Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 4.5.121

App Name Zombie Tsunami
Version 4.5.121
Publisher Mobigame S.A.R.L.
Genre Arcade, Endless Runner
Size 66M
Require Android 4.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Fun, addictive “good old game” where players take the role of zombies, infect people, and destroy everything. Let’s gather and involve, become an inexorable horde of zombies, and collect brains for rewards.

Introduction Zombie Tsunami

Unlike most zombie games on the market that make you fight against the walking dead, Zombie Tsunami took a different approach by putting players in zombies’ shoes. In Zombie Tsunami, the world is under a severe attack of zombies and becomes uninhabitable. Survivors are trembling in fear as zombies are traveling in packs, evolving gradually, ruining things, and infecting every last human on their way. Humanity is now outnumbered by zombies, and there is nothing they can do to protect the dying world.

Players have to control a brainless zombie and help it to gather a horde, attacking survivors, boosting the hordes up, and making it unstoppable. On top of the ability to turn human, your zombies can also become invincible by collecting power-ups or carrying pets.

Zombie Tsunami Gameplay

How to play

The game has gameplay similar to Subway Surfers. Zombie Tsunami is a simple yet interesting game with various items and power-ups. When opening the game for the first time, players will be onboard with detailed tutorials that cover the most basic features of the game. The game rules are straight-forward: Players have to control a zombie to run freely on the street. The zombies can turn humans by running over them but are vulnerable to almost every obstacle on the streets, namely holes, ledges, bombs, or running vehicles. Players can make the zombies dodge those obstructions by tapping the screen to make them jump, however, the maneuverability will be decreasing as the horde grows.

Gathering a horde

When players start their first game, they will be granted with only one zombie. To increase the number of zombies, this first one has to run over pedestrians on the street. For every pedestrian turned, players gain one zombie correspondingly.

There are also survivors inside vehicles and obstacles. To attack those survivors, the hordes must be adequate in quantity. Specifically, a dustbin requires 2 zombies to destroy, a car needs 4 zombies. Airplanes and tanks take 12 zombies to be flipped, while buses just take 8. Players can also count the survivors inside those vehicles as well, as they will be turned if their vehicle is not going to endure the horde. However, if the vehicle is too heavy for the horde, players had better avoid it.

Maneuvering the horde

The only move that zombies can make is jumping, and it is up to the players to guide those undead creatures to collect brains and avoid obstructions. There are also coins along the road that players have to harvest to spend later in the shop. Most importantly, there are power-ups contained inside white boxes with questions marks that hover along the road as well, and players are strongly advised to pick up those boxes as they grant the zombies supernatural abilities.

Initially, it is quite easy to control the zombies, however as the game goes on, the maneuvering will be getting more and more difficult. A part of the reason is because zombies will continuously increase their speed, decreasing players’ window of time to react. Moreover, the more crowded the hordes, the slower the zombies on the far end of the row react to your command, making them jump inaccurately and eventually not be able to pass obstructions.

Powering up the zombies

In Zombie Tsunami, there are power-ups scattering along zombies’ path. They are very helpful to players as they make zombies more flexible or unassailable. For example, the Tsunami is the most powerful collectible in the game – hence the name Zombie Tsunami – which summons a tsunami that sweeps everything on its path, turning human, ignoring holes, and basically protecting the zombies from all harm.

There are also Ninja power-ups that allow double-jumping and if upgraded will let zombies slice bombs. Giant-Z power-ups form an enormous zombie with laser vision, enhance maneuverability and destroy bombs, cars in an instant. Dragon power-ups turn the horde into a dragon in which length will be decided by the number of zombies. The Dragon can fly very high and hover in the air for an extended amount of time, and when upgraded can destroy bombs with fire breath. There are also many more interesting power-ups that wait for exploration.

Evolving the zombies

There is one more way to strengthen zombies’ destructiveness, that is through using money. Players will need to spend their coins collected during gameplay reasonably on upgrades or objects to get advantages in the early game. Every power-up has an upgrade tree. Zombie Tsunami will last longer when leveling up. The ninja will gain the ability to destroy bombs and vehicles regardless of quantity, Dragon will have the irresistible flame breath, etc. Moreover, there are unused power-ups that wait to be unlocked, namely Golden Zombies, Mecha, or RiderZ.

Unlock Pets and Boosters

Players are also able to unlock and raise pets. These pets are called Zombirds and cannot be killed during gameplay. Each pet has its own ability and also a rarity, and can be fused with another pet to create a more forceful one. When players collect two identical pets, the game will automatically fuse them into one pet but a level higher.

Zombie Tsunami Pets

Objects are consumables that are intended to be used once in each game. They usually give players the initial advantages like more zombies, longer lasting power-ups, or chances of bombs turning into coins. These consumables are extremely helpful when trying to accomplish missions.

Besides collecting the coins on the road, players can also win coins through lotteries that are given each 100 brains they collected or purchased in the Shop. Lotteries give players not more than 2 prizes each time, and they are usually coins or objects.

About Zombie Tsunami MOD

Don’t want to waste time earning gold in the game? Try the Zombie Tsunami mod that we bring right now!

Mod features

Unlimited Gold/Diamonds: As soon as you successfully install and open the game, you get lots of Gold and Diamonds. Now you can use them to shop for items, unlock pets and do a lot more in the game.


Zombie Tsunami is a mature game that has been regularly updated in the last 7 years, making it a must-try Android game for a long time. This game is enjoyable for players of every age range. Its funny animations, lively sound effects, simple and effective gameplay make it a perfect title for anyone who is into chaotics and crazy tapping games.

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