgrade everything completely easy and free.


Zombie Catchers opens up a new way to look at zombie waves. It makes the thrill more exciting and catchy. It offers no-brainer entertainment, but users will feel so addicted to the story flow. It’s free and contains so much fun that you should not miss if you enjoy going on patrols, hunting, and unexpected things. Compelling graphics could be another temptation to gamers thanks to various scenes and soundtracks and the fixated background. Get Zombie Catchers MOD today and enjoy it!

Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Plutonium) 1.31.2

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