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26-09-2020 (3 years ago)

Hello, this article guides you on how to download and install mod games and mod applications from our website without any problems. The instructions are quite simple so even if you are a non-tech savvy person, you can easily grasp them.

What is the APK/OBB file? Why need it?

First, you need to know that in order to install a game or application, you need their APK file. Some games require an additional file, OBB. You can simply understand that they are where the game data is stored. They are compressed as a file with the extension * apk or * obb. When you open the APK file on your device, it is unzipped and the game installed.

The question is when do I need to use APK file since I can easily install games from the Play Store with just one tap. Yes, if you want to install original apps, just go to Play Store to download it. However, when you want to play the mods version, you definitely need the APK file. Besides, many apps are very useful (such as Ad Guard, Youtube Vanced) but not available on the app market because they violate the policy from Google. Therefore, the only way for you to use these apps is to install it using the APK file.

Installation Instructions

After you have downloaded the game’s APK file from apkdl, we will show you how to install it.

Install single APK file

This is as easy as pie. Just open the APK file and click Install. Installation usually takes only a few seconds.

Important Note: Make sure that you allow your device to install files from unknown sources. Check it by going to Android-> Security and then navigate to the option “Unknown Sources” to check if it’s enabled or not. The illustration below.

Enable Unknown Sources

Note that in newer versions of Android OS this option may be in the Privacy section. In general, you just need to type it in the search bar in Settings to see it immediately.

Install the Game and APP with OBB

You can simply understand that OBB is the Data Files of a game or application. Most publishers often try to package an app’s functions and content in an APK file. However, sometimes it’s not possible because some games have too many features that make the APK file too large. And it is very difficult for users to update when there is a new version. Therefore, we need OBB file to solve this problem. In essence, OBB is similar to APK when it contains data about the game such as features, images, sounds. They are packaged as an encrypted file with the extension * OBB. Installing OBB games is usually a bit more complicated. Here are specific instructions.

What you need?

  • You need to have the necessary files available to install the game. It includes APK files and OBB files (usually ZIP or RAR compressed).
  • A tool is available for decompression, which is also often built into file managers app.

How to Install

  • First, install the APK file as you normally would.
  • Extract the OBB file to get the directory containing the OBB file, I call it A. It is usually com. [Game name]. [Developer name]. After you receive that folder, extract it under the path sdcard / Android / OBB /. The correct result should be “sdcard / Android / OBB / folder A“. Note that if you do this wrong, the game will definitely not run.
  • Done. Open the game and enjoy it.

Quick example

If you want to install Free Fire MOD, you need to do the following steps:

  • Download the APK and OBB file and save it to the device
  • Install the APK file.
  • Extract the OBB file, you get a folder named com.dts.freefireth. Now move it to the SdCard / Android / OBB / folder. The correct result is Sdcard/ Android / OBB / com.dts.freefireth.
  • Done.

Install the APKs file.

APKs is Google’s new format for developers. In short, the APKs file is a collection of single APKs. When you decompress it, you will get some small APK files. The installation method is also quite simple. Please do as follows:

  • Download and install Split APKs Installer (SAI). This App does not require root.
  • Open it, select Install APKs then browse to the APKs file you downloaded and saved in your device.
  • Click Install and then wait a moment to finish.

Common errors and how to fix them

We get tons of questions regarding problems when the game fails to install. Some of the questions are solvable, some are not for many different reasons. Here are some common installation errors and our suggestions for how to fix it.

  1. Error “application not installed”

This is simple to solve. The cause could be:

  • You have installed this game before. Therefore, the device does not allow you to overwrite the old version. Just remove the duplicate version and reinstall it.
  • You have not turned off Play Protect. Just turn it off. Follow these steps: Open Play Store-> Open Menu-> Select Play Protect-> navigate to the option “Scan device to protect security threats”. By default this option is enabled, tap to disable it.
  • The APK file you choose is not compatible with playing CPU or your device does not support this APK file.

2. Error “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”

This error usually appears when you install games that have OBB files. Make sure you follow the installation steps correctly. Or maybe you forgot to extract the OBB file.

If you’ve done everything correctly the game still won’t run. Try the last way is to download the original version from Play Store. Then Uninstall it and reinstall the mod.

You can also do the following solutions if the installation fails:

  • Reboot the device
  • Clear the cache
  • Disconnect from the network when playing because some games will automatically connect to the network to check the license key.

Important Note:

  • Many apps require root privileges to work (like titanium Backup), so if you haven’t rooted your device, don’t waste time with it.
  • Some applications even need Google Play Mod to run.

If you’ve done everything then the game still isn’t running, get one last piece of advice from us: Upgrade your device or …replace a new user. Good luck!


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